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BlackPeak Capital invested €8M in Telelink Infra Services

The Bulgarian VC fund Black Peak Capital invested 8M in Telelink Infra Services, a regional distributor of telecommunication and other infrastructure services in the UK, Germany, and Central and Eastern Europe. The investment will fasten the company's growth through mergers and acquisitions in Europe and it will help it grow its team.

Eleven Ventures launches a fast-track program for early-stage startups

Eleven Ventures Launches a new program dedicated to supporting outstanding early-stage startups from Southeast Europe called Eleven Alpha. The program is three months and runs separately from their standard investment program and has a fixed investment of €300M for 10% equity. Read more.

Eleven Ventures invested €1M in the Startup Almacena

The Bulgarian VC fund Eleven Ventures invested €1M in the startup with Bulgarian origins Almacena. Almacena is a platform for B2B trade with raw coffee. It has raised €3.5M on its first round of investments. Read more.


If you want something done right, give it to a family business

They prove that honest, hard work can bring success. They are assets to their communities, attracting income for their local economies and more visibility to their regions. They engage others in the community, alerting them to what is possible if they all work together. They are small family-run businesses who through their integrity, hard work, and community mindedness today, will determine what Bulgaria’s next decades will look like. Doychin’s, Miroslav’s, and Tsvetomir’s are three such businesses.

New horizons for Chiprovtsi and its proud, centuries-old heritage

Traditional ornamental patterns are Bulgaria’s most recognizable fashion statement, and few people know as much about them as Anita Komitska. The acclaimed ethnographer and director of the Chiprovtsi History Museum has studied traditional Bulgarian clothing and folk motifs all her professional life and has been the official custodian of the country’s most famous patterned fabric — the Chiprovtsi carpet — since 2017, when she assumed the museum’s directorship. She is slowly transforming the museum into a world-class institution where visitors can come in contact with the magic of Chiprovitsi carpet-making, a UNESCO world heritage custom, and learn more about the region’s glorious past. Read more.

Behind every successful person, and society, are mentors

Mentors had a transformative influence on Alex Gramatikov’s life, which is why he was inspired to create Mentor the Young, Bulgaria’s fastest-growing individual mentorship program. It has grown by more than 1000% in just a year, a stunning result by any measure. Get involved: you can become a mentor no matter where you are located! Read more.



The Bulgarian NEXT-DC takes over Twitter's communications services

The Bulgarian marketing company NEXT-DC has added Twitter to its client list. They are responsible for Twitter's communication projects for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


ReEnergy Engineering introduces innovative heating and cooling technology in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian company ReEnergy Engineering started making geothermal systems in Bulgaria before the technology entered the country. Currently, the company is facing rapid growth with 30 team members and BGN2.5M in revenue. As of now, it works mainly with the household and hospitality sectors but it is starting to work with the industrial one as well. Read more.

The Italian sinks from Botevgrad

Bulsan is a Bulgarian company, which is part of Nicos International. It produces sinks from cast marble which are sold mostly in Italy and other European countries. The company has been working in Botevgrad for 20 years and has 200 employees. Read more. 


Eleven Ventures launches Eleven Alpha

Eleven Alpha is for outstanding entrepreneurs in the early days of their endeavors. Learn more.

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