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Thank you for your interest in! Apologies for the delay in the newsletter, but we have been working hard in the background gather CITIZENS and local Colorado residents input on a Hyperloop in Colorado.

Below is one sample survey question (sample size of 80) that makes us work hard to push for Hyperloop in Colorado.  
Other responses include: 
  • "I'd be supportive of it as a consumer. A trip to Denver wouldn't feel like a chore and the potential that I could live anywhere on the front range and work in any place not being bound by distance and travel times would be a dream. The biggest issue is that it could potentially cause regional airports to shut down as they'd no longer be getting funding from in-state fliers."
  • "First, let me say that it was obvious that you did not allow for input from others on front range vs. mountains. Mountains are SUPERIOR to start-up hyperloop. In particular, each of the resorts, and gambling towns are tight areas, with local busing already in place. Secondly, Hyperloop in the mountains would replace a lot of the DAILY traffic that is on I-70. Third, it would enable us to pick up the Olympics because we can separate the village from the slopes area easily enough. Fourth, the resorts and gambling will be happy to pick up the tab on this IFF it benefits them. Look at how winter park is now trying to make use of re-starting the train. And even at that price, it is full. Far better to start this in the mountains, along I-70, ultimately aspen to DIA, and then front range."

Wishing CDOT hyperloop feasibilities study good luck! is looking forward to Arrivo and Hyperloop One feasibility study that is slated completion perhaps in August. In a January CDOT Transportation Commission & Technology Committee commission letter, information on the studies were released.

"Rapid Speed Travel (Hyperloop One and Arrivo):

  • Hyperloop: CDOT, through RoadX, is working with Hyperloop One and Arrivo to pursue magnetic levitation technology that can propel passenger or cargo pods up to 200 - 700 mph. CDOT has begun a State Benefits and Opportunities Study (funding $200,000) that examines transportation demand, economic benefits, proposed routes and potential strategies, regulatory policy, environmental approach and alignment with overall CDOT high speed travel, rail and freight plans and overall transportation future. Hyperloop One technology is focused more inter-regionally, with travel speeds up to 700 mph and early concepts look at a Front Range route from Cheyenne to Pueblo.
  • Arrivo technology is focused more intra-regionally or Super Urban, with travel speeds up to 200+ mph and they are exploring a metro Denver network. Each technologist will also be funding and moving forward with their own feasibility analysis that looks at individual routes, economic value capture, etc."
Finally, from this February letter to the Transportation Commision, we learned that CDOT is creating a software tool that should have been completed March 31st that will be used in The Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Feasibility Study:
  • A "statewide travel forecasting model, the state of its development (nearing
    completion), and some discussion concerning how it can be used to support CDOT planning and engineering."
  • "On numerous past planning and design projects, CDOT has started the project by building a new travel forecasting model for use on the project, only to abandon it at the conclusion of the project. In 2013, CDOT made the decision to build an official statewide travel forecasting model, the availability of which would save money and schedule on such projects, and provide for more consistent analysis from one project to another. CDOT entered into a contract with the firm Cambridge Systematics in mid-2014 to assist in building the model, and the work is now nearing completion. CDOT is commencing several projects in 2018 that will use the model, including:
    - The Statewide Transportation Plan
    - The HPTE Express Lane Master Plan
    - The Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Feasibility Study"
  • RoadX is working on the Hyperloop feasibility study and no new news on Arrivo moving to Colorado for building a test track along E-470. 
We look forward to learning more on how the CDOT software tool will influence the initial Rocky Mountain Hyperloop proposal and information found on AECOM project website and the initial blog post from Hyperloop One and CDOT.

Pro-Hyperloop Resolution at the State Capital 

The project would create a Resolution document in the State Capital that would summarize the support in the industry and higher education, as well as other groups that are working in Colorado on new technology. The Resolution would also contain a call to action that Colorado is an innovative state for near future technology and can work with other states and countries that are working on this technology. 

