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SUNDAY, April 4, 2021
Սուրբ Զատիկ՝ Տօն Մեր Տիրոջ Յիսուսի Քրիստոսի Յարութեան

Acts 1:15-26, St. Mark 16:2-8

Տէր Փառէն Քհն. Գալստյան, Հոգեւոր Հովիւ
Reverend Fr. Paren Galstyan, Pastor
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Covid 19 Guidelines
Dear Friends,
We would like to remind all parishioners who are attending church in person to please continue following the guidance while attending church set by the dioceses during the Pandemic. Please always wear your mask while in the church at all times, use the hand sanitizer station while entering church, keep 6 ft apart in church and in the narthex area, sit in the designated areas in church and do not to enter the church hall. Your continued support is appreciated. 

Soorp Haroutiun Parish Council

Sunday Livestreams

Sundays: From 10.30 am to Noon.

We rejoice for the Good News of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has been the fruit and the first born of all that have fallen asleep. He has destroyed the gates of hell, and loosed the tyranny of death; and he gave us the firm hope of the renewal of life for all men.
    In faith let us ask of our Savior Jesus Christ that he may please to make us worthy of his resurrection, and to transform our lowly body into the likeness of his glorious Body. For the very God, Jesus Christ our Lord, has promised to grant this great and ineffable gift to them that love him. Amen.

Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Easter Feast is one of the five major feasts of the Armenian Church. The main origin of the feast is the following.

The king of Egypt didn’t agree to allow the Hebrews to travel into the desert to offer sacrifices to Lord the God, and the last punishment of God on the king of Egypt that should force the king to let the Hebrews out of the country was the death of every first-born son and every first-born of all cattle in Egypt. In order to save the Hebrews from that punishment the Lord spoke to Moses and by means of Moses ordered the Hebrews to kill a lamb and taking some of the blood and put it on the doorposts and above the doors of the houses. On the night when He would go through the land of Egypt to kill every first-born male, both human and animal, He would see the blood on the doors and would not let the Angel of Death enter the house. He would pass over and wouldn’t harm the Hebrews when punishing the Egyptians. Finally, after that punishment, the king allowed the Hebrews to leave the country, and the Hebrews left Egypt. So, mankind obtained life thanks to the Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God, in order to reach the Christians’ blessed land - the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Mystery of Easter is the mystery of Jesus Christ, His Salutary Holy Blood shed for mankind and His Rising from the dead for mankind. The Son of God should incarnate, be subjected to tortures, be crucified, buried and the third day raise from death (Ps 15:9-11, 29:4, 40:11-13, 117:16-17, Ho 6:2-3).

Following the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ His body was taken off the cross and placed into the tomb and the entrance to the tomb was closed by a large stone and the soldiers were ordered to control the entrance to the tomb. After three days the three women, who had followed Jesus from Galilee, Mary Magdalene, Mary, the Mother of James and Joseph, and the wife of Zebedee brought spices and perfumes to anoint the body of Jesus. They found the stone rolled away from the entrance to the tomb, so they went in but they didn’t the body of the Lord. They stood there puzzled about this, when suddenly two angels dressed in white appeared and said to them, “Why are you looking among the dead for one who is alive? He is not here, ha has been raised” (Lk 24:5-6). The women returned from the tomb and told all these things to the eleven disciples and the rest. According to Peter more than 500 people saw Christ who had risen from the dead. So, this is the evangelical tiding of the fact of Easter or Holy Resurrection.

Resurrection of Christ became the basis of the Christian doctrine and faith. “If that is true, it means that Christ has been raised from death, then we have nothing to preach and you have nothing to believe” (1 Co 15:13-14).

Christ rose from the dead, by means of His Death He destroyed Death and granted eternal life. “I am the Resurrection and I am the Life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die” (Jn 11:25).

Christ died for the salvation of mankind and by His Blood took away the sin in the world, so that we should inherit eternal life.

On the day of the Easter feast people dye eggs red as a symbol of fruitful life, salvation and joy. St. Gregory of Datev considers the egg to be the symbol of the world, the shell of which is the sky, the membrane is the air, the white is the water and the yolk is the earth. Dyeing eggs red symbolizes the salvation of the world by means of Blood of Christ.

The Armenian Church celebrates the Easter Feast on the first Sunday following the full moon of the vernal equinox, with 35 days moveability, during the period from March 21 –April 26.

