Eco-innovative Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities
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Kick-off meeting of the URBAN-WASTE project
The kick-off meeting of the URBAN-WASTE project, which has been going on for the last 6 months, had its kick-off meeting back in June with a very promising outcome.
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URBAN-WASTE progresses as Florence hosts the first Mutual Learning event
Six months after the kick-off of a URBAN-WASTE the Tuscany region hosted the first Mutual Learning event on gender mainstreaming in waste management.
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Supporting gender analysis in URBAN-WASTE
URBAN-WASTE is committed to integrating gender across its programme, and to learn from the project how best to do this so that we can disseminate good practice throughout Europe.

Surveys for assessing the status quo of waste management in touristic areas still ongoing
While surveys for workers in waste and tourism sectors are now closed and published, the ones for tourists are still open.
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ICT solutions for tourism and waste
The second training and mutual learning among the pilot cities and regions of the URBAN-WASTE project.
Latest on Mobilisation and mutual learning plan
Latest on Communities of Practice


Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace get an updated Regional Solid Waste Management Plan
The Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan of Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in Greece has been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Energy with the Common Ministerial Decision
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Canoe Polo World Championships in Syracuse: From a sporting event to an eco-event
From 29 August to 4 September Syracuse hosted the Canoe Polo World Championship 2016, initiative that was conceived, designed and built with special attention to environmental impacts and the fight against food waste
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Number of tourists increases in Ponta Delgada and so does waste
Ponta Delgada being the capital of São Miguel and its biggest city has become the main entrance of people in the island and also in the entire archipelago what has pushed the waste management authorities to improve its management with the implementation of more effective methods of waste reduction and treatment.
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Santander wants to make sure the waste goes where it belongs
The city of Santander is already dealing with the first disciplinary proceedings for offenses against the public cleanliness ordinance which, so far, are all related to the deposit of waste outside the containers.
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Nicosia brings together immigrant communities to discuss sustainable waste management
Nicosia Municipality has organized a discussion forum  “Τhe contribution of immigrants towards achieving the goals of sustainable waste management in Cyprus: The role of effective information and involvement at the level of the local community”
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Lisbon commits to waste reduction
Lisbon has made a commitment at the end of the previous year and by signing a partnership agreement for implementation of the URBAN-WASTE project, declared its intentions to reduce waste generation.
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Dubrovnik - Neretva County


Literature Review on Urban Metabolism Studies and Projects
This report gives a comprehensive review on previous urban metabolism studies in order to identify and compare methodologies, and provide knowledge on which indicator sets and background data are suitable for linking tourism activities with waste and use of resources. In most of the reviewed literature on urban metabolism, waste is included as an indicator in various ways.
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Methodology Framework Document as Guidance for Accompanying Assessment
This report gives a comprehensive overview of commonly used methodologies for a sustainability assessment which were reviewed and evaluated based on certain criteria in order to identify a suitable methodology for the subsequent accompanying sustainability assessments of waste prevention and management activities within the URBAN-WASTE project.
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Compendium of waste management practices in pilot cities and best practices in touristic cities
A comparative policy review of national waste management strategies and targets in the European Union (EU) accompanyied by identified waste prevention and management strategies already existing in the URBAN-WASTE pilot cities as well as international best practice examples.
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Situation and behavioural analysis of consume and waste behaviour and patterns
This publication aims at analysing the existing literature on tourism and waste behaviour of tourists. Based on this literature review and with the aim of filling the knowledge gap about waste behaviour of tourists, URBAN-WASTE has developed and circulated 3 surveys for 3 different categories: waste workers, tourism workers and tourists. The surveys have been circulated among the 11 pilots of the project and the results of this survey has been analysed within this publication.
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The next URBAN-WASTE will be out in May 2017
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690452.
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