ColoradoHyperloop tried to gather consensus and had initial success in floating the idea. But we ran out of time and due to the nature of transportation funding in the State Capital, we will wait for the next Legislative session. The resolution will happen in the future, especially after the feasibility studies are completed Contact us if you want to play a role in the resolution. 

Space Foundation's 34th Space Symposium was able to visit the space Symposium! We will make a longer post regarding the amazing event and venders. Thank you to the SpaceFoundation for making it possible! We were proud to be the only group representing Hyperloop milling around the aerospace companies.

Amtrak Abandoning Colorado?

The Front Range Passenger Rail Initiative's annual meeting on May 12th will be about Amtrak's new CEO possibly abandon service in Colorado(!).

Global Market Research on Hyperloop

There is global demand for Hyperloop to disrupt transportation and logistics. Colorado needs to be a leader and invest in this technology development.

"The global market for hyperloop technology is estimated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period from 2022 to 2027. The geographical analysis of hyperloop technology market is studied for North America, Europe (including Russia), Asia Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand), and the rest of the world (including the Middle East, Africa, and Southern America). At present, there are no deployments made in the actual transportation system. However, there have been many routes proposed for Hyperloop technology from the year 2022. Among those proposed routes are, the United States, India, UAE, Slovakia, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, China, Norway and other European Countries.

The first Hyperloop transportation will be deployed in the route of Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This would cover a distance of nearly 160 Km in about 12 minutes. As per the total investments in the Hyperloop technology market, The Middle East will lead the market, in 2022. Following the Middle East, the U.S. is expected to capture the second spot, with its project of Los Angeles to San Francisco which is expected to be deployed by 2023. The government’s approval towards the growth of hyperloop technology is a predominant factor fuelling market development. Further, the capital investments will also contribute a significant role in the growth of hyperloop technology.

The Hyperloop technology market in Europe will be in a close competition with
Asia Pacific as there are various countries such as Belgium, Sweden, and Slovakia planning to deploy Hyperloop projects in various countries. The prominent companies like Virgin Hyperloop One will deploy its project in Mumbai Pune route, whereas an Indian origin company DGWHyperloop will deploy country’s first Hyperloop transportation in Andhra Pradesh by 2024."
Via Market Research Future:

Colorado Hyperloop needs someone to attend a May 9th 10:30 Breakout session on 'Rapidly Traveling Pods and More!' from CDOT & take notes for us!

Newsletter Market Research

We are taking a advice of our Newsletter and audience, we believe we know certain trends, but we would like to know more, let us know what you want from ColoradoHyperloop here

What do you want in your Hyperloop Pod?

 Not a Hyperloop Pod... but could be! Image Credit: FOX
 Not a Hyperloop Pod... but could be! Image Credit: FOX
Image Credit: FOX
University teams from around the world are building pods for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition on July 22nd (including The School of Mines DiggerLoop!) as well as Virgin Hyperloop One's pod partnership CargoSpeed pod with DP World! Wouldn't it be fun to design a Hyperloop pod?

How about a Ski Pod, Micro Brew Pod, Mountain Theme Pod, Rafting Pod, Cyclist & Accessibility Pod, Medical Pod, Fire Service Pod, Coffee Drinkers Pod, Poetry Reading Pod, Sports Team Pod yourself? Download this PDF of some real hyperloop pods, color it in with your (inner) child, and use the #InTheHyperloop on social media to show it off.

We want to highlight these pods (and sled) as a fun and lighthearted way to imagine the near future. Your pod features might be included into real hyperloop pods someday!
Sharpen your coloring pencils and download the art template.

Thank you for getting in touch with us

We have received input from companies and groups wishing to be apart of as a business association. We are reaching out to other associations for their advice and input. For an example, here are some of the market segments that are interested below:
•    Manufacturers
•    Distributors
•    Research Firms
•    Consultancy firms
•    Software Developers
•    Vendors
•    Semiconductor Manufacturers
•    End-user sectors
•    Technology Investors

Let us know if you want to assist, join or provide input for this possible business association.

