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Transition Liverpool Newsletter, February 2020.

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About Transition Liverpool
About the Newsletter


Transition Liverpool

Transition Liverpool is part of the national Transition Network

The aim of Transition is to help create a “soft landing” for the problems we face, helping to develop and promote solutions and improved ways of doing things in several main areas:- food, farming and nature – waste and recycling -  housing, building and community – climate change, resource use and carbon footprint - transport and air pollution.
This newsletter keeps track of some of these developments.

Transition Cafe Meeting

UN Countdown Campaign on Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Our Transition Cafe meeting on Wednesday February 12th will show a TED film launching Countdown, a major UN-backed global campaign to cut greenhouse gas emissions. TED has partnered with scientists, policy makers, organizations, activists and more to create an initiative that everyone in the world can be part of. This initiative is supported by many prominent people, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Al Gore, Katharine Hayhoe, Yuval Noah Harari, among others. Significantly Countdown will work to link up every concerned individual as well as local eco activist groups and offer tools to support rapid and effective collective action. Launched in December 2019 Countdown will showcase what's been achieved in October this year on 10.10.2020. Here is the website for the campaign

and the video is also available on YouTube

The Countdown summit is in Bergen from 6 to 9th October

Our meeting is on Wednesday 12th February at the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool. It begins at 6.30 for soup, deserts, etc, and then the mending session begins after 7pm

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, and the deadline for this newsletter is the 1st Thursday of the month

Recycled Toilet Rolls

We have bought a large quantity of recycled, 3 ply double length loo rolls,  gaining a significant discount on the price. These can be bought at cost, at 61 pence per roll, at Transition Cafe meetings or ordered by the box of 48 rolls at £29. The Company, Who Gives A Crap, donates half its profits to sanitation projects in third world countries. Visit their website to see all their offers

Developing Transition in Britain – help us shape the future!

Links to a summary of the project so far, and invites more input – Transition Network website

Local Transition groups
Transition Liverpool is on Facebook 

Transition Waterloo is on Facebook 

West Kirby Transition Town is on Facebook 

Transition Northwich is on Facebook 

Incredible Edible Knowsley is now on Facebook

NW transition network is on Facebook 

Nature, Gardening, Food

L - Vertical Farm - R - Seed exchange
Food and Farming

Greens for Good has new edible walls in their vertical farm – tours start soon, and they will supple fresh greens to many local schools. Farm Urban project in the Baltic Triangle – 2 min online video

FoodCycle project – a café of Liverpool’s loneliest people, uses “waste” food – Echo report
Employability Skills for Working in Community Horticulture – WEA course, visit their website for more details
The course is a 3-hour session every week for 11 weeks, beginning 25th February. This course is for people wishing to progress their skills in horticulture and develop their personal capacity to contribute to the sector. It will include visits to projects, classroom work and some practical work
Incredible Edible Knowsley are looking for volunteers – They grow food FOR the community WITH the community - visit their Facebook page for details or visit their Community Hub website

Incredible Edible UK have a new newsletter - email to subscribe, or visit their website news page
February forage of the month with Ruby Taylor (you can eat bramble tips !!) – Low Impact article

Using Mushrooms to Save the Bees - research by Paul Stamets  – internet article
The Role of Regenerative Farming in the Green New Deal internet article
Meet the new young farmers raring to go thanks to the Ecological Land Cooperative – Low Impact article
Mass-market vegan food has arrived, but is it good for us ? – Ecologist article
Meat Footprint Calculator Ecologist article
How to grow the non-corporate food sector: interview with Lynne Davis of the Open Food Network (Part 2) – Low Impact article
Toxteth Seed Swap Saturday on the 8th Feb at Squash Nutrition .... we’ll be swapping till we’re droppin from 11am - 2 pm
Wildseeds – specialist British wild seeds visit their website
Companion Planting chart and advice – internet article

