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Transition Liverpool Newsletter, October 2018

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Energy, Climate and Global Warming
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Science News – Geothermal Energy
Artist of the Month

Transition Liverpool
Transition Café
November Meeting – Plastics and Recycling
Wednesday 14th November, Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, L1
Meet at 6.30pm for food, soon after 7.00 for the talks, end at 8.45

There are 3 new initiatives on Merseyside who we’re inviting to “spread the word” about what they are doing, and also meet each other !

A Million Stars CIC website   – Julie Ann Parker has a wonderful project rescuing abandoned tents from music festivals, and then:-
  • Cleaning them up for re-packaging and resale (this is done in prisons)
  • If the tents are damaged, using the waterproof material to make clothing – ponchos and raincoats, etc
  • Using the tents to set up holiday camps for people who can’t afford a holiday
  • campaigning for “sustainable festivals” which don’t create waste in the first place 
  • see the photos of their tents above and their rescued chairs below
Zero Waste Shop, and EcoBricks – Emily Gleaves is running two projects
  • Waste Not Want Not is a zero waste stall in Birkenhead Market - Facebook
  • EcoBricks – you can stuff any unrecyclable plastic waste into a plastic bottle – Emily will show us how to do it, and about the structure she is building from them - join the Ecobricks Community Northwest - Facebook 
  • Refill is a similar shop in Aigburth Rd - it's part of Windmilll Wholefoods - Facebook
Plastic Tactics. - Facebook Arthur Rowland has just set up a new CIC  to develop plastic recycling on Merseyside. They are building and testing their first plastic crusher, with a group of engineering students who are doing projects to improve plastic recycling machinery with him, along the lines of Precious Plastics
The talks will be followed by a panel discussion if there is time. Perhaps this will grow into a regular series of meetings to support the development of more recycling on Merseyside and to welcome new projects when they get started.

Meeting Report
The main point from the October meeting was that people want more feeling of connection and of community, and the group of 12-14 people was a sufficient basis to start this.

It's more difficult to give exact details of how we'll do this - we can set up a forum which will allow more in depth discussion than Facebook, which is useful but very transient. We can have a private Facebook group, and a private area on the forum, and some people were also willing to get more involved in setting up the Transition meetings and in creating other activities.

We also looked at the services that Transition provides - what works well, what works less well, and how we could move forward. All this is the subject of ongoing discussions !!

Transition Meetups
Come along and say hello, talk about transition, do networking – let us know what you are doing and what you’d like to do, discuss how to do things better, ....... and we'll tell you what we are doing. Sometimes we also just have a cup of tea and chatter !
Everyone is welcome ! (we may also talk about our pet topics of co-operatives and co-housing, but not all the time !)
We meet each Thursday at The Brink, 15-21 Parr Street, from 4pm to 6pm
  • Thursday 15th November
  • Thursday 22nd  November
  • Thursday 29th November
  • Thursday 6th December
Other Transition Groups
Transition Waterloo - on Facebook
Transition Town St Helens - on Facebook   Has just started

West Kirby Transition Town - on Facebook

Homegrown Bananas -  Music and Performance by donation
Wednesday, November 14th at Kirby Park, West Kirby, 6pm to 8pm – Open Stage
Friday December 14th at Sweetpea Café, West Kirby, 6.30 to 9pm, Open Stage

Transition Network – is the main national site for Transition - website
Progress Report
Our Core Group has been meeting every 2 weeks and will continue this till the New Year. We have agreed our Vision and Values statement, and we’re pressing on to sort out the organisational and legal structure issues, and then hopefully some of the agreements. We're beginning to roll forward !
After that we will open the doors again to new members ………

Other Co-housing Groups and Meetings
On the Brink is a co-housing community in Sheffield - looking for new members - website

MUCH Co-housing is a co-housing for older people in Manchester - website

See it and Believe it - Community Led Housing in The Liverpool Region – one day conference
Tue 27 November 2018,  09:00 – 16:00 GMT. Eventbrite Booking required
at Liverpool John Moores University, James Parsons Building, 3 Byrom Street, Liverpool  L3 3AF

This event is in collaboration with Housing People, Building Communities and Liverpool John Moores University as part of our See it and Believe it project, and Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities initiative.
See it and Believe it
See it and Believe it is an initiative to galvanise and inform anyone interested or already involved in community-led housing. These immersive peer-to-peer learning events give attendees direct access to a variety of community land trusts and other community led housing projects across the country and explore how they came to be. With talks from experts, communities with hands on experience and an opportunity to build relationships, these events aren’t to be missed!

