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This Week at Grace
JULY 13, 2017

When you give to the work of Grace, do you know what you're supporting?

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of where your money goes. A glance over your recent activity reveals the forgotten journeys your money takes on a daily basis: $3 at the gas station for a bottled water. $15 at a restaurant where the food was just so-so. A buck fifty extra on your grocery bill for that last minute pack of gum. And on it goes, leaving an imprint of your unique value system on your monthly bank statement.

If you regularly or occasionally give to the work of Grace, you may sometimes wonder about the journey your contribution makes. Let’s start with the most immediate: When you join us for our Sunday gathering, you are listening to a sermon from a salaried pastor, you sit in a chair that’s placed for you by our facilities staff. You enjoy a climate-controlled room with adequate lighting. You may read about upcoming events or jot down sermon notes in your bulletin, which is designed by a staff member and exists in printed form. But if you consider people of Grace to be part of your community, then you know that your money does a lot more than heat or cool a building.

From a Sunday morning gathering, let's extend outward into the city of Long Beach.

When you give, you’re contributing to our city in significant ways. Home Forever advocates for children and supports those who envision a world where every child has a permanent family. New Hope Grief Support helps grieving people find hope and healing after a loved one dies. Precious Lamb Preschool seeks to break the cycle of homelessness one child at a time, through early education that promotes faith-building and school readiness. Young Life is an international, non-profit, non-denominational Christian mentoring program that has changed the lives of teenagers for more than 75 years.

All ages. All backgrounds. Families are reconciled, homelessness is preempted, hope is restored, lives are shaped. If that sounds significant, that’s because it is. Your giving impacts the people of Long Beach and surrounding cities.

Now let's extend further still and look at your global impact.

Your money travels beyond the borders of this county, state, and country. In fact, it journeys to Iraq, Syria, Germany, and beyond. Through Preemptive Love, your giving makes possible life-saving heart surgeries for children, emergency relief for families victimized by ISIS, education for at-risk children, and peacemaking in conflict zones. Projekt:Kirche creates a place where Germans can explore God on their own terms. We also support the work of several missionaries who have answered God’s call in Vietnam and Turkey.

These aren’t merely numbers, facts, or locations. Your generosity impacts the lives of human beings around the world. It may seem remote, but it’s actually quite local. It may seem anonymous, but it’s really very personal.

You have influence. Your giving matters.

Whether or not you have an account on the City, you can give once or set up a recurring gift for Grace! 
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Additionally, you can also use your Square Cash app to send a gift. Simply indicate "offering" in the subject line.
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You may prefer the old fashioned way, and that’s fine too: you can also pay by cash using our giving envelopes on Sunday or by mailing a check to:

3553 Atlantic Ave. #7, Long Beach, CA 90807

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