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President's Message

We often talk about providing our clients with “world-class development, locally scaled.” But what does that mean exactly and how do we do it? We strive to do that in many ways, but one thing that is at its core is to have everyone involved in the project wholeheartedly understand how THEY can best provide these services.
From the designers, project managers and administrative staff in the offices, to the superintendents, foreman and the rest of field staff, grasping what it is that makes the owner a success—not JUST the project we’re working on—but the client on a global scale. We do this by digging deep into the client’s mission, even if they haven’t fully figured it out, and aligning ourselves and our project to make their mission a resounding success from top to bottom.

Saying Goodbye to Tiffany Clogston
Tiffany Clogston, who has been our friendly accounts payable administrator for a little more than a year, is leaving Ausland Group on July 12.
What she has enjoyed most at Ausland are the connections she formed with her coworkers. For her, one of the great things about being in finance meant she got to work with people throughout the company. “Being in my position, I was able to build connections and it forced me to learn people’s names quickly,” she said.
Always one to take pride in her ability to organize, streamline and make things more efficient, she has been involved in other areas of the company as well. An inaugural member of the ACE team, Tiffany enjoyed organizing team-building events and played a big role in planning last February’s Winter Celebration.
She also was instrumental in the company-wide roll out of the Teams video conferencing software and represented Ausland in the community by attending the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce YPN events.
In her new role, Tiffany will be a payroll administrator for another local company and is eager to take on more responsibility. She and her husband will also ring in the new year with an addition to the family as she is expecting their first child with a due date of December 31!
Thank you, Tiffany! We wish you luck in your new endeavors and will miss the way you make us smile!
Gossip in the Workplace
We may not have a water cooler or a coffee room, but if you’re in a workplace with more than two people, you’ve got gossip!
There’s really no positive outcome to gossip in the workplace. It’s a time waster, it ruins morale and it can spread faster than a bad cold. If gossip is a problem, what should you do? You may not be able to change the corporate culture overnight, but you can change your way of relating to it with these ten steps.
  • Review your company policy if any exists, for the guidelines on ethics-related matters.
  • Observe. Before launching yourself into office politics, watch. See how people relate and learn the unofficial roles in your workplace. If one person consistently makes trouble, have as little interaction with them as possible.
  • Be busy. Gossipmongers want attention. If you’re delving into work, you won’t be available their latest tales.
  • Don’t participate. If there is gossip at your place of work, let it stop with you. If someone passes a “juicy story,” don’t pass it any further. Take personal responsibility and act with integrity.
  • Turn it around by saying something positive. It isn’t as much fun to spread negative news if it’s followed by a complimentary phrase about the person.
  • Keep your private life private. Remember, if they are gossiping about others, they will likely gossip about you, too.
  • Choose your friends wisely at work. You spend a good deal of time at work so it’s natural for friendships to develop. Share information sparingly until you are sure that you have built up a trust.
  • Behave appropriately at work. Remember that work is not the place to share all types of information.
  • Be direct. You know you are morally right by not gossiping. So does the one spreading the gossip. If you confront that person and respectfully and confidently tell them  that the behavior is making it uncomfortable for you and other coworkers, it’s likely to stop.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to a superior. Gossiping wastes a lot of company time and hurts morale. A company interested in a healthy work environment will value the opportunity to correct it.
ACE Book Donation
For the month of July, the ACE Team decided for our Ausland Care Initiative that we will collect new or gently used books to be donated to local organizations that will give them to children and adults.
FACT: The United States is facing a literacy crisis. It isn't new, but it's impacts upon our kids, our economy, and our society are far-reaching and expanding. How bad is it? More than 30 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above third-grade level.
Let's help our local communities and make a difference in other's lives. Please bring your books to either Kara at the Eugene office or to Nancy at HQ office.
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  -Dr. Seuss


Over exertion comes in several ways. Heavy lifting, stretching, straining and disregard for proper and good health habits.
Because in July when the days are long and hot, you should think about the things that could happen while working in a hot place, exposing ourselves to too much heat so we can take measures to guard against it. Recognizing the first symptom of heat exhaustion is important, so proper first aid measures can be taken. The first signs are usually weakness, dizziness, nausea and staggering.
Frequently, the person vomits freely, the face is pale, and they will sweat profusely. Pulse is usually weak, and breathing is shallow. The person may be unconscious, or may faint unless they lie down.
Usually, this faintness soon passes, but in severe cases, it remains and death may follow. When a person shows these symptoms of heat exhaustion, they should be removed immediately to a cooler place where air is circulating.
They should be treated for shock by lying down, kept comfortably warm and given stimulants, such as warm coffee or tea. Give table salt at the rate of one half teaspoonful at a time with several swallows of water until they have had as much as a tablespoonful (one half teaspoonful six times).
There is little danger that a person will become nauseated from salt and water when suffering from heat exhaustion.
It may be easier to give salt water than granulated salt. In this case, a teaspoonful of salt should be dissolved in a pint of water and small drinks should be taken at frequent intervals. If the heat exhaustion symptoms do not pass away readily, a doctor should be called. The dangers from heat exhaustion are not nearly so great as the dangers from sunstroke or heat stroke. Immediate first aid must be given whenever a person is overcome by the heat.
Careful attention to first aid measures will result in rapid recovery without permanent effects. Finally, always keep in mind that the symptoms of heat exhaustion are different from the symptoms of sunstroke or heat stroke and that the first aid treatments to be applied are correspondingly different.

How it works:

1. Gather up all your friends/contacts.

2. Refer/recruit them to join Ausland by:
Emailing their resume to
or have them apply 
Email your friends’ phone numbers to Nancy and she will reach out to them.

3. Keep track of your referrals and receive:
  • $500* for each hire
  • $100 Dinner Gift Card for every referral interviewed.
  • $10 Dutch Bros. Gift Card for every resume received


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