Greater Manchester Community Led Housing Network Launch is on Saturday 8th December – please book and visit this linkmore details

European Ecovillage Conference “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities” – many videos from the conference are on this YouTube channel
Buildings and housing links
60-second documentary showing  architects designing homes from plastic bottles and tyres - being used in building project. Facebook video

Photo gallery of buildings using plastic bottles (filled with sand and gravel) - on Facebook

Photo Gallery of architecture using old tyres - on Facebook

Green Cake is rebuilding Gaza – making building blocks using rubble from bombing, ash, and a small amount of cement -  the mix was created by a female engineer. BBC Report

Architect uses Tyres, plastic bottles, glass bottles to create buildings - on Facebook

Plastics and Recycling
Reciprocity Wirral - Facebook
Recent offers include plastic mesh, concrete fence posts, 4ft wooden slats, baths, sinks, radiators, etc., all overstock from major suppliers, also many shades of upcycled paint …… watch their Facebook page for special offers !!! (Photo of their paint stock above)
Plastic Tactics
Has had an issue with Facebook so has a new Facebook page
They also have a YouTube channel
They are also everywhere online: on instagram, twitter, linkedin, medium and youtube - the username for all of  them is 'plastacs'

Million Stars CIC - on Facebook
Recycle and refurbish abandoned tents from Festivals
Have recently also rescued 1000's of chairs, destined for landfill. 
Julie Anne is coming to our meeting on 14th November to tel us more about what she is doing (see meeting text above and also below in "favourites")
(see the photos of chairs above and tents at the top !)
Transition Waterloo and CAN Waterloo have an Eco-Brick event on Sunday 11th November
Transition Waterloo has just started, and CAN Waterloo is a zero-waste café on St John’s Rd - Facebook Event
Transition Waterloo on Facebook
CAN Waterloo on Facebook
Ecobricks Community North West – Facebook Group
Now has an updated list of collection points at the top of their Facebook Page, and instructions on making your ecobrick !! (you stuff a plastic bottle full of plastic that can’t be recycled, then people will make outdoor structures out of them)
It only started in May and now has over 100 members and increasing every day !! Emily is coming to our meeting on the 14th to show us what to do !!
Rapidly developing network of plastic recyclers and activists – join them on Facebook to join in !!
  • EcoBrick workshop  Sunday 11th November, Birkenhead Park
  • EcoBrick workshop  Sunday 9th December, Queens Park, Hoylake

