SHARE-WS Cooperative | May 2021
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Monthly Edition  |  May 2021
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Message from Our General Manager

Spring is associated with change. The type of change that reflects forward change – a change of progress. In the USA and elsewhere, a dynamic continues between individuals striving for progressive changes and subjects who promulgate regressive changes.

SHARE aspires to work toward forward change in terms of dismantling racism, providing for those in need, and demonstrating community action. However, our biggest change to date involves opening a store to reduce the number of food deserts in Winston-Salem. This process involves all sorts of changes: changing a vacant storefront into a lively community mercantile space; changing the immediate community by providing a place where neighbors can buy quality food; changing the approach to how businesses operate; and changing the lives of those who are in need.

Many times, the need for change gets greeted with resistance. Ironically, change is one of the few constants that we all can reasonably expect – like aging and taxes. We frequently take technological change as a given, but often resist social change on a regular basis. I struggle with accepting new vocabulary words, emojis and ‘virtual reality lifestyles’ because I grew up during a different time. However, I fully support the right of self-expression. Unfortunately, many individuals face backlash and exploitation for attempting to engender positive social change in the community. At SHARE, we strive to give these individuals a platform to use their voices for the greater good. We intend to break down the barriers of social injustice by reinvesting in these individuals and providing them with resources to better their health and lifestyles. Supplying Honest and Respectful Engagement is the first step in our larger plan for change.

Human beings are created in the image of God. When we create, we should do so with the intent to reflect Our Creator. Jesus prioritized assisting the oppressed. Through SHARE, which includes a food pharmacy, partnering with small businesses, and providing access to food in a location that lacks proper access, we can demonstrate our commitment to serve community members in need. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to become a member so that we can continue to provide in the way that our collective faiths have guided us to this place and time. If you have already joined, please shop at Harvest Mini Market (663 Peters Creek Parkway) before we open our larger facility. If you are doing that regularly, I invite you to help volunteer for our organization. Right now, we plan to attend events in the Winston-Salem area to reach out to the greater community. Are you in? Give us a call at 336.283.3299 and we will put you to work!
Now, if you are doing all those things, then I guess you are off the hook, and I owe you a great deal of appreciation and gratitude.

--by: Barnaby Urich-Rintz, SHARE/Harvest Market General Manager 
Happenings-focus on attracting people to our Mini Market; Updates from the Harvest Mini Market / Say HI to Nicole and Experience Local Food

Our Harvest Mini Market location is open at 663 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Everyone can shop. Did you know that you can shop from home ( and have your purchases brought to your car when you arrive?   

Anyone can become a SHARE Co-Op member-owner. ( Why join? Did you know that by being a SHARE Co-Op member-owner you can suggest what we sell? Did you know that by being a SHARE Co-Op member-owner you automatically receive a 5% discount on all your transactions? There are benefits to being a member-owner! Why not join us? Come visit me (Nicole) or call me at (743-333-0227). 

-by: Nicole Little, SHARE/Harvest Market eCommerce Coordinator 
Farm Visits

1.) We had the pleasure of taking a tour of Fair Share Farm with co-owner and farmer Emma Hendel. Emma and her husband Elliot.  They began this farming venture in 2014 growing lettuce, tomatoes, and microgreens, and have since expanded their repertoire to include everything from baby bok choy to edible flowers. Emma and Eliot are always finding new ways to grow better food in more sustainable ways. One example is their use of jiffy pots and woven baskets to avoid plastic use when planting various items such as lettuce and microgreens. When asked about Fair Share’s origins, Emma said, “The inspiration behind FairShare was born out of the idea of providing produce to as many people as possible while balancing this with a fair price that makes the operation sustainable.” Her goal is to grow the best food while being kind to the land and providing financial support for herself and her employees. We look forward to growing with Fair Share!

2.) Freddie and Shauna Robinson found inspiration for their farm Five&Two from Matthew 14:13-21 “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.” In this verse, the apostles come to Christ and urge him to feed the hungry multitude, to which he replies, “You give them something to eat.”  Christ then multiplies the five loaves and two fish, and everyone is fed. Freddie and Shauna have faith in their operation because they have faith in GOD. During our tour with Freddie, we learned about Five&Two’s unique hydroponics system, which is a form of horticulture that involves growing plants without soil. Benefits of hydroponics include water conservation, reduced pesticide use, larger yields, and the ability to grow several different lettuce varieties at the same time in the same greenhouse. Five&Two has partnered with youth groups, group homes, elementary schools, backpack programs, HOPE of Winston, and A Storehouse for Jesus among other philanthropic organizations to provide healthy food and farming knowledge. At the end of the tour, Freddie remarked, “We’re having a ball. It’s all from God and it’s all about God.” We look forward to joining Freddie and Shauna in their efforts to educate the community and mitigate food insecurity in the Winston-Salem area and beyond.

