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“All the real problems of today are multidimensional…  There is no way to fully understand them - thus no way to effectively begin solving them - without at some point literally drawing them out.”

- Dan Roam, The Back of the Napkin

You can’t see it, but your IT landscape is an interconnected bundle of dependencies.  Things need other things.

Moreover, there are multiple portfolios in IT and hence multiple dimensions.  Examples include applications, data, integrations, servers, and technologies.

Think of a commonly-used API, application, data entity, or technology:
  • What does ______ need?
  • What needs ______?

Now think of three additional things.  Then 10.  Then 100.

The complexity would quickly become apparent if you were to draw out multiple things and dependencies.

What if IT had a tool to define dependencies between things and across the portfolios?

What if things and dependencies were easy to maintain, share, and search?

What if IT could easily traverse and visualize things and dependencies, and navigate through the interconnected portfolios?

What if there were distinctive analytical tools to use with this information?

Imagine how this Where Used capability would improve productivity and the delivery of IT services:
  • Mitigate knowledge loss.
  • Awareness of dependencies when making a change.
  • Awareness of misaligned expectations or upcoming transitions.
  • Input for business analysis or detailed design.
  • Input for project, test, or release planning.
  • Input for asset or vendor management.
  • Input for budget requests.
  • Input for security or risk assessments.
  • Production or disaster-recovery support.

8folios has this Where Used capability (even for data entities or data attributes).

Simplified knowledge management for IT.

Improve productivity.  Plan effectively.  Manage risks before they become issues.  Achieve better results.

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