SHARE-WS Cooperative | November 2021
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Monthly Edition  |  November 2021
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Virtual Cooking Class - Invite

Harvest Market Announcements - Construction Underway
at our Anchor Store, in the West Salem Shopping Center

Davie Construction Company, 152 E Kinderton Way, Suite 200,
Advance, NC 27006, is the apparent low bidder at our bid opening last week. 

We have been assured they can support our Grand Opening in early
Summer 2022.
We are very excited about these developments… We will certainly provide updates as they become available.
Good Job, GREAT TEAM! 

Harvest Mini Market Announcements

Come Check Out Our New Products! 
We are selling MORE fresh produce and other healthy products from local farms and vendors at our Harvest Mini Market site, 663 Peters Creek Parkway. You are invited to visit the store, or go to to place your order and choose a time for pick-up. Contact our eCommerce coordinator, Nicole, at 743-333-0227 or send an email to with any questions. 

Membership has benefits, so remember to sign-in when shopping online! Want to become a member? Click here to sign up. More information below and on our website.

New Products   

Other New products are also available.  If there is something new you want...
Call Nicole at (743) 333-0227

Who, What, When, SHARE: Tell Your Friends and Family   

Who we are: SHARE-WS is a food justice nonprofit opening a cooperative grocery store in one of Winston-Salem's 21 food deserts. We are a cooperative, meaning we rely on the support of our member-owners and larger community to operate. 
What we do: We are currently functioning as the Harvest Mini Market, at 663 Peters Creek Parkway.  We plan to open our larger full service store, in the West Salem Shopping Center, before the end of 2021.  You do not have to be a member to shop at the Harvest Mini Market. Anyone is welcome to shop! We accept all manner of payments, including SNAP.
Where we are going: Once we open the main store, we will continue to reinvest into the immediate community by providing nutrition and cooking classes, particularly how to cook produce and products they may not be familiar with. We are also excited to be able to create new jobs and job training. 

*Fall Membership Drive*
Presently, our number of Member/Owners is approaching "500"

Our GOAL is to add 200 new Member/Owners
before the store opening in June 2022. 

We are challenging each of our members to "Add a new Member."

We will give prizes to the person who signs up the most New Members. Additionally, both the sponsor, and each new members will receive a $5.00 SHARE Buck to redeem at the Harvest Market.


*These coupons are available to anyone who visits the Harvest Market.

Food Facts
  • Broccoli sprouts are so full of potent anti-cancer compounds that John Hopkins University tried to patent them! 
  • Avocados are the Aztec symbol of love and fertility because they cannot self-pollinate, and they grow in pairs on trees. 
  • Lemons turn green to yellow because of temperature changes, not ripeness, so green patches are OK, but avoid those with brown spots because that means rotting! 
  • Lemons help digest fats, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system. 
  • Bananas may be considered a mood enhancer because they contain the amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6 which helps the body produce serotonin.

Food Pharmacy Updates
Still going strong...

"No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means." -Maimonides

We are currently partnering with:
 1. United Health Centers,
 2. The Shalom Project, or
 3. The School Health Alliance for Forsyth County. 

Our program provides subsidized, healthy food as prescriptions to patients with chronic illnesses such as hypertension, Type II diabetes and heart disease. To receive a prescription, go to the United Health Center locations listed below, or one of our other partners. 

United Health Center Locations : 

United Health Centers        United Health Centers      Southside UHC 
(Commons Location)          2101 Peters Creek           3009 Waughtown St. A, 
Felicity Cir, Winston-Salem, Parkway, Winston-Salem  Winston-Salem, 
NC 27101                          NC 27127                      NC 27107
(336) 999-7655                 (336) 955-1379              (336) 293-8728                    

SHARE Care Project
still going Strong...

We have recently joined with a funder who wants to ensure that folks who have an emergency food-need can receive a food box.  If you know of a family who should be a recipient, please have them call our office, 336-283-3299
Give the gift of good food!
(2 options)

1. FOR THANKSGIVING; Consider giving a cash card (in honor of someone special) and we will send an acknowledgement to your parties! You decide the dollar amount...

2. Through your $25 donation, SHARE can provide a fruit or vegetable box to
a local community member. The WONDERFUL GIFT of food. All boxes have enough produce to feed a family of four for a whole week!

SHARE cash cards are available for purchase at
Follow our Socials or Send us a Message With the Links Below
We want to connect with you!

As a SHARE Member who has a willingness to make SHARE better, here's your chance... 
We are recruiting volunteers to various committees;
i.e., marketing; fund raising;

and farm coordination. 
If you would like to volunteer, please contact our office:

Phone: 336-283-3299

Thanks for all you do!

SHARE Cooperative of Winston-Salem, NC
Our email address is:
office: 336-283-3299 

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