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No. 2
25th February 2022
I can regularly be seen attempting to carry more than is physically possible around our house. It’s something of a running joke.  In a vain bid to not waste time and have to make two journeys - anywhere - I can oft be found with my arms, hands and fingers loaded up. And of course there's always room under my chin to hold my phone or some paperwork. I inevitably spill, drop, or break things. But take two trips with smaller loads? nah. Ask for help? no way. I'll just struggle on like this thank you very much. 

It’s curious how many analogies we borrow from the circus to describe modern living isn't it? Balancing acts...Juggling tasks... spinning plates... If a clown’s task is one of comic entertainment, I think perhaps the joke is on us.  We struggle to do too much, or at least try to.   All the while wearing our ability to adroitly manage multiple activities as a questionable badge of merit. "oh, i'm great at multi-tasking", "nobody can do this so well as me" "I can carry anything at once, all in one trip"

The antidote to doing too much is very obvious, but not all that simple; don't do so much. If you're feeling the pressure from juggling too many balls, don't juggle so much. It’s okay to drop the balls that bounce. Focus first and foremost on those that you know will break if you drop them. You might become more adept at juggling and find yourself able to pick some up again another time. if you're really lucky, you might even find that someone else picks them up and looks after them for you.

while i'm not suggesting you're as much of a clown as I, here are a few things that might help you reduce the juggle..

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Leave the circus tricks to the circus. I'm very fortunate to have an actual circus right on my doorstep, in the form of the amazing Giffords Circus.  This years Mexican themed show Carpa, looks to be another treat - the artwork alone  is so so beautiful, im really envious of everyone who got a flyer - and starts touring in April.
To read
Part of the incredible Do book series, Do/pause encourages us to consider the importance of taking time not to-do 
To do 
This  print from Letterbox Lane however, is the kind of to-do list I can get on board with
To not do
dont forget to stop for cake - an essential reminder, if you will insist on plate-spinning

The bounce picture at the top is something i've been working on this week - a late entry to my wash your hands of it series. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment recently, when I realised that so much research had gone into every picture, that each one would be the perfect talking point for a  blog-post in its own right. I've been busy working my way through them. This should be the moment where I send you to read them on my website. But, it's half term here, and they're not quite done ...  a ball I decided would bounce that I chose to drop, if you will. 

I hope you find some moments of pause this week. 
*I made that up.
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