Pruning Apple Trees – excellent 3 min YouTube video
Permaculture (from Permaculture Magazine)
Combining a wildflower meadow and a forest garden – great advice in Permaculture magazine on the right plants and seeds to get, or visit the author’s own website
Wildseeds – specialist British wild seeds – visit their website
Sowing and Planting in No-Dig Compost Beds 6min video from Permaculture magazine
Compost Teas and Biofertilisers: Matt Dunwell speaks to Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine – 7 min YouTube video
Farming for the Long Haul permaculture article
How to Design Regenerative Cultures 5 min YouTube video on Permaculture
Beavers to be reintroduced to the Eden Valley in Cumbria – BBC report
Cuba is the most sustainably developed country in the world internet report
The Rights of Nature by Thomas Berry – online article
Beyond sustainability: A call for regeneration by Sierra Robinson (she is a 17year old Canadian activist) - 11 min YouTube video from TEDxYouth@Seattle
Giant Oak that taught the world a lesson – (Oak tree at Kew that was damaged in the Great Storm, but then recovered – BBC 4min video report
Reforestation is not necessarily about planting more trees excellent al-Jazeera article
Tree Map for urban areas. Can you help us build an urban canopy cover map for Britain? Trees for Cities, Brillianto and Forest Research are hosting a citizen science project to map out the canopy cover of Britain’s towns and cities. Please visit their website

Wirral will double its tree count by 2030 as a response to the climate emergency – press report
Heartsong Willow has a new newsletter about making living willow structures – you can read it online
Free trees for schools and communities. The Woodland Trust wants to make sure everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree. So we’re giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities. – visit their website
Woodland Holiday Club in Whiston at half term - 18 Feb at 10:00 – 20 Feb at 15:00 – Facebook event

Be a “threat detector” with the Woodland Trust and help save ancient woodlands – Low Impact article

Hedgelaying for wildlife: it’s worth the effort – instructions and links – Low Impact article
How invasive non-native species threaten our woods and what we can do to help – Low Impact article

Replacing 79 Million Mangrove trees in Senegal 3 min Facebook video
Co-Housing, Housing and Community
Merseyside Co-Housing
We are continuing with our community building with a range of Meetups – everyone welcome !!
Our latest newsletter is now available online
Co-Housing Meetups are on the First and Third Tuesdays of every month (18th Feb, 3rd march, etc– 4pm to 6pm at Egg Cafe, Newington – join our Facebook group for more details
(our Jazz meetup will resume in March)
Merseyside community eco and tiny house movement – new local group Facebook page
Vision/Social Audit of the Forgebank Co-housing in Halton near Lancaster – downloadable PDF
How have they done 5 years since they occupied their homes, compared to their aims ??
Dragons Co-operative in Llanrhaeadr ym mochnant. Visit their Website. They are a small intentional community interested in permaculture, co-ops and community projects. We are running two permaculture courses this year, one over a series of weekends from end Jan and the other two weeks camping in July on a farm that has also embraced permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Both of these are ideal opportunities to find out more and become involved in community living.
The courses are in face run by Sector 39 Permaculture - website
Micro-Homes being built in Cambridge news report
this project is the first of its kind, with 5 homes for homeless people and one for support workers
Heart of England society invests £100k in student housing co-opsCoop News website
Student Co-op Homes is running a community share offer to lease properties in Brighton, Nottingham and Glasgow
Community Housing
Cinnamon Project Lab 2020 – has grants available for community housing projects connected to churches - see their website

