8folios.  Catching Planets: why big IT initiatives (and EA programs) typically fail
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Imagine your organization as a solar system with many planets.  The star is the core of your organization.  Each planet is a major application (e.g. Sales, ERP).  Gravity from the star influences the planets.  The planets are moving through space with varying levels of gravity between them.

Now imagine a major IT initiative focused on a planet.  What other planets need to come along with the initiative?  What is the probability of catching those planets as they (somewhat) independently move through space?

This is the myth.

Think back to a failed IT initiative.  Did it feel like the team was on planet Sales, and someone had their arm stretched out trying to catch planet ERP as it continued on its own trajectory?

This is also where most Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs fail to provide real value.  The EA program typically fails to reveal the hidden gravity between the planets, and fails to predict the real momentum of the planets.

What should your organization do?

  • Get better at defining the hidden gravity, which is knowing the dependencies between things.  Each Application.  Each Integration.  Each Technology.  Even Data.
  • Get better at defining the real momentum, which is having a roadmap for everything.  Each Application.  Each Integration.  Each Technology.
  • Recognize that a methodology (e.g. Agile) won’t alleviate the need to catch and align planets.

PS: You can extend this analogy to a merger of two organizations (two solar systems attempting to become one).

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