Sunday, February 23 RALLY!

Meet us at the intersection of 40 & 170 (the fountain at Brentwood Blvd. & Eager Rd) 11am-1pm. We need a regular, persistent presence to send the message that this President cannot be allowed to succeed in dismantling and exploiting our entire system of government for his own gain.

Since the Senate let Trump get away with extorting foreign interference in the 2020 election, Trump has seized that (even) blank(er) check and started using it to fire his enemies, help his friends, and strong-arm other governments.

He now has complete control over the GOP-dominated Senate, the Department of Justice, every single federal agency, and much of the federal judiciary. He is working to assert control over federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

He has "joked" about remaining in office indefinitely. He is positioning his children to succeed him.

As Senator Elizabeth Warren so starkly observed, "Right in front of our eyes we are watching a descent into authoritarianism."

Don't let his buffoonish demeanor fool you. He is a dangerous man. And we've seen this playbook before--in Russia under Putin, Turkey under Erdogan, Brazil under Bolsonaro. Authoritarians establish control more quickly than we seem to understand, and right here, right now, it is happening in our own country.

We need to understand that no one is going to step in to stop this. It's up to us. And if we can't show up and stand up, who will?

Indivisible St. Louis
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