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Acts 2:1-21, John 14:25-31

Տէր Փառէն Քհն. Գալստյան, Հոգեւոր Հովիւ
Reverend Fr. Paren Galstyan, Pastor

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Covid 19 Guidelines
Dear Friends,
We would like to remind all parishioners who are attending church in person to please continue following the guidance while attending church set by the dioceses during the Pandemic. Please always wear your mask while in the church at all times, use the hand sanitizer station while entering church, keep 6 ft apart in church and in the narthex area, sit in the designated areas in church and do not to enter the church hall. Your continued support is appreciated. 

Soorp Haroutiun Parish Council

Sunday Livestreams

Sundays: From 10.30 am to Noon.


May you pour on us, O Lord, the grace of your spirit—the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, power; the spirit of understanding and of the mystery of worship in God—which you received in the River Jordan. Fill us with the spirit of fear towards you. Hear, O Lord, and have mercy.
     Lord, please keep watch over your faithful people and the holy soil of Artsakh and Armenia, now and always. Grant them strength, and lead us together through the present time of trial. Amen.


Feast of Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost is the commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles on the fiftieth day following the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Armenian Church celebrates this feast 50 days following Easter Sunday.

The Holy Spirit is one of the three persons in the Holy Trinity coexisting with, and equal to, the Holy Father and the Holy Son. During His earthly life and ministry Christ spoke to the Apostles about the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Recording the words of Christ, St. John writes, “The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you.” (John 14:26).

The descent of the Holy Spirit is described in the Acts of the Apostles: “When the day of the Pentecost came, all the believers were gathered together in one place.  Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each person there. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak.  (Acts 2:1-4).

In the book of Acts, St. Luke further records the names of various countries, and that men from those countries were surprised, when each of them heard his native language. Among the mentioned places are Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia (Acts 2:9). Two of the saints of the Universal Church, both of Roman origin, Tertullian and Augustine, have written that the word “Armenia” should possibly be substituted instead of “Judea”, as it is more logical that Armenia would be mentioned among those as a “foreign” country, as the apostles were living in Judea.  Moreover, with regards to geographical position, Armenia was situated between Mesopotamia and Cappadocia. Therefore, the people living in Armenia may have been among the first witnesses of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Among the Armenian Church songs and hymns, two are dedicated to the Feast of Pentecost: “The Sent Dove” (referring to the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove that descended upon Christ during His Baptism) and “Indivisible Trinity”. These are sung during the Morning Service on the feast day. Also, during the Evening Service, the “Andastan” rite of the blessing of the four corners of the world is conducted. It is during this service that a prayer written by 12th century Armenian Church father Nerses of Lambron, is read.

In the Christian Church the teaching of divine grace is related to the Holy Spirit.  According to that instruction, each virtue is a divine grace granted to the faithful by the Holy Spirit. Thus, ascribing any virtue to one’s own self, and not to God, is a grave sin and can be manifested in another, which is pride. Hence, commemoration of Pentecost is also an appeal to the faithful to avoid pride and instead, use the divine graces in life for righteous purposes and moral goals.

One of the four season fasting periods defined by the Armenian Apostolic Church is the fasting period preceding the beginning of summer. This fasting period, as well as the other ones preceding the other seasons of the year, is not preparation for any feast, and according to the tradition is called Elijah’s fast, as coincides the feast of commemoration the Prophet Elijah the next Sunday.

This fasting period preceding the beginning of summer starts the day following the feast of Pentecost (the flesh day preceding the fast is the Sunday, when the feast of Pentecost is celebrated). With the change of the Easter Feast day the beginning of the fasting period may be during the period May 11-June 14. Like the other fasting periods preceding the other seasons of the year, this one also lasts five days - from Monday till Friday.

Calling All 2021 Graduates!

If you or your loved one will graduate this year, we'd like to celebrate by featuring them in our church online publications.
Please reply to this email with the following information by Monday June 14th: Name, School, Special Achievements, Future plans, and a digital close up pic. May God's blessings oll our graduates!
Please register your 2021 membership
Many parishioners have told us that they would appreciate reminders about membership dues. So, this is our first reminder of the year!  Please take a look at your checkbook or other records.  If you have not yet submitted your membership dues for 2021, now is a great time to send in your 2021 Soorp Haroutiun membership dues.  Annual membership dues are $125 per person.
For your convenience, you will find a membership application on the table in the Narthex, which can be dropped off at the Church office.  Also, we are accepting your donations by credit card.
Click to Download the 2021 Membership Form
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Thanks to Our 2020 Membership

