November News, 2019 
Ann Peck, Executive Director
The Best is Yet to Come!
Her smile reveals contentment with her newborn child and the new cookstove in the corner that will protect both of them from smoke. Yes, the photo is dark. Most families we serve live without electricity, toilets or running water.
2000 Mark!
This milestone was reached in 2019 with over 2,000 people benefitting from new stoves with KHI. The feedback stories and data collected in our two year assessment are positive. Women love the new intervention in their homes and voluntarily tell us about improvements in family health. There is a waiting list!
What Makes Us Different
Kids Health India supports local workers, locally sourced materials and fresh innovative ideas from local women who use our stoves. We have board members on the ground half of the year and clear accountability for implementation of your donations. Just ask us for details.
New Shout Out!
Kids Health India is featured in the newly opened Environmental Center at Kodaikanal International School. Our radius of influence and education expands as the center collaborates with scientists and universities all over India. Display built by Selvam.
Nobel Prize Winners Speak Out on Poverty
MIT’s Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo report that “5 million children die before age 5, often from diseases that can be prevented or cured easily and inexpensively.”  (Daily Hampshire Gazette Oct. 15, 2019)

That’s us! We are pushing back the mortality head count for young kids.
First Steps to Life
Sheela, Selvam’s wife and a trained nurse, takes the first step to secure the life of this newborn and her mother by checking heart rate and lungs for upper respiratory infection. If needed she will direct the mother to the government hospital where treatment is free.
Everything is Possible with Your Support!
Each family pays for their own stove and one member stays in the home to help Selvam on both installation days decreasing the labor cost and increasing the educational value of the experience. We essentially subsidize chimneys, the most important part.
Ann was part of a local Holiday Bazaar at a nearby school in Vermont on November 9th to increase the awareness of the project in India.

“It seems like a small effort to reach out, but the number of people who understand this global issue directly impacts the potential for change. One more donor means one more family served, not one life spared but many.” 

~Ann Peck

548 stoves installed to date, benefiting 2,251 people
Each smokeless stove installation costs $35 (US)
Kids Health India, Inc. is a U.S. nonprofit that supports the installation of improved cookstoves for low-income families in southern India to alleviate the suffering caused by daily inhalation of toxic smoke from cooking fires. To learn more or get involved visit our website:

548 stoves installed
benefiting 2,251 people
Samakadu child, age 9, hauls rocks for his new cookstove.
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