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Adelphi Meeting:

Building Closed, Meeting Open

Michael Levi passed along this excerpt from a blogpost "You Don’t Need to Open the Church on Easter," by John Pavlovitz:

"The Church has never had anything to do with geography. It was never a building, never a fixed, physical location you visited for an hour on Sunday. That’s far too small a space to fit the vast and sprawling life it produces.

The Church has always been the people who gather together to do the work of compassion and mercy and love and justice, regardless of where and when they gather. They are living, breathing, animated sanctuaries who house divinity.

In these terrifying, draining, disorienting moments, the Church is doing what it was always supposed to do[.]"

from March 27 post by John Pavlovitz on "Stuff That Needs to be Said." Read more at


Netflix Watch Party on Thursday - "When They See Us"

Thursday, April 9 at 7 p.m.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting's STRIDE working group is hosting screenings of Ava DuVernay's 4-part Netflix series "When They See Us," followed by a discussion via Zoom. Rosie Eck, co-clerk of STRIDE, invites Adelphi Friends to join the watch party for Part 3 of the series on Thursday, April 9th at 7pm. STRIDE will be posting links to watch together via their Facebook event page. You can also email Rosie (contact info in Breeze) for information. 

"We will hold a discussion of the episode after the screening over Zoom," Rosie writes. "We will talk about the current implications of mass incarceration and racial profiling in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and connect folks to work happening around these topics."  Here are the instructions for the Zoom connection.

STRIDE is a BYM working group that organizes to support genuine diversity at Baltimore Yearly Meeting summer camps. This event is open to everyone - though the content is more appropriate to high-school age and above.  It is a fundraising event to support the STRIDE program, but no one will be turned away for lack of a donation.

Adelphi Teens Connect on Friday

Friday April 10 starting at 7:30

Virtual Teen Hangout for Adelphi and area teens is this Friday, starting at 7:30.  Teens interested in joining should send a message to Karen Armstrong with their email. (Karen's contact information is in Breeze.) We will do a check-in and play virtual charades.

Easter Special for Children in the Meeting

Sunday April 12, at the beginning of our after-meeting time

On April 12, Easter, we will initiate some Zoom activities to engage our children with the rest of Meeting. In the tradition of hiding eggs, we ask each family to prepare some colored eggs and place them in the field of view that will appear on screen while they participate in the Zoom session at 11:00AM. We challenge the young people to "find the eggs" during the first 20 minutes of the Zoom meeting. If you spot an egg, write into the chat whose window you saw it in and describe the egg and where you saw it.

We will start the Zoom session with a song as we did last week and following the song, the Religious Education Committee will pose a query for young attenders to think about until they leave for a separate Zoom session, running concurrently. The concurrent Zoom session will be our new experiment in First Day School. Families of First Day School students will receive a separate email inviting them to that Zoom session.

Any questions can be directed to Rob Duncan, Clerk of Religious Education (contact information in Breeze).

Uplifting -- Music for Hope

Sunday April 12, at 1:00

Cheryl Morden has let us know that Andrea Bocelli will perform an Easter concert from the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy at 1 p.m. EDT on Easter Sunday. It can be viewed on Mr. Bocelli’s YouTube channel.

Business Meeting Coming Up - On Line

Sunday April 19, at about 12:15, following our after-worship on-line gathering

We are all experimenters these days, Cheryl Morden, our clerk of Ministry and Worship, reminds us. We are about to experiment with a meeting for worship for the conduct of business via Zoom. Pot luck is whatever is cooking at your house; dress is definitely casual.

Though Meeting for Business isn't until a week from Sunday, it’s never too early to send agenda items for this Meeting to our clerk, Carole Hoage (contact information in Breeze). We are still working out the details, but the Corporation Meeting for Friends Community School will likely also be conducted either before or after the Meeting for Business.

Resources and Ways to Help

At Home Activities and Art Events

Heather Carter writes that the Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission – which, among other things, funds and provides programming for the PG County Recreation Centers – is sending out a weekly Arts newsletter.  Each newsletter will feature an at-home arts activity for all ages.  Heather herself will be providing many of the activities!  Sign up for the newsletter here:

Easter Art

Shawn MacDonald has secured some coloring sheets related to Easter and holy week. Anyone interested in them should contact her. Contact information in Breeze. There are different levels of detail available, some more suited for children, some for adults.

