Adobe Figmade Its Move

Adobe, the design software behemoth notorious for buying or otherwise eliminating rivals to its dominance over the design world appears to have secured a fresh kill. It was a miracle that relatively young upstart Figma lasted as long as it did, yet all glories must fade. Both Adobe and newly minted billionaire, Figma founder Dylan Field, assure worried Figma users that Figma will retain its independence. In other news, the wolf has assured little red riding hood that it is just her loving grandmother, eager to give little red riding hood a hug. LINK

Uber Hacks

Who would win? A multibillion-dollar corporation with thousands of (official) employees, or one teenage hacker? There were so many high-profile breaches this week that it was tough to pick which one to feature. I ended up picking Uber for just how deeply a single relative amateur was able to penetrate into the company’s entire software stack. This breach fits a wider pattern of teenage hackers cracking companies like they’re eggs because of poor data hygiene. In this case, an employee was tricked into divulging their login credentials to let the hacker in through the proverbial front door. The hacker then found access tokens to critical infrastructure just lying there on the proverbial counter, which is worryingly common even at the biggest companies LINK 

Texas' Twitter Tantrum

Move over Ellon, some lawmakers in Texas think they should run Twitter, and all social media for that matter. Unfortunately, there are just two teeny-tiny issues with their plan to take control over this key online infrastructure. The first is that Texas is well known for its physical infrastructure catastrophically failing if so much as a single flake of snow should chance to fall on it. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence now does it? The second issue is that the lawmakers are basing their arguments on an understanding of the American 1st amendment that is about as solid as the previously mentioned physical infrastructure. No wait, actually, there’s a third issue. Some of the demands being made have experts scratching their heads about how they could ever realistically be enforced. LINK

Checking The Socials

Lately, a lot of articles, think pieces, and hot takes have been making the rounds about people’s news diets, and the degree of influence the various big social networks may or may not have on it. Whilst it’s unfortunate that I can’t offer you a global overview, the reputable pew research center has just released an easily digestible overview of US news diets across prominent social media platforms. Take a look at these helpful infographics if you want the core facts without all of the surrounding fuss. LINK

Techno-History Rhymes

There’s a saying I’m quite fond of “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.” I’ve always interpreted this as meaning that historical events don’t literally repeat themselves, but their trigger conditions and circumstances can and will. That’s why I absolutely love reflecting upon the technologies of the past, be they hardware or software. Our world is dominated, more than ever, by technology, so the question of what modern humans can learn from old software is very much worth asking. LINK

This Is Fine

iOS 16, introduced alongside the iPhone 14 came with an interesting little upgrade to a feature too few people know about. ‘Focus Mode’ is not exclusive to Apple, nor is it new, but what iOS 16 does is add an extra level of playfulness and customizability to it. The mode is still a pain to set up, but now it’s just intuitive and versatile enough to make the hassle worth it. Focus mode was originally intended as a productivity tool that blocked access to distractions, but iOS 16’s new and improved version seems to also be surprisingly effective as a mental health support tool. Block out things that give you stress whilst still allowing important things and people to reach you. Since this is still Apple that we’re talking about, perhaps we can call such a focus mode a walled Zen Garden? LINK

Supercritical Breakthrough

There’s a highly dangerous category of chemicals known as ‘forever chemicals’ which are not only extremely toxic, but also extremely long lasting and exceedingly difficult to destroy. However, scientists may now have found a way to do just that, to destroy forever chemicals. The process relies on so called ‘supercritical water’ which is water boiled under extreme pressure, which allows its boiling point to far exceed the normal 100 degrees Celsius we’re used to from boiling for culinary purposes. LINK

Social Media Squidgame

There might just be a new challenger entering the social media ring, it’s…Nintendo…? One can never quite tell with Nintendo whether it succeeds because of its best efforts or in spite of them, but the company’s smash hit game Splatoon 3 appears to be more than just a successful video game. Some people also consider it a shining example of social media done right. Whilst the article title “Splatoon 3 is the only good social media platform” gets pretty far ahead of itself, the author makes some very interesting arguments and observations about how Splatoon 3’s player HUB relates to more conventional social media platforms.  LINK

Waste Not Want Not

Food prices are soaring, alongside environmentalist sentiments. Could the time be right for food-saving services to finally have their breakthrough? The concept is actually simple as can be. Companies that deal with consumables traditionally throw away products that are past their expiry date, since fickle customers won’t buy those anymore. Food saving is the practise of picking up products that are close to, or slightly past the expiry date and then using them. No food gets wasted, and money gets saved on both sides of the exchange. Users of food-saving platforms can frequently trade among themselves as well. Give one of the available food-saving options available in your area a go, you might like it, both your wallet and the environment certainly will. LINK


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