September 2018 Newsletter

  Wow summer sure did fly by. But don't be sad, that can only mean 1 thing, Fall is here! That special time of the year when leaves change as well as the beer menus. Bring on those darker, maltier beers we all love so much. Marzens, ambers, browns and everyone's favorite (cough, cough) pumpkin beers.

  Can't wait for this months meeting! Another round of our Bombing Run, this time around the style is Oktoberfest (of course). Check below for a brief description from the BJCP(beer judge certification program) page.
More details on bottle drop offs and times will be posted on our Facebook Group page as we get closer to the event. The competition is close, so be ready to taste some excellent examples of the style and vote for your favorite. Come dressed in your best Lederhosen or Dirndl to have a chance at winning a $10 gift card to Ironhill Brewery. See you there!!!

   Last months meeting, Homebrewing 101 -Sanitation, was a big success. I think everyone learned something from it and hopefully it will help us make better beer. Thanks to Sean for putting on the presentation. We will be having another Homebrew 101 meeting in October. This time around we'll be talking about Equipment. From the basics to the advanced and everything in between. Hope to see you there.

  We had our annual BOMB BBQ this month and all though it rained I think everyone had a blast! A big thank you to Becky and Jesse for hosting. Great job! While at the BBQ we had an opportunity to sample Bruce's Quad. A
Belgian Quad aged in a Dad's Hat Whiskey barrel that we brewed up to serve at this years holiday party. You will all be happy to hear it's tasting really good. A few more months in the barrel and it'll be ready to keg. Come on December!!!

  Speaking of barrels...Our Big Barrel Brew is doing well. It is currently resting in a Dad's Hat barrel along with 21lbs. of blackberries. This is the clubs entry into the Keystone Big Barrel Brew competition. It was brewed in July of 2018 and will be judged in April of 2019. The judging will be at Keystone Homebrew Supply in Montgomeryville. This is a fun event where we serve our entry, along with all the other participating clubs, to the public. It's a great way to get some feedback. And a chance to hang out and talk with the other clubs.

  In other competition news. Congrats to Chris Noll for his 1st place session IPA and a 2nd place coffee porter in the inaugural Delco Homebrew Competition. Way to go Chris! Make sure to bring some to a meeting for us all to enjoy... 

  The next big local homebrew competition is in November. It is the Stoney Creek ABC11. Organized by the Stoney Creek Homebrewers. This year there are no limits on how many entries you can submit, so have at it. You can't win unless you enter. It is a really super way to get feedback on your beers, ciders or meads by BJCP certified judges. Good luck to all who enter!

  As we approach the end of the year I'd like to encourage you all to consider running for the board of directors. It's a great way to have your voice heard in the decisions that affect the club. Every year we hold elections for the board positions. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Activities Director, Bombardier and Public Relations/Social Media Director(yuck). Who will it be next year? Maybe you. Run and see. We will be creating a nominations sheet in the coming months, so think about it. It really has been a pleasure serving on the board. Hope to see some new nominees this year.

  The Bomber of the Year award. This is an award given to a member that has gone above and beyond to participate and help out when needed with events, meetings, set ups, clean ups, brew days you name it. Last years award was won by Jesse Fast. He walked away with a pretty sweet custom mash paddle among other things. Winner will be determined by the board and awarded at the holiday party in December. Who will it be this year? Maybe you! Good luck!

  We, the board, are still working out the details on many things. But rest assured, when we know, you'll know. Most of the up to date info can be found on our Facebook "Group" page. It's also a great way to communicate with other members, ask questions, post brew days, or just share cool stuff with others. 
  Also don't forget to check the bottom of this newsletter for upcoming events. And remember to take advantage of those members only perks like the Bomb of the Month discount at Brew Your Own Beer in Havertown or the "anytime happy hour pricing on growler/crowler fills at The Sterling Pig.
  If your not a member yet you're missing out! One last thing, if you are a member of, or are planning on joining The American Homebrewers Association, please remember to put down The Band of Media Brewers as your homebrew club. It helps us out as a club. Thanks!
  And as always, CHEERS!!!

September Club Night- Bombing run pt.3 / Oktoberfest

Sep 20, 7pm at Sterling Pig Brewery
Our intra club competition. You know the deal. Show up. Drink great beers. Vote for your favorites. Drink some more great beer.
Past run results and current standings below. As well as a brief description of the style from the BJCP.
Good luck to all the entrants!
Wear your Lederhosens and Dirdnls for a chance at winning a $10 Ironhill Brewery giftcard!!!
See you there. I hope my Dirndl still fits...CHEERS!

An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that encourages another drink. The overall malt impression is soft, elegant, and complex, with a rich aftertaste that is never cloying or heavy.

Moderate intensity aroma of German malt, typically rich, bready, somewhat toasty, with light bread crust notes. Clean lager fermentation character. No hop aroma. Caramel, dry-biscuity, or roasted malt aromas inappropriate. Very light alcohol might be detected, but should never be sharp. Clean, elegant malt richness should be the primary aroma.

