This week Tesla had its AI day and revealed their prototype ‘Optimus’ robot. It definitely isn’t ready for prime time yet, but it certainly is interesting how they’ve built it. Simply put, the evolutionary benefit of having the type of organic bone structure that this other robot is based on, is that the animal is better adapted to running, but at the expense of fine motor movements such as grasping and climbing. Much easier to keep the robot balanced, but not much practical use beyond movement. Optimus uses what I’ll call the ‘fine motor skill build.’ Shaky and precarious as this prototype may have been, it is far more promising for use cases reliant on fine motor skills. LINK


Facebook had a surprise GIFt for us this week. They themselves are calling this an AI powered text-to-video generator, but since the clips being shown are about as long as the average TicToc user’s attention span, I’m calling it a GIF generator. It is wild how explosively fast the development of AI generation as a general technology is going. The implications of even the most basic AI video generation are massive, one example being the ability to rapidly prototype concepts for feature films or shows LINK + LINK


Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming offering, paired proprietary hardware with online purchases of full priced games. Imagine Netflix x Steam. Stadia’s death this week is a high-profile example of what I call ‘apathy bleed.’ Goodwill and confidence are currencies much like attention is. Apathy bleed is a gradual ‘engagement’ bankruptcy brought about by bleeding these currencies. Apathy means that people just don’t care anymore. While people will keep using existing products and services, because they can’t be bothered to switch, new products and services will increasingly struggle to gain and retain meaningful userbases. LINK


A new buzzword for the collection ‘ambient intelligence.’ To put it simply, this is a cocoon of sorts. One made of innumerable sensors of various kinds, all connected to, and directed by, a central AI powered system. To elaborate a bit more, it is an evolution of the smart home concept, one in which direct awareness of, and contact with noticeable interfaces is minimized. Amazon’s current strategy involves their Alexa AI being the spider in this smart home web. Amazon would very much like for you to step into its parlour, it promises that its new sleep monitor is pretty fly. LINK


Sony isn’t just frantically trying to stop Microsoft from stealing one of its golden geese (Call of Duty) out from under it, its past is also coming back to haunt it. 11 years ago, Sony sent an ugly duckling out to die, the PlayStation Vita. The Vita was an attempt to make a handheld console capable of playing ‘home console quality’ games, rather than the ‘lite’ versions of games that were the norm on handhelds and phones at the time. The handheld renaissance we appear to be having right now is, for all intents and purposes, everyone but Sony themselves making a Vita 2. Vita is Latin for ‘life’ by the way, hah, irony. LINK


A disclaimer upfront. There are zoo’s that do vital conservational work. These zoo’s often love and take good care of their animals. However, I personally don’t like the core premise of the conventional zoo. To me, the abduction and imprisonment of animals for the sake of human entertainment is morally and practically undesirable. What if zoo fans could have guilt free visits though? What if the keepers of a ‘good’ zoo could focus their resources into conservation efforts? It may be possible to replace animal shows and exhibits with robots in the future. LINK


During his European tour, Apple boss Tim Cook gave an interview to a Dutch outlet that gives a pretty detailed look into the philosophical and strategic views of Apple for the near and slightly farther future. Machine translation is good enough to get the general gist of it if you don’t speak Dutch. The general gist is worth getting if you want to ‘get’ Apple. Of particular note are Tim Cook’s belief that Augmented and Mixed reality are more practical and desirable than Virtual Reality. Apple has long been rumoured to be working on Augmented Reality glasses, which haven’t materialised yet, but do seem to have been once again tacitly confirmed in this interview as a priority. LINK


Tencent is aggressively seeking majority stakes in more gaming companies. This is not an act of boldness, but one of desperation. The gaming industry has been getting gradually strangled in China for some time now, but foreign Tencent properties such as Fortnite (major stake) and League of Legends (full owner) continue to do very well. The potential size of the Chinese gaming market makes it more lucrative, but the Western market is both more accessible and more reliable. Tencent desperately needs some stability after a brutal stock wipeout. Though its battered and bruised, Tencent remains one of few gaming companies that can contest fellow titan Microsoft in the current gaming company buyout war. LINK


In cryptocurrency lingo, ‘burning’ a token means that you willingly send it to a special address that it can’t be retrieved from, a so called ‘burner’ address. The intended effect is that the price of the remaining tokens is driven up via the principle of artificial scarcity, the less there is of something, the more desirable it becomes. A Mexican man decided to take this all literally. He claims to have burned a drawing of legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in order to drive up the value of his NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection. Important to note is that the authenticity of the work has yet to be verified. Regardless of whether this man destroyed a real piece of cultural heritage or not, the idea of destroying physical art to inflate the value of digital copies has horrified the art world. LINK

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