Ecobricks UK started in March and now has over 33,000 members on Facebook, up 500 in the last 3 days (8 in the last 11 minutes !) – it’s an amazing movement with loads happening, and activist campaigns to the main shops, ideas for projects, ecobrick advice
Sandfield Park School is now a Terracycle Hub – you can now recycle pens, aerosols, postage stamps, any baby food pouches,  coffee lids and pods, printer inks and toner, spray bottles, and the school gets cash for it. Please give the things to a student or take them yourself to Sandfield Walk, L13 0AP !!
UK Recycling Industry is under investigation for fraud and corruption - Guardian Report
Recycling results for the last year are available (2016/7) - official website
There are 350 local councils and Liverpool is ranked 322 with 28% recycling, Sefton 245th with 38%, Wirral 266 with 36%.
The top 10 recycle around 60%, and though many of the best are rural, Trafford and Stockport are also right up there in the top 10.
Zero-Con – just little changes - website
Zero-Con is a Zero-Waste Convention. It’s is taking place at Make! North Docks, in Liverpool on the 26th and 27th January 2019.
Zero-Con is going to be an inspiring, colourful event with a large trade fair, where you can buy and try a huge range of Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free products. There will be product demonstrations, inspiring talks, exciting workshops and thought-provoking discussions all aimed at reducing the amount of waste we, as a population, produce.
Entrance is free but ticketed, to make sure we don’t overfill the venue. Please visit the website to reserve your free-entry tickets.
Photo Gallery of plastic bottles filled with pebbles and sand then used for construction projects in desert and arid communities - on Facebook
Funding for Co-Housing and Community, etc.
Nationwide Building Society – Community Grants - website
The fund is open from the 29 October until 7 December 2018
The Nationwide Community Grants programme awards grants of up to £50,000 to local housing projects that will strengthen local communities by supporting the most vulnerable, find new approaches to increasing the supply of housing or by reinventing renting for both tenants and landlords.
Merseyside Pension Fund Accelerates ‘Decarbonisation’
Merseyside Pension Fund has collaborated with FTSE Russell, to further align its investment policy with the 2015 Paris Agreement. It is now implementing the next part of its Climate Risk Strategy and moving towards ‘decarbonisation’, reducing its exposure to investments that are connected to climate change. The partnership with FTSE Russell will support the Fund along this path as it signs up to FTSE Russell’s new climate and multi-factor index, the FTSE All-World Climate Balanced Comprehensive Factor Index.
Lush Spring Prize for Social and Environmental Regeneration - website
A £200,000 prize fund with 11 prizes in 4 categories. There are also other support activities, to build capacity for those repairing the earth’s damaged systems.
The LUSH Spring prize is for organisations that are working to revive damaged social and natural environments, and who want to share what they are doing to inspire and inform others.
There are four different prize categories: Intentional, Young, Established and Influence.
The 2019 Prize is now open for applications, until Friday 9th November at 10.00 GMT.
Next Generation – Community Energy Programme - website
This is a £1m+ fund and expert support programme, created by Power to Change to pioneer innovative community-led energy projects and business models. Grants of up to £100,000 will be available to community businesses to develop decentralised, decarbonised, and democratised energy business models.
Ecology Building Society is once again accepting deposits for savings accounts (they only accept deposits when they have suitable loans they want to make) - website
A New National Mutual Credit Scheme has been launched – Low Impact article
Wyss Foundation Launches $1 Billion Campaign to Help Conserve 30% of the Planet by 2030 – for more information ……… website
Community Action Wirral - website
Sea-Changers provides grants of up to £600 (£1,000 in exceptional circumstances) to a range of primarily UK based, marine conservation charities and not for profit organisations. The projects funded will achieve one or more of the following objectives:
  • To address the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.
  • To prevent or reduce negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and / or species.
  • To add to the body of knowledge about marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK
Global Commission on Adaptation has just been launched. This is a major international initiative with a lot of funding (this is also included later) - report

Gardening, Nature, Permaculture
Home Grown Collective - on Facebook
They offer a Landscaping and Horticulture course starts Thursday 8th November (but you might be able to catch up) - then every Wed/Friday until our celebration event on the 14th Dec. Help us design a part of our pocket park, grow microgreens and there is even talk of a hydroponic xmas tree!! Come and join the Homegrown Collective.
Heartsong Willow - on Facebook
Growing a Living Willow Garden Structure (with rustic farm lunch) at Burscough Community Farm, 3 weeks, 11th to 25th November. Please register with the WEA and see the webpage for more information

Growing a Living Willow Dome, Dutch Farm, 13th December - on Facebook. Please visit the Facebook page later for the WEA Booking link and more details.

Green Woodworking taster course  - Facebook event
Saturday, 24 November 2018 from 09:00-17:00 at Wellington Rd Art Studios, West Kirby
Mindful Minds and Yuletide Yews – is a 4 week course every Wednesday from November 14th to December 5th. From 11.00 am till 1 pm, culminating in a visit to a 2000 year old yew tree. - website
With Lucy Page at the Quaker Meeting House 22 School Lane Liverpool L1 3BT

If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest source of carbon pollution – Facebook Video
Love Where you Live
In 2016/17 the UK spent a whopping £57 million clearing up after fly-tipping. For the past year, Hubbub has been working the local community in Oldham (a town in Greater Manchester) to try and understand the causes of fly-tipping and come up with solutions. - website
Sugar and Dice - on Facebook is our fabulous local board game café – they have many new games for testing, including many eco ones, including a beautiful one called photosynthesis. Lovely cakes too !!

