New Beginnings for Spring

Living with multiple invisible illnesses has made me feel lonely and behind. I struggled with my identity and finding my place in this world while dealing with chronic pain and mental illness. And creating Femmepower was the one thing that helped me find my voice and strength when I was drowning. I was able to talk about endometriosis, infertility, childlessness, bipolar, and ADHD freely and honestly. And I discovered that I'm not the only one struggling to make sense of these things.

That's why every piece of content I create is intended to make you feel seen and heard. Because we spend so much of our lives invisible and forgotten, that's why I wanted to create digital personal growth journals that focus on specific struggles we face living with a chronic invisible illness. These journals were designed to help you gain confidence, clarity, and self-assurance. I will share a preview of my first journal this month, and I'm so excited to share it with you.   

In addition to personal growth journals, I'm finally ready to begin recording for YouTube again. I took a hiatus after my surgery and have found it challenging to come due to the combination of life, desire for perfection, and being a shy, self-conscious individual. But, I've been encouraged by your stories and comments and looking forward to sharing what I've been working on. Because when it comes to topics like endometriosis and mental health, there isn't enough information or support available.

April Blog Overview

We discuss self-gaslighting in 4 Startling Ways You're Gaslighting Yourself and How to Stop, which goes live the following Monday. 

Next, it's Healthy Living with Endometriosis How to Improve Your Quality of Life. I share simple adjustments you can make to help manage chronic pain and symptoms while creating a healthy lifestyle you enjoy. 

Finally, we talk about 7 Coping Strategies to Manage ADHD and Bipolar Disorder You Need to Try. If you're like me and have a dual diagnosis, it can be challenging to find balance. But these strategies have been an immense help and allowed me to create structure in my daily life. And perhaps they can do the same for you. 

April YouTube Overview

While I was away from YouTube, I received many comments regarding the difficulties surrounding talking to the doctor about endometriosis. Hence, the first video for April goes into detail about How to Talk to Your Doctor About Endometriosis.

And for the final video, I discuss 7 Reasons Cups Are Better than Tampons for Endometriosis because I'm a big fan of menstrual cups and have found them to be a healthier alternative for period hygiene.

You can expect YouTube videos to go live on Wednesdays. 

Subscriber-Only Content
This month I'm debuting exclusive blogs and videos for your eyes only. And the theme for this month is embracing childlessness after infertility.

I hope this month is fantastic for you and that you enjoy the new content. Also, suggestions for future blogs or videos are welcome. Talk to you soon!


Kat H. 

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