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Summer Collections
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New Work

Over the past couple of months we have had so much new work arrive that we haven't been able to keep up in keeping you up-to-date. So we are going to take this opportunity to give you a quick tour of our new collections. 
We are so excited to have this new collection of paintings by Doug Whitfield. Doug is from New York state. We have been showing his work since Brumfield Gallery opened two years ago. What drew us to his paintings was their spontaneity, joyfulness, and his flair for portraying unconventional beauty. 
Aggie Zed is a gallery favorite. These small figures are just one of her passions. She also makes mixed media sculptures with ceramics and mixed metals, and paints. She dedicates just part of her year to making these charming fellas, and we are always so happy when a box of new figures arrives each year. They do sell fast, so don't hang around if you have been waiting on them.
Jeanie Tomanek is a self-taught artist and published poet. In her paintings she draws upon themes that are developed through her poetry. She explores various feminine archetypes from myths, folktales, fairy tales and her own experiences. Much of the imagery has a female protagonist, whom she refers to as “Everywoman,” journeying through a natural environment. 
Jen Crowe is a California based painter working in oil and cold wax. She is our only abstract artist. As a mainly figurative gallery, we are not often drawn to abstract work, but the color pallet and surface of Jen's work is irresistible.
Our most recent delivery was a small grouping of new works by Cary Weigand. This year a collection of Cary's work was curated into the American Museum of Ceramic Art. We are honored to be representing Cary's work. Two of the new works have already sold, but this one, which is our curator's personal favorite, is still available.
To finish our tour we would like to introduce you to out most recent addition to Brumfield GalleryElisabeth Ladwig  is an award-winning photographic artist living in the New Jersey Highlands, where an abundance of protected land offers endless creative inspiration. Her work explores modern surrealism with the convergence of photography, graphic design, and collage art.
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