Update from India, February 2020 
Ann Peck, Executive Director
Smokeless Stove Project Sheds Light on a Tough Problem for Children
As part of our checkup on families who have new stoves, we go back to see how they are doing. We found these two boys unable to do their studies at night because there is no electricity in their house. A tiny kerosene wick lamp is their only light, which is not enough to read by. Selvlam and Sheela introduced this solar lantern that is rechargeable with sunlight or an electrical outlet. Neighbors offer their outlets during the rainy season. Now they can see to complete their homework like other children.
Demonstrating Our Smokeless Stove to 200 Children
At the Church of South India (CSI) School Ann and Sheela present an interactive presentation where children are asked to come up and try out our cookstove and its working parts. All of them raised their hands when Sheela asked how many of them live with smoke in their houses. Children are our biggest assets for educating parents. Here we show them the solar lantern also knowing that many more children will need the light.

If you would like to give a solar lantern to a family without electricity, please indicate on your donation check. Lantern cost is Rs. 350 or $5.00 (US).
11 Year Old Boy Takes Our Stove Home to Amma (mother in Tamil)
In the village of Perumalmali, Tamil Nadu, India we visit a new home with an incredible addition... a hole! Yes, a hole in the roof of solid concrete construction that was put there purposefully to house the new chimney of her smokeless stove. Her 11 year old son heard our presentation at the CSI School a couple of years ago and went home to his mother insisting that she get a new stove. This mother smiles happily and shows us that it can be done. If only we could convince new housing contractors to do the same. 
The Smallest House I have Ever Seen
We visited a new site in the village of Villpatti, Tamil Nadu, India and squeezed into a tiny space about 2 feet wide and 10 feet long. You could see the bare ribs of bamboo sticking through the mud plaster indicating a very old house. We also saw old grinding stones embedded in the floor where women used to grind their grains. The doors are 3 feet high on purpose to force the person entering to bow in respect for the home. There are no toilets or bathing facilities.
2 foot wide house... Can you imagine living here?
We installed a smokeless stove here for a family of four. The mother and baby show me the new stove. I feel hands running through the back of my hair as I talk with the mother. I am a curiosity. I ask Selvam how they sleep. Two lie down, two sit up and then they change places. He told me after checking out several homes of this size with no windows, only a 3 foot door, still cooking on the old smoky stoves, that he felt ill when he returned home that day from all the smoke. Can you imagine living here?
Kodaikanal International School (KIS) students installed the stove in this house, challenging their own comfort zone to get the job done for this mother and baby. Ashwin, part of the KIS stove team said he was impressed to see the students willing to get their hands dirty and get fully involved. 
"It is always so purposeful to note how small gestures on our part can add value and impact to the lives of individuals and families. I’m also fascinated to see how our children adapt to the new surroundings when they are at the home where the installation takes place, and are ever willing to get their hands right into the work."
Ashwin Fernandes
KIS Executive Administrative Director 
Ann examining painted designs on the 3 foot door.
Selvam leads the site visit.
The neighborhood is overrun with goats which they use in temple sacrifices. 
Each smokeless stove installation costs $35 (US)
Kids Health India, Inc. is a U.S. nonprofit that supports the installation of improved cookstoves for low-income families in southern India to alleviate the suffering caused by daily inhalation of toxic smoke from cooking fires. To learn more or get involved visit our website:

584 stoves installed
benefiting 2,401 people
Samakadu child, age 9, hauls rocks for his new cookstove.
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