Managing Brain Fog & Chronic Fatigue

Do you struggle with constant brain fog, lack of concentration, and chronic fatigue? I know that I do. But unfortunately, these symptoms are synonymous with living with an invisible illness. And they're troublesome because they interfere with the ability to perform daily tasks and lead a productive life. 

And this season of life has been challenging because these symptoms have been at their worst. In addition, being diagnosed with iron-deficient anemia and having to make further lifestyle adjustments has been a new learning experience. 

The most important lesson I've learned is to give myself grace and make allowances for these symptoms. I've played this out in my life by setting aside time in the morning to ease into the day, decreasing my workload, altering my daily routine, prioritizing rest, and asking for help.

These little adjustments help me manage my energy effectively. When it comes to brain fog and concentration, I complete my most challenging tasks in the morning when my brain is more alert and awake. And I save less challenging tasks for the afternoon when my brain is less alert and it's harder to think and create. 

As for productivity, I still rely on time blocking, planning, and routines to complete daily tasks. However, I've become more flexible and open to my schedule changing depending upon my energy levels and if I'm struggling with intense brain fog.


For this month, I want to dig deeper into this topic of learning how to live and manage these symptoms. 

On the blog, I'm sharing how I utilize time blocking to not only manage my ADHD but create a productive lifestyle while struggling with brain fog and concentration. 

On YouTube, I'm discussing the energy-saving hacks I utilize to manage chronic fatigue. 

I hope you find inspiration in this month's content to help manage your chronic fatigue and brain fog. 


Kat H. 

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