The Armenian Church traditionally celebrates evening Divine Liturgy on the evening prior to Jesus Christ’s Glorious Resurrection (Easter). Following the conclusion of the Liturgy, the assembled faithful take lit candles home, symbolizing the Light that Christ brought into the world. The Divine Liturgy celebrated on the eve is the start of the festive ceremonies.

On Sunday, the day of the feast, a morning service is conducted the Andastan Service is performed wherein the four corners of the world are blessed, afterwards the Divine Liturgy is celebrated. That day the faithful welcome each other on the occasion of the Glorious Resurrection of Christ conveying the great tiding:  “Christ is Risen from the dead” and receive the answer: “Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ.”

Fifty-day period beginning from the Easter Feast – the Holy Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ - and lasting till Pentecost in the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church is called Hinounk or Hinants period. That period is dedicated to the mystery of Resurrection of the Lord, and that is why it is Dominical period.

The name “Hinounk” comes from the word hisuonk (fifty). The first forty days of the period are dedicated to the appearings of Rosen Christ: “For forty days after his death he appeared to them many times in ways that proved beyond doubt that he was alive. They saw him, and he talked with them about the Kingdom of God” (Ac 1:3).

The last ten days of the Hinants period are dedicated to the Ascension of Christ.

Hianats period is concluded with the Feast of Ascension. According to the Church laws there are no fasting days during all fifty days of Hinants period, which means that all people can eat everything during that period.

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Christ Descent from the cross, Kotayk carving

Bishop Daniel’s Message for Easter: Tribulation—and Overcoming

In a message for Easter, Bishop Daniel reflects on a year that brought unimagined trials to our world—and unique, painful burdens to the Armenian people.
But our Lord himself was no stranger to such burdens, the Primate reminds us. On the last night of his earthly ministry, gathered with his disciples for the Last Supper, Jesus spoke as a father to his beloved children. With the specter of his crucifixion before him, Christ still tried to reassure his followers that the World—the source of pain and suffering—would not have the last word.
Christ's words on that occasion address our present concerns, as well. In this year’s Easter message, Bishop Daniel recalls Jesus' cryptic advice to his disciples: “In the world you will have tribulationBut be of good cheer: I have overcome the world" (Jn 16:33).
“It must have been hard to believe this assertion at the time," the Primate continues. "But it was true: on Easter Sunday, Christ was raised from the dead—Krisdos haryav ee merelots. And with his resurrection, he overcame a world long held hostage by sin and death. Nearly two thousand years later, all that Jesus said and did during his Last Supper remains life-giving through the Holy Badarakwe are his disciples, and we have the privilege to join our Lord at the holy table and listen to his Word.
“From the depths of his love, Christ has spoken to his children in many ways. As Armenian Christians, we might reflect that every decisive turn of our history has been a response to the way Jesus Christ has mystically revealed himself to us. Of course, he speaks to us still, even in this time of isolation, separation, pain and loss—physical as well as spiritual—that we have all been enduring.”
Click here to read the entire message, in English and Armenian. And please share the message of Easter with your loved ones: Krisdos haryav ee merelots!
Above: An exquisite wood carving of Christ’s descent from the cross, from the entry of Havuts Tar monastery in Kotayk province, Armenia.