Homes in Community Hands – how to apply for funding. This programme is funded by Power to Change
- website with eligibility checker
Co-op Fortnight this year is from 22nd June to 5th July check the webpage to connect
Community land trusts left in limbo as Homes England funding unexpectedly stops - internet report
Power to Change and Community
The Bright Ideas Fund will reopen on 26 February 2020 - The Bright Ideas Fund supports new community business ideas through the start-up and planning stages with tailored business support, to the implementation stage with grants of up to £15,000. - visit the website for more details
Community Business Weekend is from Thursday 14 May to Sunday 17 May 2020, when people across the country are invited to visit a community business near them. Visit the site to get involved
Good Things Foundation is looking for organisations who want to join the movement in driving social change by helping people to improve their skills and confidence, so they can thrive in a digital world. - visit their website
Community hubs: what works and why? – February 25th, 12 – 2pm at SAFE Regeneration, Bootle (may be fully booked ! - see below)
Join the University of Liverpool, the Power to Change Research Institute and Safe Regeneration as we launch our new report, Community hubs: what works and why?
The report identifies ten strategies that could help community hubs across the region (and beyond) to develop their sustainability, drawing on interviews with community hub practitioners and other stakeholders.
This event is now fully booked. If you are interested in joining the waiting list or attending a future event on this topic, please email Dr Kerry Traynor at The original Eventbrite event page is still there if you want to investigate more
Housing Development
New UK housing 'dominated by roads'BBC report
Horrifying story about the extent of roads - one Professor says that nearly 75% of planning applications for housing estates should have been turned down.
Student Co-op Homes has a new Facebook page with details of how they support student housing co-ops, including their recent share offer
Denver Nonprofit Buys Hotel, Transforms It Into 139 Mini-Apartments for the Homeless – internet article
Sustainable Building
Natural building and mutual credit: with Huff & Puff Construction – Low Impact article
New online course on Compost Toilets building, using and maintaining - Low Impact course
Cabin with 640sqft Greenhouse made from Shipping Container costs $25k (Solar Powered off-grid) internet report of a new design
Making a cabin in the woods with only hand tools 3 min Facebook video
Re-use, repair, recycling, plastics
Precious Plastics have launched a new set of products and business packages, v4.0, so that people can buy or make good machinery for plastic recycling, and set up successful businesses and organisations
2-min intro video on YouTube
30-min YouTube video full explanation of what they are doing
Start your own extrusion workspace - 1min YouTube video
Plastic waste for paving tiles in Ghana - Facebook video
Making a pen from recycled plastic – some good techniques, but complex method – 3-min Facebook video
Ecobricks Community North West on Facebook has 2500 members
Ecobricks UK on Facebook has   43,500 members
Zero Waste
Unpackaged – specialist supplier to set up refill systems for zero-waste stores, and to help create zero-waste suppliers – visit their website for more details of what they do
13 eco-friendly places to shop on MerseysideEcho feature
Refill South Liverpool lists all free water refill points in South Liverpool, and adds new ones when they can – Facebook page
Recycled Toilet Rolls. Transition Liverpool have bought a large quantity of recycled, 3 ply double length loo rolls,  gaining a significant discount on the price. These can be bought at cost, at 61 pence per roll, at Transition Cafe meetings or ordered by the box of 48 rolls at £29. The Company, Who Gives A Crap, donates half its profits to sanitation projects in third world countries. Visit the "Who Gives a Crap" website
Liverpool Cloth Nappy Library is on Facebook !
H+M to sell clothes made from recycled fabric internet article
Ecotextile is the online resource for this news and other eco fashion – website
Circulose fabric comes from re:newcell – interesting website
February Clothes Swap in Hoylake - Sustainable Saturdays from 1 to 4pm on Saturday 8th Feb at The Hoylake Pantry: Zero Waste Shopping, 7 The Row, Market Street., CH47 2 Hoylake – Facebook event

FoodCycle project – a café of Liverpool’s loneliest people, uses “waste” food – Echo report
The Dutch city with a circular vision - In an abandoned Centre Parcs in Rotterdam, entrepreneurs are making innovative products out of rubbish, as the city strives to become a circular economy by 2050 – Positive News article
The Big Fix 2020 at DoES Liverpool, Saturday 15th February from 11 to 3pm
The Big Fix 2020 is when 100's of Repair Cafes around the country meet on the same day to help people fix things and DoES Liverpool is happy to join them this year.
We are happy to help with Clothes and Fabrics, small furniture, electrical items, electronic, computers s and bikes to name just a few. Visit the Facebook event for more details
HYPE will fix your bike  - weekly every Monday and Wednesday in Seacombe, from 4 to 6 pm at the Guinea Gap Leisure Centre
Bring your bike down for a free MOT, our team will give you advice and fix where possible for FREE..
That’s what we do at HYPE URBAN BIKES bringing a Cycle Culture to communities across Merseyside... – follow them on Facebook for other good things too

