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October 2022 | Vol II | Issue 10


Living and Managing Chronic Pain

This month I wanted to address chronic pain as it's something that those living with endometriosis struggle with the most. I know from personal experience how debilitating and disruptful chronic pain is. Additionally, I struggled silently because I couldn't receive adequate medical care that addressed my symptoms and could help with my pain.

But I'm sure you're familiar with this scenario and have your own stories. However, I wanted to offer something positive and helpful this month and share some ways that you can naturally manage mild to moderate chronic pain with basic home remedies.

These are the very same methods that I've used for years to manage painful symptoms such as painful periods, ovulation pain, radiating leg pain, lower back pain, and endo belly. I hope you find these pain management solutions helpful and feel encouraged that you're not struggling with this alone.

Kat H. 


What Endometriosis Pain Feels Like

Endometriosis pain is almost impossible to describe. It’s such a unique and individual sensation that is different for everyone. It can affect multiple locations and be triggered by many things. And, if you don’t have endometriosis, you truly can not appreciate how immobilizing it can be. >>Continue Reading<<

Overcome Chronic Pain

Endometriosis pain is no joke. I remember when my pain was at its worst and how debilitating it was. And since no one understood my pain, I was left to struggle alone. This led me to find natural solutions for endometriosis pain relief that could help me get some of my life back.  So, I want to share more about the common types of endo pain points and six natural ways to ease endometriosis-related pain.

6 Natural Solutions for Endometriosis Pain Relief

Endometriosis & Radiating Leg Pain

On average, 50% of endo patients experience radiating leg pain associated with endometriosis. And while conditions such as herniated discs, muscle strains, and bone spurs can cause radiating leg pain— endometriosis is another condition that contributes to this type of pain. Symptoms such as pelvic pain, painful periods, and painful intercourse are relatively common pain points. Still, they’re far from the only ones. 

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