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10 Key Interviews Series

A crucial question every Open service should be asking themselves is this: Would the problem you are solving benefit more from competition or collaboration?
Four new interviews in the 10 part series released this month:
4TU.ResearchData, Code Ocean, EDP Sciences and Figshare.

Final cluster of Open Infra interviews are live

Over the past several weeks, we have released a series of in-depth interviews with Open Infrastructure services that are thriving; the point of these is to shed light on choices and decisions that have contributed to these organizations' success. We have sought to understand how these 10 Open Infra services have achieved financial sustainability when so many others continue to struggle. The latest four, as well as the previously released six, are available on the SPARC Europe website. Since the last issue of Open, interviews with 4TU.ResearchData, Code Ocean, Figshare and EDP Sciences have published.

Introducing: A new way to get deep insights — fast

This month, we are launching what we're calling "The Skim"; one-page highlights of key takeways of policy papers, reports and other in-depth papers produced by SPARC Europe.

We begin this new practice with the release of two quick reads:

The Skim: “10 Key Interviews; Insights into Open Infrastructure Services”
In this one-pager, we look collectively at the 10 interviews, the latest four which we reference above, and identify common threads and core learnings. Check it out — and then settle into the full series.

The Skim: “Scoping the Open Science Infrastructure Landscape in Europe”
Our in-depth report on the OS Infrastructure landscape in Europe has been downloaded well over 1,400 times in a month. We've created a Skim for it, honing in on key recommendations.

Miss one of these events?

November has been the month for sharing. Packed with conferences; we have presented at 8 events in four weeks. If you weren’t able to keep the same hectic schedule, it's not too late to see what you missed:

Connecting the Opens
SPARC Europe keynoted with the CEO of Creative Commons. The topic: what connects Creative Commons and SPARC Europe - and how to create an open, diverse and sustainable ecosystem for the Opens.
Watch the keynote.

HE Libraries are hot spots for OE development in Europe
At OE Global and at the Open Education Conference, we presented on our OE survey.
Watch the OE Global recording.

At Munin: OA Diamond cOAlition S project results are out
At the Munin Conference, we presented the results of the OA Diamond project for the first time to a wide open scholarly communications audience. Our presentation title: Mapping the OA Diamond landscape worldwide. What do we know so far?
Watch the presentation.

Open Access: An analysis of European publisher copyright and licensing policies today
SPARC Europe Board Chair Ignasi Labastida i Juan was also at the Munin Conference and presented our copyright report, Open Access: An analysis of European publisher copyright and licensing policies .
Watch the presentation.

Presenting on SCOSS at ICOLC
Vanessa Proudman was invited to speak at the November Global ICOLC Meeting about SCOSS and the current funding campaign to help fund DOAB/OAPEN, PKP and Open Citations as well as Sherpa Romeo.
Find out more about SCOSS.

A Plan S for Academic Books: SPARC Europe helps bring the voices of the community together
SPARC Europe chaired a session at the OPERAS Conference to start developing ideas for a Plan S for OA academic books with input from the OA books community. Discussion included potential business models and involved experts as well as OA community members who also participated in a joint doc-a-thon focused on defining what policies were important to consider related to a Plan S for academic books.

SPARC Europe Copyright and OA Webinar
Close to 100 participants joined us for our first SPARC Europe-hosted webinar on copyright and OA.
Watch the recording.

EOSC Pillar webinar: The role of policies for a sustainable EOSC.
We were invited to speak about OS policy and FAIR at the international EOSC policy event last month.
Watch it.

On the horizon: JROST & EUA-FAIRs-FAIR

We are organising a session titled: “How Open is Open” at the JROST 2020 Conference. 
Scores of open principles exist, but how easy is it to be Open, and to stay open? We bring together some key faces of OS infrastructure to discuss openness and we will report on the challenges of being open as reported in our recently published Scoping the Open Science Infrastructure Landscape in Europe report. 
Register here.

Building FAIR data policies and services within universities
SPARC Europe is a partner in the FAIRSFAIR EC Project. Our colleagues at the European University Association (EUA) are holding an event: Building FAIR data policies and services within universities on Tues, 8 Dec 2020. 

Seek & Find: Help us locate repositories with OE content in Europe/

In collaboration with the OER Worldmap, the European Open Education Librarian Network, which SPARC Europe co-ordinates, is looking for repositories that contain teaching and learning materials. Can we make them better accessible in the future and gain a deeper understanding of existing OER infrastructures? The first step is to find them. Can you tell us about yours? We really appreciate your help.  Learn more.
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