Planned Obsolescence: How the Products You Buy are Designed to Break – internet article
Create a Library of Things article in Ethical Consumer mag
Climate Emergency
Valentine's day Youth Climate Strike – Friday 14th February, 11am to 1pm (St George’s Plateau ?)
- see the Facebook event for more details
Climate Action Crosby begins on Tuesday 11th February at 6.30pm at the Crosby Tearooms, College Rd, founded by Action Network – see their website for more details
Call to Action: How best to address the climate crisis? Saturday 15th February, 10am to 1.30pm at the Fashion Hub, 14 Gildart St.
A half-day conference in Liverpool city centre, on the topic of Climate Crisis. The conference is entitled "Call To Action: How Best To Address Climate Crisis" and is the first of a series of conferences held by Inclusive Economy Liverpool throughout 2020 and beyond on a range of topic of importance to the city in the 2020s. Eventbrite booking needed
Inclusive Economy Liverpool are partnering with the Co-Op Party, Zero Carbon Liverpool and The 2030 Hub to host this conference.
Trade Unions & Climate Emergency conference, organised by Liverpool TUC
Sat, 15 February 2020, 9.30 to 4pm at Liverpool Quaker Meeting House – free - Eventbrite Booking requested
How to become a UN accredited climate change teacher - Monday, 2 March 2020 from 15:45-17:30 at the Grand Hotel Gosforth Park Newcastle – free, but Eventbrite booking needed
Teach the Future - Campaign for Climate Educationhas a Crowdfunder
They are raising  £7,200 to cover the costs of a parliamentary reception to engage new MPs, including room hire. Additionally we have decided to create a Climate Emergency Education bill, the cost of drafting this will be £2,400, plus an additional £1,600 to cover travel and hotel costs for the reception.
The Future of the Port of Liverpool in the face of climate crisis. Q&A session on Monday 17th February, from 7 to 8.30pm at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre – Facebook event
BP: switch to 100% renewable energy - or shut down. Please sign this Greenpeace Petition
Greta Thunberg speech at Davos, 20208min internet video
A 26-Week Climate Emergency Transition Program for Canada – internet article, also available as 40 page downloadable PDF
FoE Climate Emergency Pledge  "I pledge to join millions of people across the world and fight the climate emergency in 2020."
- sign the FoE climate Emergency Pledge online
Microsoft makes 'carbon negative' pledgeBBC report
Transport and air quality
1,000 deaths a year linked to air pollution in Liverpool City Region, shock new report claims – Echo article
Manchester cycle network plan could be national blueprint Guardian report
Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun, in Poland – internet article
Salisbury has got 3 new electric buses – when do ours arrive ? – local press report
How new electric tram network in Liverpool could look as plans move forward – Echo report
Sadiq Khan vows to make London carbon-neutral by 2030 if re-elected – Guardian report
Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035 – BBC report
European Cities are banning cars, because eBikes and eScooters make traffic-free cities a reality - Wired article
Oxford Zero Emission Zone - plans for this have been published - the UK’s first for a city centre – news report
Stansted Airport expansion scrapped after shock council decision – local news report
Local Events and Local Heroes
Local Events
Liverpool SOUP (February 2020) - Thursday 13th February, 6.30 to 9.30 at the Fashion Hub, 14 Gildart St.
The event is free, but you will ideally donate £10 for your bowl of soup, then listen to 4 pitches from local organisations who need funding. After the pitches you eat your soup and vote for your favourite, and they take home all the money collected – over £500 last time – it’s a great evening !!
Please register on Eventbrite to help with quantities
Awesome Liverpool – gives away money every month – 6 min YouTube video of what they do – watch it and apply for funds for YOUR idea !!
Open Day: Stanley Locks, Liverpool – Saturday 29th February, 10am to 3pm - Facebook event
Includes heritage tour of the Stanley Lock Flight with a heritage walk between Top Lock and Stanley Dock. Also, fishing lessons, canoeing, opening a lock gate, boat trips, community tree planting, etc  - free, Eventbrite booking requested
Self-Care In Self-Employment – Getting the Balance Right – 11th February, 6.30 to 8.30pm, free event by Greenbank Business Network – Eventbrite booking requested
This event will help you to consider wellbeing when running a small business and to develop strategies that support your health. We will consider what self-care really is, how to break unhelpful patterns and set a good baseline for wellbeing. If you think you are too busy to come you should definitely be there!
Little World Warrior Wednesdays – every Wednesday at 3.30pm at Little World – Facebook event
Crosby Beach Cleanup - Sunday, 8 March 2020 from 10:30-12:30 – see Facebook event for more details
Woodland Holiday Club at half term in Whiston - 18 Feb at 10:00 – 20 Feb at 15:00 – Facebook event
Make Liverpool  - website - on Facebook
Have loads of workshops again – preventing cybercrime for small businesses, macramé, weaving, woodwork, jewellery, life drawing,
Local Heroes
Local fund-raising hero Speedomick produces regular video reports
Local peace hero “Sine Nomine” now has a shop in the Cavern Walk (lower floor) – he’s got some great things there ! open Weds to Say, 12 till 6
Local zero waste hero Emily is at Waste Not Want Not zero waste shop in Birkenhead Market – on Facebook
Local art hero Output Gallery has got funding again, so there will be new shows of works by local artists changing every 2 or 3 weeks – it’s on Seel St next to the Kasimier Garden – on Facebook
Politics, Europe, News
Politics and Campaigns
Friends of the Earth is bringing 'Power Up' to Liverpool !
The city region’s green spaces are under threat and bad developments are increasing carbon emissions and leading to increased air pollution. But with the right skills and knowledge, local people like you can help stop bad developments from being built and protect our green spaces for people and nature.
Friends of the Earth invite you to a free one-day workshop, focused on how you can use the planning system to help protect your local environment and to campaign for green development.
The training will outline your rights under the planning system, and how you can successfully influence planning decisions to win your campaign.