Arrivo and CDOT

Arrivo video uploaded by CDOT on November 21, 2017.

Not much news from Arrivo but we wanted to show the above video that not many people have seen. Below is a brief article from a while back describing what benefit Arrivo could do in Colorado.

"Arrivo plans to build a test route along the E-470 toll road, which runs north-south along the east side of Denver, past the airport. If all goes well, the company will begin construction in 2019, with the aim to go into operation two years later.

“Colorado’s rapidly growing population and booming economy makes for the ideal location for the development of an Arrivo system,” said Governor John Hickenlooper in a statement. “Arrivo’s additional decision to locate their test facilities, adding up to 200 employees by 2020 and $10 – 15 million to our economy in 2018, is a testament to the culture of innovation that drives our economic engine.”" via The Verge 

Credit: Arrivo
Credit: Arrivo
The above images are from Arrivo and can be found here and here. In the image on the left, you can see Jeff Bezos do the 🕹️ "The Holy Joystick-Click" to make the hovering Arrivo sled go.  If Amazon chooses Colorado for HQ2, then Mr. Bezos might one day ride on an Arrivo sled along E-470! 
Above is an Arrivo image from CDOT that can be found here

Comments from Web Form

Here are some comments's webform. Thank you! 

  • "Would be great if it went to Denver International Airport, Castle Rock, and since Colorado Springs is so spread out I think it would be nice to have a couple of stops (one stop downtown, one stop in the middle of the city around woodman and I-25 area, and probably one stop in Monument).  Just my thoughts.  Really look forward to this!" -R 
    • We agree, check out our FAQ further details.
  • "I would love to get together sometime this summer and stay up to date with hyperloop progress. I'm easy to find so drop me a line!" -J
    • Sounds good! We have some news below on our plans to travel around the state and do some virtual meetups.
  • "I'm an industrial designer - turned tech / cybersecurity CEO in _____. Hyperloop is the coolest thing going and just wondering if I can be of help." -B
    • Thanks, for getting in touch via our Contact Us page. If you would like to chat, we would be happy to talk! 
  • "Are you hiring and if so, where does one apply?" -N
    • Unfortunately not, check out our FAQ further details.
  • "Please connect hyperloop to Greeley for improvement in local economy and quality of life." -T
    • Good idea, Greeley is mentioned in the Virgin Hyperloop One and CDOT plan on here. How would this impact your work and life?
  • "I would love to see stops in the areas people frequently visit like downtown Denver etc like light rail." -C
    • We agree, especially a stop located to multimodal transportation. 
  • "I’m writing an article for Yellow Scene Magazine about the future of transportation and housing in Denver. I would love to speak with someone from your organization about the timeline for the Hyperloop, potential future projects, environmental aspects, and the process of involving community members in the planning. 
    Would you have time on Monday afternoon for an interview? I expect it would take about 20-30 minutes. My day is quite flexible so please let me know what would work for you." -J
  • "The _______ is hosting a transportation industry day on _____ and we would love to see if you guys have anyone that could join us and present about the upcoming potential of hyperloop here in Colorado. Would there be anyone locally that I could speak to about this? Thanks!" -D
    • Thanks for getting in touch with us! 
  • "Leep me abreast, fantastic plan if we can transport cars along front range corridor." -J
    • Thanks, we will continue to do so! 

Colorado Space Business Roundtable will be participating in the 2018 road trip around Colorado. More details will be released soon regarding this soon. 

"The Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) is visiting communities around the state to:
-Meet with local businesses that are interested in becoming a supplier or subcontractor to the larger aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada, United Launch Alliance, Teledyne Brown Engineering and many others. Opportunities are not limited to businesses that currently work in aerospace.  Almost any product or service could potentially have 
an opportunity.
-Meet with local officials, students, educators, and anyone who is interested to learn about the impact aerospace has on our nation, state, and the benefits to every community in Colorado.
-Meet with students and educators to discuss educational opportunities such as internships and other programs involving Colorado aerospace companies and organizations."

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