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June 13, 2022 |  Blog Round-up

How To Fade Your Laparotomy Scar

Healing my laparotomy scar has been a journey. I have a hypertrophic scar that requires more work and time to fade. But, I’ve made significant progress, and two years post-surgery, my scar’s appearance has drastically improved. And the reason I believe I was able to get these results is because I remained diligent in caring for my scar using simple tools and methods.

Even to this day, I still have a skincare routine for my scar. And, while I’m honest with myself about my stomach never looking the same. Yet, I’ve experienced a surge in confidence because my laparotomy scar continues to fade. I include photos of my scar and how it's progressed in today's post. Additionally, I share some essential facts about reducing the appearance of your laparotomy scar post-surgery. Read Article

Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopy

Laparotomy and laparoscopy are two similar yet dramatically different surgical procedures. So, if you’ve landed on this article, you’re trying to figure out one of two things. The first is why your doctor recommended one over the other. The second reason is you've recently found out you may have endometriosis and need exploratory surgery to properly diagnose.

So, you're researching different surgeries and treatment options to figure out what will happen to you. And while laparoscopy is the most common surgical procedure for endometriosis. Indeed, there are many cases in which laparotomy is a better choice.

My Laparotomy Surgery


Upon finding out that I would need a laparotomy, I was instantly scared. I hadn't heard anything about a laparotomy with all the research I had done into endometriosis and various treatments. I'd only learned about laparoscopy and its minimally invasive approach after watching videos on YouTube of multiple women sharing their experiences. 

So, I was utterly ignorant about what a laparotomy was. Yet, despite my ignorance, laparotomy has a similar success rate as laparoscopy. And it focuses on the same end goal. Which is to diagnose and treat underlying conditions that contribute to various painful symptoms.


Endo surgery prep can be hard to manage alone. You're already anxious and nervous about the surgery and the outcome. So, trying to remember the steps necessary to properly prepare for surgery can be overwhelming. This is why it's essential to not go through this alone and find a person that's willing to help you prepare for your surgery and recover. 

The article Helpful Endo Surgery Prep Tips That Make Life Easier appears on Femmepower Blog

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