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June 2022 | Vol II | Issue 5


Social Media Breaks for Mental Health

Social media is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can connect and feel part of a community like the endometriosis community, childless community, and mental health community. I've found support and felt understood and less alone because of the creators that exist within these spaces. And there are other types of content that have been helpful to me whether entertaining, affirming, or informative. However, there's a dark side to social media. This negative space is where things like comparison, prejudice, ignorance, stigma, and bullying live. And, this is the side of social media that is so problematic for mental health and well-being. That's why I believe social media breaks are something that should be normalized and encouraged.


And, it's a practice that I've begun to regularly implement. I step back from social media and avoid posting or visiting sites for a designated period of time. And each time I've done so I've experienced a decrease in anxiety, improved self-esteem, and an increase in productivity. Not to mention I was more present in the world around me without feeling the need to constantly scroll or be absorbed in a social media site. Furthermore, when I dug deeper and questioned my consumption and analyzed ways to consume social media in a healthier way I've been able to improve its effect on my mental and emotional health. If you're wanting to alter your relationship with social media and improve your mental health I've created journal prompts to help you analyze the impact social media has on your mental health. 

Kat H. 


Journal Prompts

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