March 2023

If becoming a property owner in Switzerland without your personal funds is not, unfortunately, possible, at Resolve we will help you to select your sources of personal equity to optimise your mortgage loan and to save money.

This month, we are covering:

  • 14 sources of personal funds
  • Criteria for the decision to buy a new or old home
  • A client talks about his experience with Resolve

What personal funds should I use to buy real estate in Switzerland?


To secure a mortgage to buy your principal residence in Switzerland, you must make a contribution from your personal funds to a value of at least 20% of the price of the property, at least 10% of which cannot come from the 2nd pillar or a loan. You don’t have that kind of an amount in your savings account? Don’t worry! Various sources of personal funds exist which you might not have considered.


Choosing the right strategy for your personal funds can save you more than a low interest rate

Your personal financial contribution to buying your home doesn’t have to come from your bank account alone. A combination of various sources of personal funds could also help you reach the required amount. Moreover, choosing the right strategy for your personal funds can save you more than a low interest rate.


You must also ensure you allow for the money you will need for the various costs of purchase which amount to around 5% of the price of the property, as these are not included in the calculation of the mortgage. For example, to buy a home costing CHF 1,000,000, you will need at least CHF 200,000 in personal funds, 100,000 of which aren’t from the 2nd pillar. In addition to this are approximately CHF 50,000 for the costs of purchase.


View the 14 sources of personal funds


Buying a resale or new build home: 5 decision criteria

Above all, the choice between buying a resale or new build home is a subjective decision based on personal taste, but if you have no preference then here are 5 objective parameters to take into account.

A dream of a second home which became reality

Caroline and her husband had been dreaming of a second home in the mountains for a number of years. They did not foresee being able to make it happen so quickly, but things moved very quickly and support from Resolve allowed them to get through the experience calmly.

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How much can you borrow?

Use our mortgage simulator to quickly calculate your borrowing capacity, the debt ratio, the advance rate, the cost and the monthly payments of your loan for your real estate project in Switzerland.

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