Invisible Illness & Self-Discipline

Over the past few years, I've been recovering from the trauma endometriosis put me through and the late diagnosis of bipolar disorder and ADHD. And it's been a journey. But something I've discovered is the beauty of self-discipline and how it's so beneficial for invisible illness. 

For many, the idea of self-discipline has become negatively associated with ableist culture and the idea that if you work hard and remain dedicated, you can "heal yourself." To be clear, I'm not talking about this approach to self-discipline. 

I am talking about the act of doing what's suitable for you and creating an environment of stability and structure to make life manageable. Additionally, flexing your self-discipline muscles will increase your self-esteem, improve mental health, give you purpose, restore your dignity and give you control over your life. These are things that invisible illness can steal from you, but learning how to become more disciplined healthily and sustainably will give these things back to you. 

Self-discipline with an invisible illness can be as simple as employing essential habits and actions that improve your ability to function. For example, creating routines that help you when you have a flare-up, doing laundry once a week to prevent clutter, meal prepping for the week so you don't have to waste energy cooking every day, or drinking water daily, so you remain hydrated. 

When approached with an emphasis on self-care, self-discipline becomes less threatening and thus easier for those with an invisible illness to implement. 

This month focuses on the variety of ways you can create self-discipline while managing an invisible illness and why it's essential to do so. 

This month's guest blogger Gale Blake shares how to start an exercise program with chronic illness and why it benefits your health. 

Lastly, in this month's newsletter, I'm sharing ideas about simple habits you can infuse into your daily life to become more disciplined. 

I hope you enjoy this month's content and have an amazing July!


Kat H.

P.S. I created positive affirmations that can help with combating negative self-talk

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