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Bulldog Edition
18th February 2022
I learned this week that the early run of a newspaper is sometimes known as a bulldog edition.  Nobody seems to quite know why, although there are many theories, including the fact that one newspaper group published every early edition with a leading photo of the owners' favourite bulldog, to indicate to readers it was
a first print.

Whatever the origin, the reason for my bulldog edition is not driven by a love of bulldogs (I don't think I've ever written the word bulldog so often) but rather, that while I love writing, the thought of starting work on a newsletter became 'that' task. The thing I kept putting to the bottom of the pile. The item that has been languishing on my to-do list for so very long, that - like wallpaper - it became unseen. Something that was so overwhelming, I just didn't do it. In the end my simple solution was to remove the mental obstacle of starting by no longer thinking of it as volume 1. Bulldog edition it is.

So often when we have difficulty in starting a task, our problem is not with the task itself, but with the moment before. The transition. The state of moving from not doing something to doing it, from discomfort to comfort, from not having a newsletter to having started it.  The wonderful thing to remember about transitional moments is how fleeting and short-lived they are.  Take a deep breath, do something right away that moves you forward and *tah dah* you've started

Before I'd reached this point, when reading about the best strategies for getting started (anything but actually get started, you understand) one piece of advice was to build in small rewards for getting things done.  I'm off to reward myself with a well-done cuppa, but before I do that, here are a few things I've saved this week that i'm sure would serve as great motivators for putting together issue 2, and perhaps for any transition moments you have coming up too 

Its a scientifically proven fact* that new stationery helps facilitate the successful completion of any task, and there would certainly be no ignoring this beautiful cover on your desk!  from Pavillion Prints
For those moments when a firm but gentle nudge of encouragement is required 
Studio Chris James
And when the nudge needs to be a bit less gentle, i'll be popping one of these on my desk!
It always helps me to read or listen to something something inspiring. My pick this week was Boy in a China Shop by Keith Brymer Jones.  Its every bit as wonderful as i'd hoped, and was more than worth the read for learning the Welsh expression, 'ara bach a bob yn dipyn mae sdicio bys i din gwybedyn'.  I'll let you look that up and discover what it means, but it's entirely fitting for the process of getting started with this newsletter!
I do hope you'll enjoy these little ponderings.  The chances are you've joined me from my website or instagram, so you'll have known to expect  ramblings just like this; things I've thought about that you might think about too, things I've spotted that you might like too, new things I'm working on that you might be interested in. Aside from pressing publish, the scary part is over for me now, so hello, welcome and thanks for joining me.
*I made that up.
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