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Monday, May 2, 2022

The To Do List

  1. Today, Monday, May 2, is the start of early voting for the May 24 Primary Elections for local, state, and federal offices. Here’s what you need to know:
    1. Because of redistricting, your district may have changed. You may be in a different US House district and/or your state House/Senate districts may have changed. Click here to go to the My Voter Page to confirm your district.
    2. While you are there, you can check out what will be on your ballot when you vote. Here’s how: Once you’ve logged in, scroll down to the bottom right hand corner to click on “View Sample Ballot,” and choose Democrat Sample Ballot to see what you will be voting on. Very Important: make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off or that pop-ups are allowed for the site or only part of your ballot will come up. The non-partisan parts of the ballot and the partisan races come up on different tabs.
    3. Next up, how do you figure out where and when early voting is taking place in your county? We've got you covered. Just click here and enter your county, and viola— all the information you need on where and when you can vote early.
    4. We recommend voting early in-person if at all possible. Absentee ballots have been made much more difficult under the new voter suppression laws, so use them only as a last resort. 
    5. If you need more help, check out the Democratic Party of Georgia voter protection page or dial the Georgia Voter Protection Line 1-888-730-5816.
  2. Tomorrow, May 3, is the special runoff election for House District 45 (click here for a district map), an East Cobb district that was represented by Republican Matt Dollar. Democrat Dustin McCormick is running for the seat and there’s still time to help by clicking here.

Here's The Thing

The headlines blare, “Democrats likely to lose US House Majority in Midterms” or “Dems Rush to Confirm Judges Before Midterms as US Senate Majority is in Jeopardy.” The pundits go on and on about the Democrats’ legislative agenda being stalled by Senator Joe Manchin, how runaway inflation, gas prices, and slowing economic growth are setting up Democrats for a shellacking in the midterms. I mean, why even try… right?


If there’s one thing that we should have learned from the Trump era, it’s that history is not destiny. Thinking based on historical trends from past elections won’t necessarily apply to the unprecedented circumstances of today’s political environment. Case in point, while the media is forecasting Democratic defeat and trumpeting the enthusiasm of the Republican base, Democratic fundraising efforts remain incredibly strong and resilient. Especially here in Georgia where candidates like Stacey Abrams and Senator Raphael Warnock are bringing in huge dollars

But what about the Georgia Democratic Party on the whole? Well, according to the AJC in 2018, the party had about $420,000 in cash on hand, now it has roughly $1.7 million in the bank and they have beefed up their staffing from five employees in early 2018 to 27 in 2022. That includes new positions like a director of digital organizing and deputies targeting Black, Asian-American, and Latinx voters. Now Republicans have also staffed up in response, but still, compared to where we were just a few years ago, this is night and day.

So if you’re feeling, well, kind of blue (I know, sorry, please don’t unsubscribe) about all of the doom and gloom you’re hearing in the media, don’t let it get you down. This is your pep talk. Pick a Democratic candidate or organization in Georgia to support. Because no matter what anyone says, we have a hand in deciding what happens, but only if we choose to put in the time and effort to do so. 

Want to do more?

Galvanize Georgia is looking to add people to our leadership. Can you put two sentences together? Do you have the best words? We want more writers for our weekly newsletter. Do you like the Twitters? Wanna use the Facebook for good? We can use help with those too. Drop us a line if you're interested!

Tools and Tricks of the Activist Trade

  • Our Senators are:
    • Jon Ossoff: (470) 786-7800 or (202) 224-3521, Email
    • Rev. Raphael Warnock: (202) 224-3643, Email
  • Not sure who your US House Representative is? Find out here! Then program it in your phone.
  • Have something to say to the Governor? Contact Brian Kemp's office: (404) 656-1776, Email, Twitter
  • Here's how to get in touch with the Secretary of State's office: (844) 753-7825, EmailTwitter
  • Want to contact your Senator or Rep in the Georgia General Assembly about state legislation? Start here.
  • Afraid of the phone? Try Resistbot. You can send messages to your representatives using resistbot via text or via DM on Twitter. It's activism for the introverts among us!
  • Feel like you aren’t being heard? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Download the GASOS (Georgia Secretary of State) app for Apple or Android. That way you can help people check their voter registration. If they are not current, they can register on the spot.

About Galvanize Georgia

Our mission is to inspire individuals in metro-Atlanta to take action in support of progressive policies and against those that would seek to undermine such progress. We will work to disseminate information, engage with our community, and partner with existing organizations whose work focuses on these issues.
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