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Sending Hope to Uganda
A 'Container of Hope' fully loaded with medical equipment is on its way to Lira in northern Uganda. The equipment is part of surplus medical supplies from Adelaide's former flagship hospital which has been replaced by the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.
The project to secure the equipment and ship it to Uganda was led by JBI PhD research candidate, John Opio, who said that the equipment will help save lives and reduce impoverishment due to unnecessary referral costs outside Lira.
"We prioritised surgical equipment, hospital beds and other necessary equipment from a ‘wish-list’ from Lira", said John.

"These medical supplies will encourage, empower and enable the dedicated nurses, doctors and allied health professionals to provide the care in Lira that people desperately need", he added.
Mr Opio said Uganda aimed for a standard where no one had to walk more than 5km for healthcare; however in Lira only 37% of the population lives within 5km of a health service.
“The Lira district of Northern Uganda is a challenging place to live. Geographic challenges have been compounded by over 20 years of brutality by self-styled Rebel leader, Joseph Kony, and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)”, John explained. “This war not only caused loss of lives, displacement and destruction of property and infrastructure, it also created long-term problems such as impoverishment and health challenges for the trained health professionals who are attempting to provide healthcare to the people of Lira.” 
With the help of JBI colleagues, John successfully raised funds to purchase the 40-foot container, and cover shipping and customs clearance costs.

John then coordinated volunteers who helped him load the Container of Hope.
"I am very grateful to the numerous supporters who generously donated toward this cause either by donations or volunteer efforts. Together, we have made a huge impact to this community in Uganda”, John said.
G-I-N & JBI 2019
Three leading organisations have come together to deliver the premier event in 2019 for evidence-based practice and guidelines for healthcare, #GINJBI2019.
Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) and JBI are partnering to deliver the conference themed: Trustworthy Evidence for Questions that Matter - The value of guidelines in 21st century healthcare. The University of South Australia is hosting this unique event.
Abstract submissions and registrations open 29 January 2019

Learn more about #GINJBI2019
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Overcoming barriers

Barriers such as pill burden, gastrointestinal discomforts, dose frequency and lack of a support system all play a role in a patient's adherence to Phosphate Binders therapy.

These barriers are considered in the latest issue of JBISRIR editorial: 'Phosphate binders for patients with end stage renal disease: overcoming the barriers'.

Read editorial 

Women's experiences of unassisted birth
A systematic review will aim to understand women's experiences of planned unassisted birth. The findings of the review may assist in identifying important elements of care that are missing from mainstream perinatal service. Read protocol
Reducing patient identification errors
The effectiveness of various strategies to reduce or prevent errors in identifying the patient will be examined in a systematic review. The review will encompass both adult and paediatric hospital settings. Read protocol
Sexuality and intimacy among people with serious mental illness
A qualitative systematic review explores intimate relationship experiences of people with serious mental illness to uncover potential obstacles to the expression of sexuality.

The review aims to present recommendations for mental health policy, education, research and practice, and to assist service providers to determine ways that they may better support people in establishing and maintaining satisfying intimate relationships and the full expression of their sexuality. Read systematic review

Does stratification by quality lead to a form of selection bias? 
Read article which examines if restricting primary meta-analyses to studies at low risk of bias, or presenting meta-analyses stratified according to risk of bias, is indeed the right approach to explore potential methodological bias.
SUMARI (System for Unified Management of Assessment and Review of Information) now  imports .xml files directly from PubMed. 
Learn more about SUMARI
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JBC European Symposium
The JBC European Symposium of Evidence-Based Healthcare in Clinical Practice Guidelines, Decision Making and Evidence Synthesis was held recently in the Czech Republic.

Speakers from Canada, Iran and a host of European countries presented over the two days of the symposium which was formally opened by Dr Miloslav Klugar, Director of The Czech Republic (Middle European) Centre for Evidence-based Healthcare: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence. 
The two-day symposium comprised eight sessions and 32 oral presentations. Dr. Jitka Kulagarová, Deputy Director in Clinic of The Czech Republic (Middle European) Centre for Evidence-based Healthcare: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence, was pleased with the success of the symposium: "The organising committee is very happy and proud that the invitation for keynote presenters was accepted by 18 international speakers we hold in such high regard".
Keynote speaker at the JBC European Symposium, was Professor Holger Schünemann, who presented 'Unpacking the evidence that informs expert opinion: collecting evidence from experts transparently for trustworthy guideline recommendations'.
Prof Schünemann argued that to help ensure that expert evidence is used appropriately to inform recommendations, it must be collected and appraised systematically and transparently: "Collecting and appraising expert evidence systematically and transparently can enable guideline panels and users of guidelines to appraise expert evidence in the same way that they appraise research evidence", he said.
Prof Schünemann also officiated the opening of the Masaryk University GRADE Centre, conducted with ceremonial ribbon-cutting during the symposium's gala dinner.
Also celebrated was the formal opening of Cochrane Czech Republic, officiated by Professor Gerd Antes. "We were delighted and proud that the JBC European Symposium hosted the official opening ceremonies for two new international centres in the Czech Republic", said Dr Klugarová.
Short communications from the symposium will be published in International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare
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Train-the-Trainer: CSRTP in Czech Republic
The Czech Republic (Middle European) Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence, hosted the JBI training program for future trainers of the Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP).
The Train-the-Trainer: CSRTP was facilitated by Associate Professor Edoardo Aromataris and attended by eight participants. 
Successful completion of the rigorous Train-the-Trainer: CSRTP will see these participants from Romania, Wales, Engand, Belgium, Portugal and the Czech Republic commence teaching JBI's Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program in their home countries.
Collaborating Entities strengthen ties
Assoc Prof Patraporn Tungpunkom, Director of The Thailand Centre for Evidence Based Health Care: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence, recently travelled to Osaka to facilitate the CSRTP. The training was delivered for The Japan Centre for Evidence Based Practice: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence.
Assoc Prof Tungpunkom enjoyed facilitating the small group of participants: "It was a great group of graduate participants ... there's no language barrier when people share the same passion!", she said.
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1-8 February 2019

Wollongong, Australia

18-22 February 2019

Adelaide, Australia

4-8 March 2019

Adelaide, Australia
5 March 2019

Adelaide, Australia
20 March 2019

Adelaide, Australia
4 April 2019

Adelaide, Australia

27 April - 1 May 2019

Cardiff, Wales

3 May 2019

Cardiff, Wales
Joanna Briggs Collaboration Symposium

Think globally. Act locally.
6-8 May 2019

San Jose, Costa Rica
28 June 2019

Sydney, Australia

Joanna Briggs Collaboration Symposium

Contemporary issues in knowledge translation and implementation in evidence-based healthcare
30 October -
2 November 2019

Adelaide, Australia

G-I-N & JBI 2019 Conference
For more information on global training and events email us at the JBI Adelaide Global Training Office or contact directly a Joanna Briggs Collaborating Entity in your region. 
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