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Everyone is Nervous

Whether you're a player, coach, or parent, you're nervous at the first practice of a new season.

Players are nervous about whether everyone else is better than them. Coaches are nervous about whether the players will respect and respond to them. And parents are nervous about whether their players will have a fun, positive experience.

Everyone is nervous. It's not just you.

Everyone perseverates over what to wear to the first practice. Everyone wonders whether they'll fit in or not. And everyone worries about meeting new people and trying to make new friends.

It's okay to be nervous. Everyone is nervous. Accept this. And instead of trying NOT to be nervous, focus on helping someone else feel comfortable and less nervous.

Don't be afraid to share with others that you're nervous.

As a coach, ask your players if they're nervous. Then tell them it's okay to be nervous because you're nervous too.

If we weren't nervous, something would be wrong.

Being nervous means we care. Realizing that everyone is nervous is realizing that everyone cares. If everyone cares, it's going to be a great season.

Nervousness is a good thing. Lean into it. Acknowledge it. Be vulnerable about it. If we try to fight it, it won't go away. What we resist persists.

Everyone is nervous. And that's okay. That's more than okay. That's a sign of great things to come.

Make it a great day!
Coach Chris

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