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April 2022 | Vol II | Issue 4


Creating A Healthy Self-Image

Self-esteem and self-image are important because they determine how we see ourselves. Additionally, they impact the relationship we have with ourselves. This defines the types of thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have regarding ourselves. These thoughts and feelings shape our decisions, influence our experience and determine how we relate to the world.

So you can imagine how living with a negative self-image will contribute to negative interactions with yourself and your environment. I know from personal experience how true this is. That's why I believe it's so essential to work at developing a healthy self-image. 

And one of my favorite ways to work on building a healthy self-image is via self-reflection through journaling.

I've had so many breakthroughs and mindset shifts from taking the time to get quiet and meditate on what was creating a negative self-image and toxic relationship with myself. It's a cathartic and intimate experience that heals and restores. And it's something I believe everyone can benefit from. Hence, I created my downloadable journal, 10 Mindset Shifts to Repair Your Self-Image. I share what I've learned about creating a healthy self-image and improving your self-esteem.

Additionally, it can be integrated into Good Notes for use as a digital journal. Or it can be downloaded and printed. And this month, I wanted to share a free sample with you before it's launched later this spring. I hope you enjoy it and find it as beneficial as I have.

Kat H. 


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