The Range of Reasonable Responses: December 2020

Well that has been quite a year and I’m sure most of us will be glad to see the back of it. For this issue I thought I would just share a webinar I delivered at the beginning of the month. If you didn’t hear about it, then you need to sign up for webinar updates here.

In the absence of the usual articles from solicitors’ firms giving stark warnings about the employment law issues that might arise at Christmas parties I thought I would get in on the act. So here is my Christmas Top Ten. Ten employment law cases - from 1973 to 2020 - with a (sometimes rather forced) Christmas theme.


Employment Law - The Christmas Top Ten

If I’ve taken anything positive from this year it is that webinars do actually work. They are a good way of getting across some really focussed content and with small groups they can be almost as interactive as real-life training sessions. In 2020 I’ve enjoyed delivering a mixture of public webinars aimed at anyone who signs up and made-to-measure sessions designed and delivered for specific clients. It may be some time before gathering a whole team together in one meeting room seems like a good idea, so if you’d like to explore the possibility of an online session covering any aspect of employment law then drop me a line.

You can also check out clips from recent webinars on my website just to give you a taster of what to expect.

Thanks for all of your support over 2020. Here’s hoping for a 2021 where we manage to get out more!

Happy Holidays


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