A curated selection of articles on how life and work are changing, with the occasional offbeat piece

25 Jul, 2018


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A curated selection of articles on how life and work are changing, with the occasional offbeat piece.


Topics: Digital Nomads, Future of Work, Gig Economy, Remote Work, Universal Basic Income and much more.


Top Picks

# The report is in: Open offices don’t encourage openness.

In a recent report published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, “the volume of face-to-face interaction decreased significantly (approx. 70%), with an associated increase in electronic interaction.” Rather than increase face-to-face conversation, open office plans increase the tendency for employees to “socially withdraw” and use tools like Slack to communicate instead.

# Exactly How I Landed My Most Lucrative Freelance and Consulting Deals

8 single-paragraph stories that show how one business skill brought in writing gigs with rates of $100/hour, $500 per article, and $1 per word.

# A Rant About Travel, Awareness and Social Media

Once upon a time, the focus was on the beauty, the eye-opening moments and the education of travel. Now, that focus has simply been replaced by the heavily filtered ‘beauty’ of our ourselves. Everyone wants the attention to be on them, not the actual destination. And there really isn’t much value in such infatuation with ourselves while traveling. Instead, it’s remarkably tone deaf and disrespectful to those places we visit.

# How to read

Learning comes from repetition, but books are long and verbose and not designed with this in mind. You can get a macro, high-level form of repetition by reading multiple books about the same topic, but even this doesn’t guarantee that you will remember the specific things that you want to or how it all hangs together. To try and get more reps in, I think that books should be read in two phase.

# Why tech’s favorite color is making us all miserable

The cold blue light of modern touchscreens may be aesthetically pleasing, but it poses health problems. Designers and technologists should take cues from military history and embrace the orange.


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# Technical Sales Account Manager 

Innovyze is hiring a remote full-time Technical Sales Account Manager. Innovyze - Innovating for sustainable infrastructure.




"For the only safe harbour in this life's tossing, troubled sea is to refuse to be bothered about what the future will bring and to stand ready and confident, squaring the breast to take without skulking or flinching whatever fortune hurls at us."

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca

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