Click to See the Pictures of

  2. Washing of the Feet Ceremony 
  3. Passion (Khavaroom)

Sacred Music Festival Spring 2021

Hear “Celestial Melodies” at the Online Sacred Music Festival

This spring, the Eastern Diocese will hold a two-day “Sacred Music Festival” running Friday and Saturday, April 16-17. Conceived by the Diocese’s Sacred Music Council at the instigation of Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel, the festival is a celebration of Armenian liturgical music, featuring educational presentations, performances, and a lecture recital.
This is the third such festival to be held, and like its immediate predecessor last fall, the spring 2021 Sacred Music Festival will go forward as an online gathering, this time under the theme “The Holy Badarak: Our Musical Sacrament.”
The opening evening will feature a lecture-recital by internationally-known conductor, musician, and scholar Dn. Haig Utidjian, titled “The Celestial Melodies of the Armenian Divine Liturgy.” Saturday’s sessions will include Bishop Daniel’s keynote presentation on the Holy Badarak.
Other presenters include Fr. Arshen Aivazian, Fr. Avedis Kalayjian, Fr. Voskan Hovhannisyan, Dn. Rubik Mailian, and Edita Dolunts-Kalayjian.
The festival is open to all who love Armenian liturgical music. Click the following links to:
  • DOWNLOAD a flyer for the spring Sacred Music Festival.
  • DOWNLOAD a flyer for the recital with Dn. Haig Utidjian.
  • DOWNLOAD the full schedule of sessions and instructors.
  • REGISTER in advance for the Sacred Music Festival.
Please register your 2021 membership
Many parishioners have told us that they would appreciate reminders about membership dues. So, this is our first reminder of the year!  Please take a look at your checkbook or other records.  If you have not yet submitted your membership dues for 2021, now is a great time to send in your 2021 Soorp Haroutiun membership dues.  Annual membership dues are $125 per person.
For your convenience, you will find a membership application on the table in the Narthex, which can be dropped off at the Church office.  Also, we are accepting your donations by credit card.
Click to Download the 2021 Membership Form
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Thanks to Our 2020 Membership

Rita Arnold, Elisa Azarian, Vagan Babajanian, Leonardo Badiglian, Anton Balasanyan, Arlin & Patricic Baligian,  Khacho & Ghoson Bedrossian, Mariam Bezhanyan, Avedis Boornazian, Richard & Linda Boornazian, Dr. Gregory Boyajian, Diran & Anna Chamoun,  Liza Derbalian-Coredo, Albert Eckian, Anahid Frangoul, Gregory Chouljian, Yn. Anna Galstyan, Kristina Gerard, Antibas & Suzanne Gumushian, Arman & Suna Hartenyan, Ishkhan Hunanyan, Michael Jefarjian, Hagob & Anais Karadjian, Linda Lowman, Mariia Malovana, Garo Mekhdjavakian, Dr. Artak Mirijanyan, Robert & Siranush Mkrtchyan, Armen Mkrtchyan, Grigor Mkrtchyan, Algis & Varsenig Nakutis, Ropen & Linda Nalbandian, Sargis Navoyan, Aram & Ana Nazarian, Joanne Periera, Ann Barsamian Polasek, George & Barbara Rustigian, Eduard Sarkissian, Rose Sarkissian, John Shahinian, Dr. Michael Tiraturian & Dr. Irina Sarafyan,  Drs. Aram & Aida Khachadourian/ Tchobanian, John Tegerian, Alice Tegrarian, Charles Tekesian, Marieta Vausquez, Garabed Veneskahian, Jerome & Lona Youderian, Asnot Zatikyan & Anna Mirijanyan.
Youth Bible Study this Saturday 

Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 5 P.M.
Topic: Youth Bible Study

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 624 937 7521
Passcode: Church

Prayer Requests for Our Faithful

Please keep Dee Bargamian, John and Iris Ganimian, John Gumushian, Anahid Frangul, Sargis Katvalyan, Tamar Kochian, Fimi Manguikian, Sarkis Minassian, Talin Mukhjian,  Christian Tresppolacios, Anil & Surekha VaibhDr. Aida Khachadourian/Tchobanian, Sabrina Wood, Hratch Xatourian,
Franco Vasquez in your prayers for physical and spiritual health.


We are seeking landscape contractor bids for Landscaping maintenance for the church property. The maintenance contract include cutting grass on a  by-weekly and trimming the bushes. 
Refer any landscape contractors to the church for bid. 
Artsakh Outreach
Artsakh Outreach is the mission undertaken by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to raise support throughout the global Armenian community, and deliver aid to our brothers and sisters in the aftermath of the recent attack on Artsakh. All money raised through this initiative will benefit individuals and families who have been displaced and are in need of financial support. Donations will provide food, shelter, basic necessities and utilities.

Donors can opt to “adopt” a family or make one-time contributions in any amount. Adoption options include supporting one person at $125 per month; a family of two to four at $220 per month; or a family of five to seven at $275 per month. One-time gifts in any amount are also welcome and will go a long way in supporting this effort. For information, contact Laura Gononian at Please click here to donate.