Explaining COVID-19 to Children

Alaine Duncan recommends this book for helping children with concerns about the coronavirus

Adelphi Cares

If you or your family need to have groceries delivered, need a ride to a medical or other appointment, or need other practical assistance, please contact Wendy Eck, clerk of Pastoral Care Committee.  The committee has set up  a team of people who are able to go out and assist others in our community.  The team is called "Adelphi Cares."  If you are a person who can offer such help, please contact Wendy as well.

Also, after our home-style meetings for worship, when we gather on line for ministry, joys and concerns, and announcements, we give ourselves an opportunity to hold one another in the Light. If you would like to convey a personal joy or concern - with or without your name - you can contact Wendy Eck, who will bring a message of joys and concerns to each meeting.

Finally, remember that Adelphi meeting can assist financially through our aid fund.  Details are described in Silent Announcements sent out on March 27, which you can access here. Or, contact treasurer Reuben Snipper for information. (Contact information in Breeze.)

Food Assistance

As you can imagine, St. Camillus Food Pantry is experiencing a very significant increase in the number of people coming to get food.  The Pantry has set up a GoFundMe website where you can contribute directly.  Or you can search on the GoFundMe website for St. Camillus Food Pantry.  You can also take food to the Pantry when it is open:  Fridays 3-5 pm and Saturdays 10-noon.  People outside doing registration will see that the food is carried inside.  St. Camillus Food Pantry is at 1600 St. Camillus Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20903. More information available at

Making Masks - an Update

The coordinator at the local hospice centers that had been requesting homemade masks has now said that they can’t use them – they need to use the approved versions.  But there may be other facilities in Maryland or elsewhere that are still looking for homemade masks for visitors and others who are non-health-care staff.  

Meanwhile, those of us who are sewing-inclined might make masks for our families, for others in the meeting and for our neighbors. The Center on Disease Control now recommends wearing face coverings to limit the spread of the virus. Mask-makers recommend having one or two on hand for each household member, so that they can be washed and dried between uses. There are multiple directions on line; they vary somewhat but probably not in essentials.  The clearest and simplest directions found by your editor are at (Especially the video.) This site also includes (a massive number of) references on the science of masks, what they prevent and what they don't. [Personally, I am beginning to question that time-honored rule, "she who dies with the most fabric wins."  I've pulled down suitable fabric from the stash in my attic, and am setting up to sew some masks! Editor.]

Another Way to Lend a Hand

Sam Broderick shares information about Maryland Unites and Maryland Responds (for health care professionals). These groups are made up of volunteers who prepare for large scale public health crises like the one we face now.  If you interested in learning more, Sam is a volunteer and is happy to answer questions.  (Contact information in Breeze.)

Prophetic Vision and Radical Witness

Wednesday, April 15 at 6:30 p.m. EDT

Join a virtual conversation on "The Future of Quakers" with Marge Abbott of North Pacific Yearly Meeting (former clerk of the Friends Committee on National Legislation) and Liz Nicholson, Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting, and communications coordinator with Quaker Voluntary Service.  They will explore how Friends deepen a connection to prophetic vision and radical witness in these times of injustice and inequity. Register on line to participate.

Everybody Counts

Our clerk reminds us: If you haven't yet filled out your census form -- either on paper or on line -- it's important to get it done. Unlike a lot of what many of us are facing, this is an easy piece-of-cake task. It's as easy as counting noses in your household. A lot of the allocation of funds for various programs over the next many years will depend on the census counts that we complete today.

Silent Announcements: Tuesdays and Fridays

  • To send in an announcement, please use the link at the bottom of the page. Sending directly to the editor's e-mail creates a risk that it will be overlooked or lost. 
  • To find an announcement or a link from a previous e-mail, find the recent Silent Announcement editions on Adelphi Meeting's web site.
  • What's this "contact information in Breeze" about? To help protect our community from being overrun with spam, we don't list e-mail addresses or phone numbers on-line, where they be swept up and sold by robots.(Really!)
Friends Community School's Newsletter - April 3
Find news from BYM here  about committee plans, camps and youth programs.
Alternative Games
is a small business founded by a group of local storytellers and educators including Adelphi’s own Sam Horne. We run role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and, in response to the current crisis, we’ve taken our games online! 
Alternative Games is  great for kids! Our game runners include trained teachers and a librarian, and all have extensive experience working with children and teens.  Find out more and get in touch with us here.
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