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Show Them You Care

As a coach and as a parent, we want our players to work hard and get better. We want them to respect the game, respect their teammates, and respect their opponents. We want them to pay attention and to hustle.

They won't do these things for just anyone though. They will only do these things for someone who cares about them. We must show them constantly that we care for them.

As adults, we must connect with our players as human beings. They aren't robots, and our team isn't a machine being built in a lab. We are supporting humans in their growth as individuals, while simultaneously creating a team out of those completely unique individuals.

We must show them we care about them by getting to know them. Ask them how their day went. Ask them what they're excited/scared/nervous about. Show them we care about them as a person. Only then will they respect us enough to put in the work we're asking them to do.

This goes for us as parents as well. We want our children to grow and to succeed. So we give them advice. We push them to step out of their comfort zones. We ask a lot of them. But if they don't know we care about them, they can't see why we're asking so much of them, and they rebel against us.

When we show our children and our players that we care, they grant us permission to help them grow. They will get frustrated with us. They will feel like giving up. But they are more likely to persevere when they know and feel that we're trying to help them grow because we care about them.

Make it a great day!
Coach Chris

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