Amber-orange to deep reddish-copper color; should not be golden. Bright clarity, with persistent, off-white foam stand.

lt flavor often suggests sweetness, but finish is moderately-dry to dry. Distinctive and complex maltiness often includes a bready, toasty aspect. Hop bitterness is moderate, and the hop flavor is low to none (German types: complex, floral, herbal, or spicy). Hops provide sufficient balance that the malty palate and finish do not seem sweet. The aftertaste is malty, with the same elegant, rich malt flavors lingering. Noticeable caramel, biscuit, or roasted flavors are inappropriate. Clean lager fermentation profile.

Initial malt flavor often suggests sweetness, but finish is moderately-dry to dry. Distinctive and complex maltiness often includes a bready, toasty aspect. Hop bitterness is moderate, and the hop flavor is low to none (German types: complex, floral, herbal, or spicy). Hops provide sufficient balance that the malty palate and finish do not seem sweet. The aftertaste is malty, with the same elegant, rich malt flavors lingering. Noticeable caramel, biscuit, or roasted flavors are inappropriate. Clean lager fermentation profile.

Medium body, with a smooth, creamy texture that often suggests a fuller mouthfeel. Medium carbonation. Fully attenuated, without a sweet or cloying impression. May be slightly warming, but the strength should be relatively hidden.



Thanks to everyone that helped out on Big Barrel Brew day. See you in April for the judging.

Beer is in the barrel along with 21lbs. of blackberries. What a pain in the ass those blackberries were!!!

.2018 Bombing Run


  Congratulations to Mike Kinsley, our inaugural BOMBing Run Champion! He will be looking to defend his championship in 2018 and it's up to you to brew your best beers to take the trophy home in 2018. To that end, we have made a few adjustments to the BOMBing Run rules for this year and also have finalized the details on the beer styles for each round.

All information for the BOMBing Run will now be on our website. To keep up to date on standings, timing of beers and styles, bookmark the BOMBing Run page.
Sign ups closed

Round 1 - IPA (BJCP 21a)- March 15th Club Meeting
Round 2 - Saison (BJCP 25b, 30a with 25b as the base beer) - June 21st Club Meeting
Round 3 - Oktoberfest (BJCP 6a) - Sept 20th Club Meeting
Round 4 - Porter (BJCP 20a, 30a with 20a as the base beer) - TBD December Holiday Party
Round 1 IPA Results

  1. Dan Copper             11points
  2. Jesse Fast               10points
  3. Michael Kinsley          9points
  4. Chris Noll                    8points
  5. Tim Downey                7points
  6. Mike Harville                6points
  7. Ed & Laureen               5points
  8. Mike Pantalone            4points
  9. Jeff Martin                    3points
  10. Sean Mellody               2points
  11. Dave Harding               1point
Round 2 Saison Results

  1.  Sean Mellody          11pts.
  2. Mike Pantalone       10pts.
  3.    Laureen&Ed             9pts.   
  4. Dave Harding          8pts.
  5. Dan Copper            7pts.
  6.   Tim Downey            6pts.  
  7. Mike Harville           5pts.
  8. Jesse Fast          tie-4pts.
  9. Mike Kinsley       tie-4pts.
  10. Chris Noll                 2pts.
 CONGRATULATIONS to all! See you in September for those Oktoberfests…
Current Standings

  1. Dan Copper            18pts.
  2. Jesse Fast              14pts.
  3. Mike Pantalone       14pts.
  4. Laureen&Ed            14pts.
  5.   Mike Kinsley            13pts.  
  6. Sean Mellody          13pts.
  7. Tim Downey            13pts.
  8. Mike Harville           11pts.
  9.  Chris Noll                10pts. 
  10. Dave Harding           9pts.
  11. Jeff Martin                3pts.






Oktoberfest is the worlds largest Volkfest. Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is a 16 to 18 day folk festival running mid to late September to the first weekend in October. With more than six million people from around the world attending every year!



Bomb Of The Month!

This months Bomb of the month deal at Brew Your Own Beer.

$5 off Pumpkin, Holiday or Oktoberfest kits. Spelt malt sale: $1.60/lb ($1 off). Zymurgy back issues: Buy two, get one free.

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Support Your Local Homebrew Shop!
  • Thu 9/20- Club Night, Bombing Run Pt.3 Oktoberfest
  • Sat 9/22- Made On American Street
  • Tue 9/25- Board Meeting
  • Thu 10/18- Club Night, Homebrew101 "Equipment"
  • Tue 10/23- Board Meeting
  • Sat 11/10 SCH ABC 11 Competition
  • Thu 11/15- Club Night, TBD
  • Tue 11/20- Board meeting
  • Fri 11/23- Blackout Friday, BOMB Bar Crawl TBD
  • Fri 12/21- Holiday Party, Bombing Run Finale Porters TBD???

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