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BMX Australia has implemented a new process for members wishing to transfer from one club to another.

Previously, members had to download/print a form for both the old/new club to sign. It is now available online through a member’s account.


  • No more printing out the Club Transfer Form!
  • Save time chasing up clubs – emails are now sent to the old/new club through OSM which notifies them of a member wishing to transfer in and out of the clubs.
  • BMX Australia will see which stage of the club transfer the member is at (whether the old club or new club has an outstanding action)

BMX Australia hopes this assists our clubs with making it easier for your committee to sign off and on for members transferring between clubs within BMX.

To find out how to transfer clubs - CLICK HERE

If you have any questions/issues, please contact the BMX Australia Office at or 02 9008 1300.


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The Mini Wheeler Coordinator Course has been developed by BMX Australia.

The course provides essential information regarding the Mini Wheeler program and will provide coordination and coaching skills to members who wish to get involved with the future superstars of BMX in Australia!

This course is great for parents and riders aged 14 years and above to give back to the sport by teaching Mini Wheelers about having fun and participation.
To find out more about the Mini Wheeler Coordinator Course – CLICK HERE
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During 2019, we want to hear from you!
We are planning to hold club workshops and club/member chats at each national series event and the national championships.
Plus, we’ll be holding a dial-in Webinar every six months (TBD) so we can hear from you directly and let you know what we have on-the-go in the BMXA Office.
Save-the-date NOW for your national series and national champs workshop and chat, as we’d love to talk to as many clubs as possible in person. 

If you’re at another state’s NS round or at national champs, you are most welcome to attend and let us know your thoughts.

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Ever wondered why your coaches or officials aren’t appearing on the BMXA website accreditation lists?
It’s probably because one of their screenings, like WWCC or First Aid, has expired.
We’ve created an easy way for you to check what’s on file with BMXA.

1. Log into your OSM Club homepage
2. Click on “Reporting” across the top
3. Click on “Ad-Hoc Queries” and scroll down to a report called “Screening List by Membership Type and Date”.
4. This report lists the screenings BMXA has on file for your club members. 
And by the way – this new report means that BMXA can store the WWCC information for any of your club volunteers who are not officials or coaches.
Get your club volunteers to upload their WWCC (or you can do it for them) by:

5. Logging into their MyBMX membership profile
6. Click on “Profile” tab across the top
7. Click on “My Screening” and upload their WWCC details.
8. BMXA will then clear their WWCC and send an email to let them know
9. Their cleared WWCC will appear in your “Screening List by Membership Type and Date” report.

For coaches/officials – the process is slightly different (via the coaches/officials tab).

CLICK HERE for the coaches/officials upload process.
You’ll now be able to see all your coaches, officials and volunteer members who have WWCC’s on file with BMXA via your Club’s Screening Report.
PS: First Aid certificate uploads are also on our hit-list for 2019. Stay tuned!

  • Beginner Coaching Clinic - Canberra BMX Club, ACT 1/12/18 - CLICK HERE
  • Beginner Coaching Course - Macarthur BMX Club, NSW 1/12/18 - CLICK HERE


This is because:

  • Full-faced helmets are no longer required to be worn by attendees at Ride In2BMX events
This means:
  • Attendees at Ride In2BMX events can wear any Australian standards approved helmet and requiring a full-faced helmet will no longer stop anyone attending a Ride In2BMX event.
Don’t forget - the new 4 month membership means Ride In2BMX attendees can join your club at a low cost and “on-the-spot” using the BMXA App.

Once a member, they can ride the start hill under proper supervision and wearing a full-faced helmet. This is great way for your club to increase membership!

Not sure what activities to do for your Ride In2 BMX event?
  • BMXA has put together a whole heap of activities you can hold for your Ride event
  • Plus a schedule of when to start your planning and who to approach for promotion and sponsorship

CLICK HERE to see suggested activities. 

CLICK HERE for a planning schedule.

CLICK HERE for promotion ideas.

  • Logan City BMX Club, QLD: 3/12/18 - CLICK HERE
  • Logan City BMX Club, QLD: 17/12/2018 - CLICK HERE

Grants are a great way to raise funds and other benefits for your clubs.

Below are the current grants available to apply for:

  • Funding for Women’s Leadership Development - CLICK HERE
  • A summer supply of Sugar Free-Zies - CLICK HERE

Do you have a story that your club is proud of?  

Here is your chance to tell it to the rest of Australia!

The National Sporting Museum and ABC Grandstand are after the local stories that people are most proud of and would want the rest of Australia to know about – the great event that you work so hard to put on every year, the intense rivalries, the fantastic results and the local legends - ALL OF IT!
All your club has to do is post a photo and a short story on any of their social media accounts and include the hastag #yoursportstory. 

Then, head HERE to see it published. 

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