When: Saturday, 7 March 10am–4pm

Where: Liverpool Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

 What you can expect:
  • An overview of the English planning system, planning reform, and your right to participate;
  • An overview of where local plans, neighbourhood plans and spatial development strategies come in; plus Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects;
  • Planning applications: how you can support or object to an application; campaigning top tips;
  • Planning our next steps in the Liverpool city region and creating a vision for a better planning system in the city region.
It's a free event but spaces are limited so please complete the booking form if you'd like to attend.

If you have any questions, please email
Liverpool Solidarity Federation is on Facebook
Basic Rights at Work – Tuesday 18th February, 6.30pm at the Central Library, 4th floor meeting room – Liverpool SolFed event - more information on Facebook

THE PLAN That Came From the Bottom Up + Panel Q&A, Sunday 1st March, 2pm at FACT
Part film essay, part documentary, THE PLAN tells the story of how a group of unknown British engineers came to be nominated for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize when they decided to make wind turbines instead of bombs. At a time when climate injustice is fanning the flames of inequality, THE PLAN looks at how this group of eco-pioneering aerospace workers took control for the sake of the planet. Their heroism has been forgotten, but as the climate crisis dominates public debate their story offers a vital lesson to be learnt. - FACT website for booking info
Together we are Powerful – Reclaiming our world from Corporate Control - Sat, 28 March 2020, 10:00 – 19:00 in London - Eventbrite booking needed
Rediscovering the Radical 2020: Theatre for Social Change Summer School, 16th and 17th July – some refunds available – contact the organisers – Eventbrite booking
Five communities taking ownership of the high street - Community ownership won't solve all the problems facing the UK's high streets but new investment models - from cooperative funds to community shares - are enabling local places to gain a new lease of life. – Nesta article
We normally don’t include any “current affairs” or politics, as this is done excessively elsewhere, and we are non-political. However, there is lots to think about for the future of the UK, and Europe is a good focus for thinking about that. - North West England - is the site of the European Parliament, and they have formed a Facebook Group to support people spreading accurate and useful information about the EU and the European Parliament, and to organise “Europe events” in this area
European Youth Event (EYE2020): The Future is Now
Every two years, the European Youth Event brings together thousands of young people from all over the European Union and beyond to share and shape their ideas on the future of Europe. It is a unique opportunity for youth to meet and inspire each other and decision makers right in the heart of European democracy.
The fourth edition will take place at the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg on 29-30 May 2020.
Following the event, the ideas, concerns, and hopes from young people are presented in a report distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Some participants will also be able to further develop the most impactful ideas and present these directly to the MEPs in the parliamentary committees during "Youth Hearings".
If you are, 16-30 years old, you can sign up to EYE2020 by 29 February at the latest. So what are the rules?
  • Form a group of minimum 10 participants from any member state.
  • Get your group registered by the group leader.
  • Participation is free of charge, but participants must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Visit the website to register
Donate Brexit 50p’s to Refugee charities internet article (or change the 50p's as in the above photo)
The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the ‘Brexit Election’  – internet article
German green MEP is planning for the UK’s return internet article
About the British mentality  from the Irish Times
A to Z of Euromyths – many of the false stories from the UK press from 1992 to 2017 – internet article
Green News and Courses
Inspiring Non-Violence - online course by Turning the Tide (Quaker Group)
24 February – 5 April 2020, £36 – visit the website to register
Green Bullet is an excellent green newsletter
  • Campaigns – climate change, woods & trees, litter, Lake District, HS2 dark skies
  • Information update – Brexit & beyond, energy, planning, transport
  • Publications – Housing Design, land use & climate change, planning reform, food waste, marine climate impacts
  • Events – Space & community wellbeing, Northern air quality conference, Northern Upland Chain
  • Resources – Natural capital, biodiversity & planning, green economy tracker, valuing forest ecosystems
  • Consultations – North West Marine Plans, North West coastal access
  • Funding – Food waste prevention, Aviva community fund
Sign up for it by emailing
Overhaul corporate SDG reporting - call for urgent change by accounting bodies – internet report
Search engines and internet
Ecosia is an ethical search engine, which doesn't store and exploit your data. It uses only renewable energy, and funds the planting of a tree for every 45 searches. Download Ecosia, One of our organisers joined a short while ago and has planted 13.5 trees to date !  
It is one way to avoid further swelling the coffers of the big tech companies specially now that the US trade secretary has warned the PM Britain would be met with trade sanctions from Trump if he attempts to introduce a digital tax on Google, Amazon and the other tech behemoths. If you have any other tips on avoiding these, please send them in to (till we manage to find an alternative) Amazon is particularly hard to dodge as it takes over other companies and trades under their names.
Qwant, is a European search engine that guarantees to respect your privace - website

