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Spring has sprung
at OUR

Harvest Market - Mini Mart

Stop by today for our amazing selection of fresh, seasonal produce.

Spring is the time when we clear out our gardens and closets and set our clocks forward to prepare for a new season. March is National Nutrition Month. It's a time you can take a mental and physical reset and are encouraged to make informed food decisions and develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. Our Harvest Market - Mini Mart has a sample of all of the foods you need to spring forward into a new, healthier lifestyle.
We offer locally sourced produce and beverages and the money you spend goes right back into your community. To learn more about how SHARE can make a difference in you and your neighbor's lives, join our online family by following us on your favorite social media platform. Then, clear out your pantry and fill it with products you can buy at or in our Harvest Market - Mini Market store!

Please call Nicole at (743) 333-0227

On April 30th, 10Fold Logistics will be hosting their inaugural SHARE the Love 10Fold Community Day to show their appreciation for the community's support during their first year in business. 

It'll be at the W.R. Anderson Recreation Center at Reynolds Park (

Please bring your family and friends to enjoy music, games and food!

Volunteers are needed to help with activities throughout the day! You can sign up
here, or email Anna at for more information.

Come visit our Mini-Mart to sample and to suggest items we will carry.  The Harvest Market - Mini Mart is open each weekday between 10 AM., and 3 PM. It is located in the West-Salem Shopping Center, 663 Peters Creek Parkway, a short distance from where our main store will open in Early Summer.  There we are testing our Systems and training new Staff. 

Presently, our Main store, at: 635 Peters Creek Parkway, is under construction. 

If you have not peeked into the Main Store here is an update:

For about 3 months Davie Construction has been working daily at your store. These are some of the accomplishments:

  • The demolitions have been completed

  • Installed plumbing below ground is almost complete

  • New electric utility panels have been placed

  • The rear cooler areas will soon be finished to accommodate our new refrigeration


-including discounts and incentives-

   By: Rev. Willard Bass Jr.

Quote from: Black Wealth in the United States, Consumer Report, April 2021
"Inequalities put many Black people on poor footing for retirement. Advice
from Black seniors for a path to financial security:
The Federal Reserve’s 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances, the most recent available, paints the fuller picture. Black families have considerably less wealth than white families—a median net worth of $24,100 compared with $188,200.
There are also significant differences when it comes to the intergenerational transmission of wealth, with younger Blacks less likely than whites to benefit from family money that could help, say, with the down payment for a home or provide other kinds of financial lift-off. In fact, the Federal Reserve report notes that by some estimates the differences in inheritances and other family support is the main reason for the racial wealth gap.
For many Black Americans attempting to balance their day-to-day finances and retirement planning, the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have been disproportionately bad news. Forty-four percent of Black Americans said either they or a member of their household experienced job or wage loss, according to a 2020 Pew Research Center study.
All of these problems and more—systemic oppression and bias in housing, healthcare access, and educational opportunity, as well as employment and wage inequality—have combined to make retirement insecurity a pressing issue for Blacks, says Shawn D. Rochester, author of The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America. “This Anti-Black bias manifest itself in the form of discriminatory behavior that results in a quantitative economic cost which has an intergenerational effect on Black Americans at all levels and dramatically increases retirement insecurity,” he says."

Greetings Members of the SHARE Cooperative of Winston Salem:

It is fortuitous that I start our March issue of the “SHARE CHRONICLE” with the aforementioned statistics on how certain segments of our community and nation have fared as it relates to the accumulation of wealth in a nation whose very existence is built on wealth building both nationally and personally. Thereby, translating into the success of day-to-day living acquiring those essentials needed to meet the social determinants for healthy living. In other words, there are certain essentials everyone needs to be whole and healthy each day!

Our existence as the SHARE Cooperative (dba) Harvest Market is largely dependent on this very culture of “doing business and supporting each other.”  We are now ready to bring you updates on the progress of our (your) Cooperative and business as we move toward the opening of the full-service food market this Summer.
Let’s see, where we start…
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