SHARE-WS Cooperative | August 2020
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Monthly Edition  |  August 2020
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The Cutting Edge

This summer, SHARE hosted Brady Kunz, a virtual intern from Wake Forest University. He created our summer fundraising campaign, he conducted outreach to old friends and new faces alike, and he became an integral part of the SHARE team.

Brady was a reminder for us that we can still form deep bonds despite being at great physical distance. This month, we want to celebrate the cutting edge work that Brady and Wake Forest's Office of Civic and Community Engagement are involved in!

Student Movements for Justice

Wake Forest's Office of Civic and Community Engagement is the "hub of community-based activity at Wake Forest University." What does this look like in practice? The OCCE runs programs and connects students to local organizations that are dedicated to issues as varied as civic engagement, educational equity, economic empowerment, and beyond. 

This summer, the OCCE's "Winston From Home" virtual internship program partnered 63 Wake Forest students with 40 Winston-Salem community organizations, including SHARE. In all, these interns conducted nearly 13,000 hours of service. 

The OCCE plays a vital role in ensuring that students advocate for positive social change and justice, learn from practical experience, while producing connections that impact the whole Winston-Salem community.  Without a doubt, says the founders of SHARE, "partnering with them has not only been a joy for SHARE, it has also been a huge benefit to our nonprofit.  We're excited to continue working with OCCE in the future."

Sowing the Seeds of Cooperation
As this summer began, we at SHARE promised that we would roll out our online food sales by summer's end. August has been a month of quiet, determined action to ensure that we keep our promise.

Now, we can proudly and officially announce that after four years of effort, SHARE will begin selling food online in September. This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous and loving support of the Winston-Salem community, nor without the dedicated, tireless work of SHARE’s co-founders, Board of Directors, and volunteers. We thank everyone for all that they have done. 

Foundations for the Fall

Exactly what has SHARE been doing in August to prepare for our online food sales? We've expanded into new retail space, we've applied for increased funding, and we've set up our website for online buying. 

Recently, SHARE staff acquired the 661-663 Peters Creek Parkway addresses in West Salem Shopping Center, just around the corner from our nonprofit office. We've since upfitted the space with a check-out lane, store shelves, refrigeration, and PPE to keep all employees and customers safe. 

To shop, you can go online to, browse our items, and place an order for pick-up from our retail space. We're starting off small, with 100 staple items available for sale, but as we get more comfortable with the system (and as you get more comfortable with us!), we'll expand our selection and we'll institute our delivery services too. 

With our online sales, we're introducing the Harvest Market to the Winston-Salem community and we're proving that it's both possible and necessary to open a grocery store in a food desert. We're proud of what August produced; we're excited for what September holds; and we're not done yet! 

Your friends at,

SHARE Cooperative
Look for our sign so that you know where to park!
Thank you to the Reverend Beverly Gaska, who recently published a Letter to the Editor in the Winston-Salem Journal on behalf of SHARE! Read the letter at this link.
The Reverend's Corner

Reflective vs. Deflective

Summer 2020 is drifting away – much too quickly.  We have done some good work; but certainly not enough.  With fall quickly approaching, multiple signs confirm the coming season won’t be typical. The unrest in our urban areas, the ever present COVID-19 grip, and the pending national election are matters to muddle our minds.  And yet locally, here in the city, certain things demand our attention too.  Food Justice is an imperative; haven’t we a moral obligation to wipe out hunger and the insidious food insecurity?

But for context, let’s reflect… 

Daily, we see countless videos of unrest from around the country, including Kenosha, Wisconsin. Why? What's not right? 
The U.S. has passed six million confirmed coronavirus cases and over 183,000 deaths. In North Carolina, an absence of widely available rapid virus tests delays any immediate adjustments to slow the spread of the virus (i.e., tracing and trends).
And, incredibly, the two recent political conventions went by with more mudslinging. How do we react, keep our lucidity, and stay focused?

We here at SHARE have been incredibly busy.  We continue to fight for funding, work to open the Harvest Market, and keep at-bay the naysayers.

Alternatively, it sometimes seems convenient to deflect; to point at others for their lack of empathy and insensitivity. Yes, racism does exist, yes our neighbors still refuse to wear their face masks, and yes our next president ought-to-be the unifier of the American people. YOU and I MUST vote.

Yet; If I am a leader, where-to am I to lead?  What is the GOOD TROUBLE I am EXPECTED to pursue? How often do I refocus on the big picture… Embracing our common humanity

Finally, as I grapple with my own defining failures, I know I have work to do.  Certainly, COVID-19 has given me time to reflect inwardly, to repent, and to turn aside from self-righteousness. But then-to, as I reflect, I thank goodness for the imminent fall season, a new time to go-to-work,  to make some wrongs right…

I invite you to come and join SHARE – to be a part of our defining work--the work to mitigate food insecurity through the uniting work of OUR community. Imagine what we could do if we were mutual; cooperative?


Rev. Gary R. Williams


2 Samuel 12:4-7a

We've got these yard signs. Email or stop by our office at
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Since the start of the pandemic, Eastern and Central North Carolina have seen a 38% increase in food insecurity. 

We’re proud of our partner organizations doing vital work to combat this increase, and we’re committed to helping however we can.
Visit us at 603 Peters Creek Parkway and follow us on social media! 

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