Stay tuned to see all of the products from Fair Share and Five&Two which are now available at Our Harvest Mini Market.

-by: Isabelle Lord, SHARE/Harvest Market Intern
Sowing the Seeds of Cooperation

Our FOOD PHARMACY is growing...

SHARE is expanding its Food Pharmacy Program.  This program provides subsidized, healthy food as prescriptions to patients with chronic illnesses such as hypertension, Type II diabetes and heart disease.

To secure a prescription, all one needs to do is visit one of our partners; i.e.,
  1. UNITED HEALTH CENTERS, 2101 Peters Creek Parkway, Suites 16-19, Winston-Salem, NC.
  2. SHALOM PROJECT - Medical Clinic & Pharmacy, 633 W. 4th Street Winston-Salem, NC.
  3. SCHOOL HEALTH ALLIANCE FOR FORSYTH COUNTY, Various schools; To schedule an appointment for services at any of our sites, parents/guardians can call 336-703-4273
Give the gift of good food!
(2 options)

1. Consider giving a cash card (in honor of someone special) and we will send an acknowledgement to your parties! You decide the dollar amount...

2. Through your $25 donation, SHARE can provide a fruit or vegetable box to
a local community member. The WONDERFUL GIFT of food. All boxes have enough produce to feed a family of four for a whole week!

SHARE cash cards are available for purchase at

As a SHARE Member who has a willingness to make SHARE better, here's your chance... 
We are recruiting volunteers to various committees;
i.e., marketing; fund raising;

and farm coordination. 
If you would like to volunteer, please contact our office:

Phone: 336-283-3299

Thanks for all you do!

The Reverend's Corner                                              
Reflections from Rev. Willard Bass, Jr.                                               

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who are in our network and regularly offer support. We are coming through the pandemic and have survived the consequences of the COVID 19 virus, for the most part. There are certainly those who have suffered directly and indirectly and we acknowledge their pain and/or losses. My family and I celebrated the homegoing of my mother on March 18, 2021. It really took us by surprise and I found it a challenge to move forward in this “our” new normal.

I share this with you, my SHARE Cooperative community, because we (I) have committed to live out our vision of “Supplying Honest and Respectful Engagement” under all circumstances. If we in fact are a community which honors this mission and seeks a united community, we must be willing to share our hurts, pain, and joys as well. That's why I remain committed to the SHARE Cooperative concept and its work.  We must keep praying and moving forward for the betterment of our way of life as cooperative servants!

With that said, in this issue you should enjoy new voices from our Team at SHARE Cooperative (dba: Harvest Market). Please note their commitment and enthusiasm for the work of our Online Shopping platform and building-out of our full-service market. Barnaby comes prepared to accept the call for community with a reflection about we as human beings and even goes deeper by reminding those of us who follow the way of Jesus to do as he modeled. Profoundly expressed by one who has managed food cooperatives before joining our Team. Nicole has also brought the joy she always expresses at the Harvest Market Depot each and every day. You can’t help but enjoy her proclamations for the products she purchases from the very farmers who produce our line of organic and sustainable produce.

And so, I repeat my closing from the May issue a year ago, “Let’s lift up the voices of those who have struggled unfairly for living amid systems that neglect their health, safety and wellbeing. Let’s think creatively about what we can all do to create a justice-focused new normal—for all of us. And let’s rid our system of those that stand in the way of equity and justice.  Let's be fully committed to not only the “desire” for a new normal but join us at the SHARE Cooperative as we “establish” our own new normal of providing healthy, nutritious and affordable food in a just community right here in Winston Salem and Forsyth County, North Carolina!
Rev. Willard W. Bass, Jr.,   Co-Founder

Ephesians 6:12-13

Visit us at 663 Peters Creek Parkway and follow us on social media! 

SHARE Cooperative of Winston-Salem, NC
Our email address is:
office: 336-283-3299 

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