Rita Arnold, Elisa Azarian, Vagan Babajanian, Leonardo Badiglian, Anton Balasanyan, Arlin & Patricic Baligian,  Khacho & Ghoson Bedrossian, Mariam Bezhanyan, Avedis Boornazian, Richard & Linda Boornazian, Dr. Gregory Boyajian, Diran & Anna Chamoun,  Liza Derbalian-Coredo, Albert Eckian, Anahid Frangoul, Gregory Chouljian, Yn. Anna Galstyan, Kristina Gerard, Antibas & Suzanne Gumushian, Arman & Suna Hartenyan, Ishkhan Hunanyan, Michael Jefarjian, Hagob & Anais Karadjian, Linda Lowman, Mariia Malovana, Garo Mekhdjavakian, Dr. Artak Mirijanyan, Robert & Siranush Mkrtchyan, Armen Mkrtchyan, Grigor Mkrtchyan, Algis & Varsenig Nakutis, Ropen & Linda Nalbandian, Sargis Navoyan, Aram & Ana Nazarian, Joanne Periera, Ann Barsamian Polasek, George & Barbara Rustigian, Eduard Sarkissian, Rose Sarkissian, John Shahinian, Dr. Michael Tiraturian & Dr. Irina Sarafyan,  Drs. Aram & Aida Khachadourian/ Tchobanian, John Tegerian, Alice Tegrarian, Charles Tekesian, Marieta Vausquez, Garabed Veneskahian, Jerome & Lona Youderian, Asnot Zatikyan & Anna Mirijanyan.

Prayer Requests for Our Faithful

Please keep Dee Bargamian, John and Iris Ganimian, John Gumushian, Anahid Frangul, Sargis Katvalyan, Tamar Kochian, Fimi Manguikian, Sarkis Minassian, Talin Mukhjian,  Christian Tresppolacios, Anil & Surekha VaibhDr. Aida Khachadourian/Tchobanian, Sabrina Wood, Hratch Xatourian,
Franco Vasquez in your prayers for physical and spiritual health.


We are seeking landscape contractor bids for Landscaping maintenance for the church property. The maintenance contract include cutting grass on a  by-weekly and trimming the bushes. 
Refer any landscape contractors to the church for bid. 

HHK2, BDF, AVA & Abp Dolan

Catholicos Karekin II Meets With Church Leaders in New York

His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, was in the United States in early May, for meetings with leaders of the Eastern Diocese. No public gatherings were scheduled for his visit due to ongoing pandemic restrictions.
The Catholicos met with Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel Findikyan on several occasions throughout his visit, to discuss developing matters in the worldwide Armenian Church and in the Eastern Diocese.
On May 12, His Holiness presided over a meeting of the Diocesan Council. He was joined in the tahlij of the Diocesan Center by the Primate and Diocesan Vicar Fr. Simeon Odabashian, with the other council members attending virtually via the Internet. The Catholicos laid special emphasis on issues pertaining to the Artsakh war and its aftermath, and highlighted the crucial role clergy have played in ministering to the people during and after the conflict.
Catholicos Karekin II also presided over a small gathering of friends and benefactors of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, during which he bestowed the “Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Medal” on Adrienne Alexanian of New York, for her lifelong devoted service to the Armenian Church and its Eastern Diocese. In bestowing the honor, His Holiness also recognized the faith and generosity of her late parents, Edward and Grace Alexanian.
During a luncheon at the Diocesan Center, His Holiness greeted Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York. Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel and Diocesan Legate and Ecumenical Director Archbishop Vicken Aykazian also took part in the meeting, where once again issues surrounding Artsakh were the focus. Cardinal Dolan—who enjoys a close relationship with the Catholicos and the Primate, and who was an especially supportive friend of Armenia during the war period—graciously offered any assistance he could give to the Armenian Church.
His Holiness departed from our Diocese early this week. We continue to pray for Vehapar’s well-being and spiritual leadership of our church and people.
Above: Archbishop Aykazian, Cardinal Dolan, Catholicos Karekin II, and Bishop Daniel, at St. Vartan Cathedral.

BDF episcopal ordination, consecration

Two Years Later…

The past weeks marked anniversaries in the life of our Diocese and in the ministry of our Primate. It was two years ago, on May 11-12, 2019, that His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians, consecrated then-Fr. Daniel Findikyan to the episcopal rank, in a solemn ceremony at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.
A week later, on May 18, 2019, the newly-consecrated Bishop Daniel celebrated his first episcopal Divine Liturgy in America, at New York’s St. Vartan Cathedral. Both were splendid, uplifting occasions, which are preserved in video recordings on the Eastern Diocese’s YouTube platform. Click on the following links to: In remembering these milestones in Bishop Daniel’s ministry, we ask our Lord to grant him strength and wisdom, and to guide him always along the path of holiness.
Artsakh Outreach
Artsakh Outreach is the mission undertaken by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to raise support throughout the global Armenian community, and deliver aid to our brothers and sisters in the aftermath of the recent attack on Artsakh. All money raised through this initiative will benefit individuals and families who have been displaced and are in need of financial support. Donations will provide food, shelter, basic necessities and utilities.

