DOC Dispatch: September 1, 2017
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You mentioned referrals for tobacco treatment.  How does this work at DOC, and what are the options?


There are dozens of online options for information and support. But there are also some excellent local resources too. 

BEST:   Quit at Duke (at DOC)

·         The DOC has a weekly Smoking Cessation Clinic run by Dr. James Davis, Director of the Duke Cancer Institute Smoking Cessation Program, also known as Quit at Duke. 

·         The clinic takes place every Friday morning at the DOC. 

·         Quit at Duke provides:

o   A comprehensive evaluation, including an assessment for level of nicotine dependence and other relapse predictors, as well as screening for common comorbidities associated with tobacco use  

o   Contemporary, evidence-based medication regimens

o   Intensive, targeted behavioral interventions (provided by the DOC BHCs/LCSW)

o   Long-term follow-up by phone and in-person for relapse prevention and intervention

o   Access to research studies that may provide compensation and free treatment

·         To refer a patient to Quit at Duke, simply use the Ambulatory Referral to Smoking Cessation” function in Maestro or call 613-QUIT (7848).


GOOD:  QuitlineNC

·         QuitlineNC offers free, private quit-coaching over the phone for people with Medicaid, Medicare, or for those who are uninsured

·         Quit coaching is available in Spanish and other languages. 

·         Online “webcoaching” is also available. 

·         Quitline may also provide free nicotine patches for those with Medicaid, Medicare, or those without insurance.

·         There are several ways for a patient to be referred to the QuitlineNC.

o   Patients can self-refer by calling 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or 855-Dejelo-Ya (855-335-3569) for Spanish speakers.

o   Patients may sign up online at

o   Providers may complete a referral form and fax it to QuitlineNC (which is available in the black folders in the exam rooms or at )


So I should ask if they want me to refer them, right?




Try using an “opt out” approach. When you make your brief support statements about the importance of quitting, tell them about Quit at Duke and let them know you are going to refer them. It’s also ok to refer patients if you forgot to ask them!

When offered treatment, those who say they are not ready to quit but who are then encouraged to do so by their providers have been just as successful, if not more so, than those who say they are ready. 


I’m not a doctor.  How can I help?


Refer a patient to Quit at Duke by calling 919-613-QUIT (7848).

Support and encourage patients who you know are planning to quit.

Tee up the referral and remind the provider.

Support the patient during urges. Smoking urges only last 3-5 minutes!

Doing an NC MedAssist application with a patient? There is a question about whether the patient smokes and wants to quit. If they say yes, tell them you will refer them to Quit at Duke!


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