Ann Peck Reports After 4 Months in India                                                     June 2019 
Ann Peck, Executive Director
Mud, Sticks and Stones
Local skills and resources are utilized to provide a wattle and daub shelter for a single mom and her two boys. Cyclone Gaja caused damage in this remote village of Samakadu Colony. This project is supported by Santiago and three friends, former student visitors from the International School of Geneva (ISG) who continue to raise funds. New students continue the work.
Students and staff mix red mud with their feet for plastering the walls. They spent the day hauling loads of stones and sacks of mud on their heads just like the locals. 
Chandru age four insists on helping to mix the cement for the surface of his new stove.
Tin sheet roofs are added with skylights. The women are delighted! Now they can see to cook. Electricity is limited here.
Our Youngest Visitor to the Stove Project
Lucas, 2 years old, travelled all the way from Australia. On his first visit to the remote village of Samakadu, the children gather around him excitedly and join hands for a tour of their neighborhood. Differences of culture, religion and language melt away here.
Lucas and children
His mother Ani installs a stove for the first time, placing rubble for insulation around the new stove.
"You make every dollar/rupee go twice as far as other people, or perhaps even further. . . . congratulations on the scope and the inventiveness of a solution to this insidious problem. It is one thing to have an idea for a solution to a problem but it is quite a different thing to get it on the ground and give it legs to run. And that’s what I see you as having done. I believe this to be an excellent solution to a huge worldwide problem. I worked for many years in China and a similar problem exists there."
Marjorie Atkinson (Australian supporter)
New power tools:  One of our Geneva visitors gets to try out a new power saw for cutting holes in tin sheet roofs with a rechargeable battery pack for villages with minimal electricity.
Steffi, the Girl Who Came Back! A Two Way Flow of Information
One of Ann’s former students from Kodaikanal International School came back to Kodai as a new doctor, in the local government hospital. Facing the daunting challenges of hundreds of patients daily and sometimes not enough supplies to go around, she smiles with the hope of making a difference. Our new link with her provides information about government health care programs for new mothers that we can pass on to local villages. We in turn raise awareness of improved cookstoves for better health that can be shared with the hospital staff.
A tree on the hospital grounds is covered with glass bangles (bracelets) tied up by new mothers wishing for the health and wellbeing of their children, a cultural custom in Tamil Nadu.
Taking One More Step: Stopping the Leaks with a Blue Tarp
Stove project manager for Kodaikanal International School, Iti Maloney, and her students help Selvam cover a local home made entirely of flattened goods tins. While installing an improved cookstove for the woman of the house, students learned of her need to cover a leaking roof and donated funds from ISG supplied the tarp.

We continue to address the root cause of the most critical health problem on the planet . . . SMOKE . . .

Each cookstove that you donate knocks down the number of deaths . . . one household at a time. We are making a difference!

476 stoves installed to date, benefiting 1,937 people
Iti and KIS students help Selvam install a tarp to fully cover the roof.
Family stands in front of their new wattle and daub kitchen. Dad built the bamboo ladder for use in our project.
Each smokeless stove installation costs $35 (US)
Kids Health India, Inc. is a U.S. nonprofit that supports the installation of improved cookstoves for low-income families in southern India to alleviate the suffering caused by daily inhalation of toxic smoke from cooking fires. To learn more or get involved visit our website:

476 stoves installed
benefiting 1,937 people
Search Cyclone Gaja to see devastation of village homes where we install cookstoves.
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