Donors can opt to “adopt” a family or make one-time contributions in any amount. Adoption options include supporting one person at $125 per month; a family of two to four at $220 per month; or a family of five to seven at $275 per month. One-time gifts in any amount are also welcome and will go a long way in supporting this effort. For information, contact Laura Gononian at Please click here to donate.

FAR Social services seminar

Laying a Foundation for Social Services in Artsakh

The Fund for Armenian Relief, with support from the “Hovsep, Siranoush and Mary Bahadourian Fund,” and in cooperation with Artsakh’s Ministry of Labor and Social Migration, has launched a new project to help establish a system of social services in Artsakh.
“When the war ended, the chaos began,” explained Dr. Mira Antonyan, executive director of the FAR Children’s Center. “People from Armenia and abroad wanted to help the families who had returned to Artsakh; but without a systematic approach, assistance was difficult. Since Artsakh does not have its own social services system or its own network of social workers, the ministry turned to us for help.” 
The new FAR project—titled, “Capacity-Building for Social Workers of Artsakh”—will offer training to strengthen the skills of social work para-professionals, so they can learn to provide support services to the people of Artsakh. Twenty-five participants have been selected for the eight-month “Introduction to Social Work” training program, which will be held online and in-person. 
As a result of the program, more than 500 children and their families living in all regions of Artsakh will have the opportunity to receive professional support—in the near future and the long run. Read more on FAR’s blog.

Virtual Camp banner

A Second Summer of Virtual Camp is on the Horizon

The Eastern Diocese’s summer camp programs will operate this year—as they did in 2020—as virtual activities, run remotely but interactively over the Internet.
The directors of Hye Camp and St. Vartan Camp, along with staff of the Diocese’s Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, are excited to welcome campers and their families to another summer of Virtual Camp—which will run Sunday, July 18 through Saturday, July 24. 
There is no cost to register for the program, and registration will remain open until the start of the camp week. However, those who register before June 18 will receive a camp “care package” in the mail. (Those who register after that date will receive a digital copy of the printed items contained in the camp package.)
To register for the Diocese’s 2021 Virtual Summer Camp, click here.

Click on the following links to view an informative flyerFAQ sheet, and sample schedule.
  • Sunday, May 23:   Divine Liturgy – PENTECOST
  • Sunday, May 30:   Divine Liturgy – Prophet Elijah
  • Sunday, June 6:     Divine Liturgy – Feast of the Catholic Church of Holy Etchmiadzin
Prayer Request
Call during the week to request prayers, hokehankist, visitations to the sick, and house blessings. Please let Church office know if you are planning to have Hokehankist Service. It would be appreciated to have a light lunch or coffee hour following Badarak in memory of the deceased.
Help Us to Update Church Directory
Dear parishioners and friends, Parish Council of Soorp Haroutiun Armenian Church is looking more people who can work and prepare the church Directory.
Altar flowers are a gift to the church. If a family wants to decorate the church with flowers, they are free to do so. If the family needs flowers for the reception hall or cemetery they should make prior arrangements.
Altar flowers donated by Mrs. Marietts Vasquez
Home or Hospital Bound
As an extended family of St. Gregory, many of our sick, elderly and home bound faithful are unable to attend Church. They may be at home or in the hospital but most importantly: They are not forgotten and we would like to make sure to visit them. If you know of someone who is unable to attend Church or is in need of a pastoral visitation, please inform Fr. Paren directly Email:  or call the church office at 407-876-7732.
The Parish Council of Soorb Haroutiun Armenian Church of Orlando is looking forward to restart the Women's Guild in our church. We are asking those who are ready to help and interested on this to contact our Chairman Mr. John Shahinian or call to church office.
Click here to read more about the Woman's Guild of the Armenian Church of Eastern Diocese 

Home Blessing 

A number of families have invited Fr Paren to bless their homes. Der Hayr’s schedule is flexible to accommodate even the busiest parishioners. Please invite him to your home. You may contact him at the church at 407-876-7732 or cell phone 847-732-7183. His email address is
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  • LEARN: Catholicos St. Nersess the Great and Armenian Charity
  • CONTEMPLATE: “The Many Graces of St. Nersess Shnorhali”
  • WATCH: A video on St. Nersess Shnorhali in the Living Voices series.

Mission of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church

The Mission of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church is to preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim its message of Salvation. This mission is realized through worship, education, witness, service, and a common life in Jesus Christ as expressed in the distinctive faith – experience of the Armenian people. All members of the Armenian Church (both clergy and lay) are called to participate fully in its mission.

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