Duck Duck Go is another search engine - "Add privacy protection to your browser. Search privately, block trackers, secure connections, and more — all for free" - website

Duolingo – free language learning - at least 36 languages available, with premium version available which has no ads, and support other students with materials - website
New Thought
50 Cognitive biases in the modern world internet article
Spiritual Activism: Donald Trump and the second sight by Alastair McIntosh – A Hebridean perspective ! The speaker and Donald Trump’s mother are both from the Isle of Lewis). This is a very unusual perspective, and you may not like it – sorry if that is the case – 20 min TEDx talk on YouTube
Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? And what can we do about it? – article and TEDx talk
Community Trauma Toolkit – for when bad things happen – visit the website to see the videos and download materials

8 Resilience Trainers offer their Top Tipsonline resource
A 15-Point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism online article
Privatisation, public health and the 'water lords' Ecologist article
Five ways to counter dissatisfaction with democracy - Nesta propose a number of ways to counter record lows of satisfaction with democracy – Nesta article
Mecca 1979: The mosque siege that changed the course of Saudi history BBC report
A lot of the content of this report has never been reported before (I think)

How is AI being governed and where do we go next ? - Over the past year, hype over all things artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to grow: and so have attempts to govern this emerging technology. Our latest interactive map takes stock of activities around the world related to AI governance – Nesta article
Disillusioned with the parliamentary route to a better society ? Consider an alternative ? – Low Impact article
Sculpt the World art by Jon Foreman - on Facebook

About Transition Liverpool
The main Transition Liverpool event is the monthly “Transition Café” which is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Every October we put on a full-day Symposium. Our main concerns are to help create a “soft-landing” rather than a crash as fuel supplies fall and demand rises, and also as the effects of climate change increase. Transition is a development model for “advanced” societies to help us create better and more fulfilled lives for all, while using less resources.
We are part of the Transition Network, and Transition Town West Kirby are also very active. Our local Liverpool website is here, and our Facebook page is here. 
Some of the main Transition publications are available online for free download - the original Transition Handbook, and the more recent Essential Guide to doing Transition .
Newsletter Information
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Transition Liverpool only has the following information about you:- your name and your email address. We are not gathering any other information, and we would not give or sell our database to anyone else. However, we are using this free and very convenient emailing program, MailChimp, and they supply us some information that we are not really very interested in, such as which are the most popular links in each newsletter.
We don’t know what information Mailchimp is collecting on people, and what use they may be putting it to – they are not intrusive, and there is no advertising. It seems they may be similar to Google, Facebook and the others, however, it’s relatively easy to “Unsubscribe” if you are concerned about this – click the link in the footer at the end of this email.
If you have been sent this newsletter by a friend and would like to subscribe, please click this link . To unsubscribe, click the link below on the footer.
If you want to send us information or news for the next newsletter, please send to Please use for all other enquiries.
Best Wishes and Happy Transitions,  George
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