Eco-innovative Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities
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A four-day long meeting in Lisbon in end of November to mark the grand finale of the project
The Municipality of Lisbon will host the upcoming 3rd General Assembly of the URBAN-WASTE project together with numerous side events just before the project enters its very last six months. 
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The series of webinars continues with the next one on “Communicating good practices and innovative measures to appropriate target groups”
After a long summer which is still bringing tourists to some of our pilot cities, the URBAN-WASTE series of webinars is to come back exploring and presenting some good practices and how to communicate them to different target groups – on 20 November at 11.30 CET
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Rich repertoire in Syracuse as the pilots discussed their implementation phases
The Sicilian city of Syracuse hosted 9th Mutual Learning event "Marketing Measures and Communicating Good Practices to Different Target Groups" gathering the pilots, other exemplary cities and local attention.
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A remarkable participation of the URBAN-WASTE project at this year’s Ecomondo fair
This year’s Ecomondo fair in Rimini, Italy, saw a quite significant participation of the URBAN–WASTE project which was present at both “Sustainability evaluation in waste management” seminar and EASME’s info day.
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Good practices in waste management as change makers in tourism
The 3rd General Assembly and 10th Mutual Learning of the URBAN-WASTE project.                    Read more
Latest on Mobilisation and mutual learning plan
Latest on Communities of Practice


Nice's new reuse centre for bulky waste as a model to be replicated attracts big attention
Few months after its inauguration, the brand new repair and reuse centre for bulky waste in Nice attracts big attention across Europe. A perfect proof is the recent visit they had from Krakow, Porto and Cordoba.
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Nicosia’s educational and awareness raising event attracts many local stakeholders
The City of Nicosia organised an educational event on recycling and waste reduction at tourist facilities on 31 October 2018 within the URBAN-WASTE project’s framework.
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Our pilot city of Syracuse was out and about the town promoting the URBAN-WASTE project
Our partners from Syracuse used the sunny summer months as best as they could in order to maximise the visibility of the project and the measures being implemented among their local community, as well as tourists visiting the city this summer.
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Lisbon goes ahead with the waste reduction measures in tourism bringing together local stakeholders
A meeting of the 4th local Community of Practices took place on 10 September in the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Council of Lisbon, marking the signing a Charter of Commitment on Preventive Measures for waste reduction in the Portuguese capital.
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The Region of Epirus joins a cross-border project with Albanian regions
The kick-off meeting of WASTE RREACT  project, funded under the Interreg IPA II Cross-border Cooperation Programme, Greece-Albania 2014-2020, was held on October 4th, 2018 in Ioannina, Epirus.
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Info kiosk for waste reduction measures implemented in the city of Kavala
As a part of Kavala’s implementation phase, communication gets a lot of attention as a crucial part of the phase and therefore the city wants to be as close as possible to both the locals and tourists.
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Nice Côte d’Azur


Guidelines for local policy makers for mainstreaming of URBAN-WASTE strategies into Waste Management Plans
This guideline for local policy makers is to provide them with some inputs related to European and national regulation so that they are aware of the legal frameworks on waste management at their local scale
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Ecosystem services and tourism in the URBAN WASTE pilot cities
This report deals with the connection of ecosystem services and tourism. Understanding how ecosystem services contribute to touristic experiences fosters engaging in practices related to sustainable tourism.
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Compendium of waste management practices in pilot cities and best practices in touristic cities
A comparative policy review of national waste management strategies and targets in the European Union (EU) accompanyied by identified waste prevention and management strategies already existing in the URBAN-WASTE pilot cities as well as international best practice examples.
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Situation and behavioural analysis of consume and waste behaviour and patterns
This publication aims at analysing the existing literature on tourism and waste behaviour of tourists. Based on this literature review and with the aim of filling the knowledge gap about waste behaviour of tourists, URBAN-WASTE has developed and circulated 3 surveys for 3 different categories: waste workers, tourism workers and tourists. The surveys have been circulated among the 11 pilots of the project and the results of this survey has been analysed within this publication.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690452.
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