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Monthly Edition  |  July 2020
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The Cutting Edge

Both nationally and locally, we continue to face a reckoning in regard to racism, inequality and injustice. All this as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. While it's easy to be sucked into the doom and gloom, it's equally vital to take a moment and celebrate organizations engaged in the cutting edge work of caring for others. This month, we celebrate our friends at Triad Abolition Project!

Radical Justice Through Faith

The Triad Abolition Project was formed in the wake of George Floyd's murder and the nationwide response that continues. They are a collective organization seeking to abolish the prison-industrial complex and replace it with a system of care. 

As Covid-19 continues to affect people of color at highly disproportionate rates, the Triad Abolition Project has vocalized the need for increased support to Black and Brown communities. In particular, they have led calls to ensure just treatment for people detained in the Forsyth County Detention Center, especially in response to the recent death of John Neville. These are their demands: 
  • Respond to all questions posed by the Triad Abolition Project (listed on their website).
  • Ban the use of the prone restraint (hogtie) on ANY civilian; incarcerated or not, sick or not. 
  • Notify the public of any death involving an officer or deputy immediately. Make relevant policy changes around transparency and accountability in deaths of citizens in custody of the county. 
  • Dismiss all charges against arrested peaceful protestors.
Incarcerated populations in the United States live in deeply inhumane conditions, and the pandemic has exacerbated this fact. The Triad Abolition Project is doing important work for positive change. Let's follow in their footsteps, and let's lift up the lives of those less powerful than us. 

Sowing the Seeds of Cooperation
This July, SHARE celebrated the summer with our "Food Justice is Social Justice" fundraising campaign. We celebrated the progress we've made, the relationships we've built, and the future of food security that we're working towards—and we're overjoyed that so many of you came out to celebrated with us.

Sharing a Joyful Summer

We kicked the month off by partnering with our friends at Downtown Thai and Pho to donate 15% of their sales to SHARE, and, as the month progressed, we partnered with Village Juice and Camino Bakery as well. The extraordinary kindness that these restaurants showed—especially in the midst of a pandemic—is humbling. It's a reminder that the charitable heart of Winston-Salem is beating stronger than ever. 

Our summer fundraiser was also a great opportunity for SHARE to re-introduce its partnership with Brenner Fit. Together, we hosted our first virtual cooking class on July 27th with a focus on cooking affordable, healthy meals. We've got two more classes scheduled for August 3rd and 10th, so join us via Facebook!

Beyond our fundraising efforts, SHARE stayed busy strengthening connections with other local justice-oriented organizations. In partnership with Democracy NC, SHARE mobilized a team of five dedicated volunteers to conduct early voting advocacy and voter registration. Through these efforts, we hope that the Forsyth County Board of Elections will amend their early voting plan and open up polling sites for all 17 days of early voting. 

SHARE also continues to stand in solitary with the Occupy Winston movement led by The Unity Coalition and the Triad Abolition Project. These groups remain steadfast in advocating for racial justice, governmental transparency, and nonviolent resistance to the deeply entrenched inequalities in Winston-Salem—all of which are ideals important to SHARE’s mission. 

Although SHARE's month of celebration and fundraising has drawn to a close, we are still pushing forward into an exciting August. Our online sales are closer to fruition every day, and with that progress, so too is the opening of our store. We're excited to continue taking these steps together! 

Your friends at,

SHARE Cooperative
Earlier this month, SHARE was featured on the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal! Read the article at this link.
The Reverend's Corner

As I write the July issue of the Reverend's Corner, we are completing a very active and hope-filled experience with our summer intern teams—interns whose goals were to participate in nonprofit communities with missions of social justice engagement. One of our teams was led by a Wake Forest Summer Nonprofit Immersion Program (SNIP) Intern with the desire to step out of his comfort zone and use his gifts to forward the mission of SHARE Cooperative. At the end of his summer, Brady, among many other things, had this to say about his experience:

"More than anything, I am thankful for the continuous positivity from all that I have interacted with on the SHARE team. This summer has presented its unique share of challenges and being able to focus my energy into positive work for SHARE has helped me stay level. I am very excited to see what the future holds for SHARE and hope to provide a hand when possible, especially [with regards] to creating a stronger connection with the campus population. If there is a way I can be of service, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you for the opportunity to observe some true community leaders in action as I continue to find my path in life."

I share Brady's experience not only because it has been a model for what we at SHARE and the Freedom Tree at IDR deem as our primary goal with young leaders in our community, but because I want to show that we are a place where all our city's residents can feel safe and empowered to be out of their comfort zone. We are proud and hopeful for all the young college and university leaders who are answering the call to live righteously, do justice, and love mercy with everyone throughout our communities. 

Now for a more challenging part of community-building work—that of having the courage to stand up and be seen when injustice goes only partially addressed. In this issue, we highlight the work of the Triad Abolition Project, formed in the wake of George Floyd's murder and the nationwide response that continues. In addressing the recent death of John Neville in the Forsyth County Detention Center, the Triad Abolition Project lists demands for answers to the unsolved questions of transparency and proper protocol for ensuring safe detention. 

As long as we have been a nation of diverse citizenry, there has been nonviolent social action to address injustice in our nation. We here in Winston-Salem have been part of past movements in Raleigh with the Moral Mondays and the Forward Together movements. Movements like these are now providing opportunities for our younger leaders to take up the mantel and carry on the long and steady work for justice. These are cries not only for national justice, but also for the abolition of unjust systems and structures right here in our city and county. 

On the surface, you may say that this movement is without an "ask." This is not true. The "ask" is that we can go home and be able to sleep safely at night. The real mission of any movement must be about building trust and uniting communities. However, if we spend too much time feeling instead of knowing, we miss the opportunity to be inclusive and to broaden the platform for the voices of justice across our communities. 

The world is trying to reimagine a new model that protects our residents equitably and brings us closer to the ideals of equality and justice. We at SHARE Cooperative continue to push forward with accomplishing our immediate goal of launching our Harvest Market online buying platform—our WebCart services. We are weeks away from opening the portal so that you, as Member-Owners, can begin buying products online! This will not only provide for your own shopping needs, but also allow a new avenue for children and their families in food insecure communities to access healthy and reasonably-priced food offerings. 

Interns like Brady and organizations like the Triad Abolition Project remind us that we are not the only ones lifting up the voices of those who have struggled unfairly by living amid systems that neglect their health, safety and wellbeing. We have been joined by others whose goal is to rid our systems of those who stand in the way of equity and justice. We, together, are establishing a new normal of providing healthy, nutritious and affordable food while abolishing unjust structures in communities right here in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County! 


Rev. Willard Bass

Matthew 5:16

SHARE's goal? No kid in our neighborhood will ever go hungry. 
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