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Process Over Product

In baseball, sometimes the hitter crushes a ball right at a defensive player for an out. Other times the hitter gets jammed and hits a bloop single that finds its way to the outfield grass. In the box score, the bloop single looks more impressive. But the out that was crushed was what the hitter was actually trying to do.

In baseball, and in life, we fixate on the results. But the results don't always accurately reflect our effort and our process.

A 12-year old pitcher can dominate a bunch of 10-year olds just because he's bigger and stronger. A veteran boss can get his employees to do what he wants just because he's in a position of power. But the results of these situations aren't sustainable. They don't reflect whether the pitcher or the boss are doing things in a way that allow for growth.

Things work out sometimes for the best, even when we don't put forth our best effort. Other times, things don't go our way after we've done everything we could possibly do. By fixating on the results and the product, we run the risk of neglecting the effort and the process.

Let's focus on the process over the product. We can control the process. And a good process is usually going to create a product we feel good about. 

Make it a great day!
Coach Chris

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