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An Update on Current Conditions & Snow Response for the Week

February 27, 2023 (11 a.m.) –   Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by Michigan winter.

Yeah... us, too. ✋

Here's an update on the results of last week's plowing activities and the plans for what this week will bring (but, if you just want your street plowed again, skip to the last bullet):

• Every major street, state trunkline, and priority route was plowed and salted continuously throughout the storm per usual snow removal operations. (You can tell -they're clean!)

• Every local street in the city was plowed by Public Services crews beginning Thursday afternoon, working through each refuse route until Friday night, per usual snow operations. (We pinky promise, swear, scout's honor, etc. They were done, but we understand it doesn't look/feel like it in some spots. See next bullet.) Crews returned to streets and plowed Saturday to clean up additional snowfall received after plowing ceased on Friday night.

• This storm's snow was heavy and wet. By the time major streets were under control and crews headed into local streets, traffic had packed down a significant amount of snow. We bladed off what we could - which leaves those big bumps at the end of your driveway that nobody likes. (Sorry about that.) Warmer temperatures only made things considerably worse conditions-wise on local streets.

• We're supposed to get more snow today/tonight, because #puremichigan. We'll be back at it and will plow local streets again this week regardless of the amount of snowfall we receive from today's storm.

That's a lot of words to say: This storm was a trying one from an operations perspective. We'll be back out after today's weather event no matter what, so you'll see plows on your street again soon as we work to clear the rest of what Mother Nature has left us. Thanks for your patience.

Residents are encouraged to follow the following channels for more frequent, interactive (and humorous!) snow plowing updates:

Additional progress updates may also be shared via email as needed.

For more information on the City's snow removal process, visit

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