FAR Artsakh market banner

FAR’s “Ayo!” Launches 24-Hour Matching Campaign

The #WeAreArtsakh project, launched by the Fund for Armenian Relief’s “Ayo!” crowd-funding platform, has raised more than $85,000 to help support Armenian families from Artsakh who have been displaced from their homes due to the war, and have resettled in Armenia.
Now, thanks to a generous matching gift challenge, Ayo! is making a push to raise a grand total of $100,000 for this cause, through an Easter Matching Campaign. But the deadline for doubling contributions is tonight: April 1, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.
Ayo! has already helped thousands of our countrymen from Artsakh in meeting their most urgent needs—including food, hygiene, heating, bedding, and medication to children suffering from severe asthma. But Artsakh families still need support as they rebuild their lives in the wake of a devastating war.
Donations received by #WeAreArtsakh through the end of April 1 will be doubled—up to a maximum of $10,000—thanks to a matching gift from Carl and Linda Bazarian. To support #WeAreArtsakh and double you gift, click here.

Scholarship library

Diocesan Scholarship Applications Available Online

Applications for Diocesan scholarships are now available online. The application deadline for the 2021-22 academic year is May 14, 2021.
Each year the Diocese awards scholarships to promising youth who are headed to college. The Diocese seeks students who are active in their local parishes and have assumed leadership roles in their communities.
Click here to access the scholarship application. For information, contact Maria Barsoumian at (212) 686-0710, ext. 136, or e-mail
  • Sunday, April 11: Divine Liturgy - New Sunday
  • Sunday, April 18: Divine Liturgy – Sunday of the World Church
  • Saturday, April 24: Holy Martyrs of The Armenian Genocide
  • Sunday, April 25: Divine Liturgy – Red Sunday
  • Sunday, May 2:     Divine Liturgy – Apparition of the Holy Cross
  • Sunday, May 9:     Divine Liturgy – Sixth Sunday of Eastertide
  • Sunday, May 16:   Divine Liturgy – Second Palm Sunday
  • Sunday, May 23:   Divine Liturgy – PENTECOST
  • Sunday, May 30: Divine Liturgy – Prophet Elijah
Prayer Request
Call during the week to request prayers, hokehankist, visitations to the sick, and house blessings. Please let Church office know if you are planning to have Hokehankist Service. It would be appreciated to have a light lunch or coffee hour following Badarak in memory of the deceased.
Help Us to Update Church Directory
Dear parishioners and friends, Parish Council of Soorp Haroutiun Armenian Church is looking more people who can work and prepare the church Directory.
Altar flowers are a gift to the church. If a family wants to decorate the church with flowers, they are free to do so. If the family needs flowers for the reception hall or cemetery they should make prior arrangements.
Altar flowers donated by Mrs. Marietts Vasquez
Home or Hospital Bound
As an extended family of St. Gregory, many of our sick, elderly and home bound faithful are unable to attend Church. They may be at home or in the hospital but most importantly: They are not forgotten and we would like to make sure to visit them. If you know of someone who is unable to attend Church or is in need of a pastoral visitation, please inform Fr. Paren directly Email:  or call the church office at 407-876-7732.
The Parish Council of Soorb Haroutiun Armenian Church of Orlando is looking forward to restart the Women's Guild in our church. We are asking those who are ready to help and interested on this to contact our Chairman Mr. John Shahinian or call to church office.
Click here to read more about the Woman's Guild of the Armenian Church of Eastern Diocese 

Home Blessing 

A number of families have invited Fr Paren to bless their homes. Der Hayr’s schedule is flexible to accommodate even the busiest parishioners. Please invite him to your home. You may contact him at the church at 407-876-7732 or cell phone 847-732-7183. His email address is
Click to see the new diocesan educational initiative called Vemkar. The goal is for Vemkar to transform the way all our people grow in their Christian faith and commitment to the Armenian Church.

Click the following links for resources that will enrich your appreciation of the connection between Communion and healing:
  • READ: A post about St. Gregory the Illuminator, “The Golden Hammer”
  • LEARN: Catholicos St. Nersess the Great and Armenian Charity
  • CONTEMPLATE: “The Many Graces of St. Nersess Shnorhali”
  • WATCH: A video on St. Nersess Shnorhali in the Living Voices series.

Mission of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church

The Mission of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church is to preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim its message of Salvation. This mission is realized through worship, education, witness, service, and a common life in Jesus Christ as expressed in the distinctive faith – experience of the Armenian people. All members of the Armenian Church (both clergy and lay) are called to participate fully in its mission.

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