What’s up, Pitch Partners.

While we may have been quiet in your inboxes over the last few months, we’ve been making noise elsewhere…

On a BRAND NEW PODCAST brought to you by your favorite GhostRanch fam!

After getting a few episodes for your binging pleasure under our belt, we’d like to introduce…

Presentation Thinking Podcast

The gist?


We’re obsessed with presentations, how they play into storytelling & the people who are slaying the game. 

We’re taking this opportunity to deep dive on fantastic TED Talks, famous speeches, Masterclasses, books—even memes that help us cope with these ~unprecedented times~.


Presentation Thinking goes beyond cool PowerPoints—it’s the study and practice of what makes things CLICK, STICK and TICK.

C'mon, have a listen

Here's your hosts...Mikey & Molly! 

How did we get down this rabbit hole? 

Mikey - Mikey is a 16x9-obsessed visual storyteller with a music taste that's stuck in the 90s.

He has a knack for finding a niche and learning everything about it. 

Molly - Molly is story-driven writer convinced that good communication can change the world. 

Stands by the philosophy that everything is Presenting. (All the world's a stage!)
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