International Connections       July 2018 
Ann Peck, Executive Director
School Children at Work in India:  Two 8 year olds, Tarun and Liam, install a stove along with our mason for the family of these two little girls. Tarun is the son of the Kodaikanal International School principal and Liam is his best friend. Together they donned safety glasses and dust masks before picking up heavy hammers to smash the old stove and break the rubble into smaller usable pieces. Amazing fun! Taking trowels to smooth a mixture of cement around the new stove, they stayed to the finish. Two hours of nonstop work without distraction! Who says children can’t pay attention.

“In addition to seeing the project up close and understanding how an installation happens, I was further impressed by the possibilities these projects bring for positive contact, interaction, and education. Thanks Ann. We all had an amazing and eye-opening experience.” 
Corey Stixrud, Principal, Kodaikanal International School, India
Australian Supporters Visit India:  Kerri and Raelene

Two longtime supporters from Australia take the Catherine Frith Tour and end up in Kodaikanal for a stove installation. We will be posting a FAQ segment on our website designed by these women after firsthand experience on site with Selvam.
Raelene teaches the children “itsy, bitsy spider” while the finishing touches are put on the new improved cookstove, the first in this neighborhood. Her donations have secured the placement of many stoves in this area and she has come a long way from Australia to see the entire process first hand today in India.
Kerri joined Raelene for her first trip to India and donates some flip flops for the children. After brainstorming with her about house types, she came up with a “mud brick” solution for remote villages that may enable families to help themselves provide a structure that can support a stove and chimney. She built one in Africa for herself.
Catherine Frith's 2019 Tour in India:  contact her now for a place on this colorful visit to India with a stop in Kodaikanal to install a stove with us (
Demolition Boys from Switzerland Run for a Village
Santiago, in the yellow hat, is one of a team of 4 boys who visited our project in India last year. This year he is running a marathon with his mates to raise funds to install stoves in a small rural Indian village that he and his classmates visited in 2017. What they saw in 2017 is village houses that were in varying stages of collapse, so Santiago and his friends decided to do something about it when they returned home. Funds they raise will provide tin sheet roofs and new improved cook stoves for families who are able to build a mud and stone house strong enough to support the chimney. Students and rural families work together to improve living conditions in Tamil Nadu. Geneva International School, Switzerland
Wattle and daub house with thatched roof. We will replace the roof with tin for a new stove. The outside will be plastered and sealed with mud.
Students from France Install a Stove

Every year exchange students from France, Germany or Italy visit Kodaikanal International School to get a taste of India. Alika Khosla provides the opportunity for them to visit a village and install a stove with us. They insist on returning the next day to do the chimney! Children watch as they try their hand at a powdered kolam on the ground, a traditional design in Tamil Nadu, a blessing for the house.

“It's an amazing project and I feel in many ways that the change it is bringing in so many people’s lives is unmeasurable.” 
Alika Khosla, Director of Admissions, Kodaikanal International School, India
Students try their hand making a kolam. Local custom in Tamil Nadu is for the woman of the household to make the powdered design in front of the house early each morning as a blessing for her family’s welfare. The kolam design is “sprinkled” not drawn... tougher than it looks.
French exchange students put a final slurry of cement on the new stove to make it durable and easy to clean. (Photos by Kim Samuel)
Wish List:  Our Project Grows, a Vehicle is Needed

Selvam and Bruce Peck check out the new cargo van for hauling stove materials to the village sites. It’s a 2015 Maruti Suzuki, standard shift, low mileage, like new. The center seat will be removed to accommodate the stove pipes. We have taken a loan to put Selvam on 4 wheels, a necessary purchase to keep up with our project's growth. Make a contribution today. A motorbike does not cut it anymore!
Top:  Selvam tying down stove pipes to his motorcycle. 

Left:  Selvam transporting bags of sand and cement on his motorcycle. 
If you wish to donate towards the vehicle, please note
"Vehicle" on your check or paypal donation to Kids Health India. 

All other donations continue to install stoves.
Each smokeless stove installation costs $35 (US)
Kids Health India, Inc. is a U.S. nonprofit that supports the installation of improved cookstoves for low-income families in southern India to alleviate the suffering caused by daily inhalation of toxic smoke from cooking fires. To learn more or get involved visit our website:

353 stoves installed
benefiting 1,464 people
July is monsoon season!
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