Hi everyone, we've got some big updates to share with this issue. First, the bad news: our team has made the careful decision to halt production for the remainder of 2020. There are several factors that have gone into this hiatus, but our primary concern is that while the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has seen relatively low case numbers over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now experiencing a noticeable uptick as we enter the fall. We do not want the NORTHBOUND production to jeopardize the health of the many people required to be on set during a given shoot. Everyone involved in this project is like family to us, and since we can't guarantee the safety of those we care about, it's become obvious to postpone.

This is not the first time we've faced delays, and we view this moment as an opportunity. Over the last year, we've been able to take stock of what we've accomplished, improved what remains to be shot, and can already see that once finished, NORTHBOUND 3 will hit a quality level beyond our wildest creative dreams. Next year, our plans include not just shooting the rest of Season 3, but also festivals, a Michigan world premiere, a wide online release with, and finally, a transition into work on the NORTHSTAR feature film. Right now, we are in the middle of the stream, and the next steps are apparent despite the obstacles. Make no mistake, we are as committed as ever to finishing what we've started with this one of a kind community.

Now the good news. We feel we owe you all a first real look at what we have in store with NORTHBOUND 3. Below is a teaser made available exclusively to you, our subscribers. You have supported us through thick and thin, and we hope this is an exciting glimpse at what is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Click above to see the brand new NORTHBOUND Season 3 teaser trailer!


We hope you liked that first taste of NORTHBOUND 3! As an added bonus, series co-creator, director, and writer Seth Anderson has provided his notes on some key moments in the teaser.

Everything starts with the Michigan landscape. In Season 3, we're emphasizing fog, smoke, shadow, and other atmospheric elements that make it difficult for characters to determine where they are physically and emotionally. It's a liminal, transitionary time for this group.

Here, Hannah Trepanier airs her frustration with a very promising Sleeper patient. That's about all I can add at this point.

Dan Klass completed his scenes as Stephen Trepanier in the summer of 2019, and everything we've put together so far with his character has been incredible. This is a man entrapped in a results-driven system and doing everything he can to justify his actions.

Alex will be faced with a hard choice midway through Season 3. He's been a loner so far and has mistrusted group dynamics, especially when it could end up getting his sick daughter killed. Can you blame him?

Our narrative is set 5 to 10 years from now. In Season 3, we're finally exploring science fiction elements that have always laid under the surface. It's still restrained, but I think we've done a lot with our budget to begin exploring this near future.

It's been important for me in Season 3 to give more spotlight time to each of our characters. One of the great gifts of a longer production has been the chance to write more scenes with Rudy (Zak Kylo Blackmon). I've been waiting to unleash this guy.

Another benefit of added time: better fight sequences. The first image above is a good look at our rehearsal process (which we film to help build our shots) and the second is a still from the final result. We shot many of NORTHBOUND 2's fights in a single day or less - with Season 3, we were able to rehearse and schedule an average of 2 days to shoot per fight. 

Much of 2019's production was devoted to a climactic moment where all 3 factions converge in the Northwoods. It's the most complex scene I've ever directed and will be the centerpiece action sequence of the entire series.

Questions? Comments? Drop us a line! NORTHBOUND is made by a dedicated community of volunteers and media professionals coming together in Northern Michigan to prove the time is right for anyone to make quality film projects anywhere. The first challenge is creating the project, the second is finding an audience to support our work. This is where YOU come in. If you are reading this, you are already a vital member of the team. Here are four ways to support us:
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