How to build an underground greenhouse  - article
A pit greenhouse will keep a constant temperature of around 16’C even when it’s freezing outside
Why natural soap is naturally better, for your skin and for the planet – Low Impact article
Living and working as a horse logger in ScotlandLow Impact article
Fancy learning to spin or weave or know someone else who would? – Low Impact article
The Wool Journey Part 11: which yarn to make? – Low Impact article
Jo’s Mini Meadow Part 6: magic of the wool carder bee and leafcutter bee – Low Impact article

How to build a cob oven in your garden with Sigi Koko – Part 1 and Part 2 – Low Impact articles

The economic problem  and welfare of wild animals Low Impact article

Food and Food shops
Refill Shop
We have launched Liverpool’s first plastic and packaging free shopping service.
It's a self-service concession wall at Windmill Wholefoods- Liverpool’s Green Co-operative, L17.
By the end of November we hope to also be out on the road across the City. Attending Farmer’s Markets, Pop-up events and to eventually be providing a pre-order collection/home delivery service operating from our other base in L8. – They need a bit more help getting equipment, and  their crowdfunder is nearly there !! There are some nice rewards too !
Refill will offer affordable, loose, organic wholefoods on site at Windmill, accompanied by other everyday products in the other strands of the business.
We’ll be helping you to reduce your plastic/packaging waste by encouraging you to bring your own containers to refill and re-use.
We believe that buying in the old “weigh and save” method not only helps to tackle packaging problems, it could help you save on food wastage, and maybe even help you save some pennies in the process too.
Chia Chia Ormskirk has opened recently – their website and Facebook page
Ormskirk's only organic and natural, plant-based food market and eatery with lots of lovely local veg ! ... Chia Chia Ltd is an independently run, natural, organic and plant-based supermarket on Aughton Street.
Real Junk Food project – Facebook video of food that is out of date or not saleable stacked in warehouse, but this project re-uses it – Facebook video
Squash Nutrition has a course “Women;s Food Biz” – helping women to create businesses and get jobs in the food sector. It has just started on 5th November, but you still might be able to join !
Roads around primary schools - some roads in Liverpool might close to traffic during the school run ! - BBC Report
Red Routes restrictions may be introduced on Liverpool main roads - BBC Report
Cycling in Copenhagen Facebook video
Our Favourites
Million Stars CIC - on Facebook
Have recently rescued 1000's of chairs, destined for landfill. Each chair has been professionally cleaned, repaired and re-branded.  They will shortly be available for hire as a comfier, visually impactful and socially beneficial alternative to traditional chair hire.
As an introductory offer, anyone who books chair hire with us before Christmas (even for 2019 events) will receive the phenomenal price of just 99p per chair!! (* Plus VAT and delivery) (see the photos of chairs and tents above !)
The Brink on Facebook
The Brink runs a family support group every Thursday from 12 noon to support anyone affected by a family members using or drinking, please come along or tell anyone interested.
Welfare advice, every Monday, 12noon to 3pm
The Art of Falling Apart – is at the Brink until 6th January
Liverpool Mental Health Consortium’s annual art exhibition presents pieces from Merseyside artists drawing on their own personal experience on the theme of mental health.
“Although this exhibition has a mental health theme, the focus is most definitely the ART!! And exactly the approach to building inner strength we need to see.”

Meditation at the Brink – every Friday, 9am to 10.
Peace, quiet, calm, silence. Meditation every Friday 9am. Make that special bit of time for yourself to come away from the compulsive, unhelpful thoughts. Sets you up for the weekend
Young Musicians Showcase  – November 17th at 6pm
Come and watch, or tell a young musician about it !!! They're looking for all the youngsters who can sing and play and want the chance of a live gig.
Earth Moves - on Facebook 
Free Meditation Workshop on November 21st, 1 to 3 pm at Charlotte’s Brightside, New Brighton
Meditation workshop by Earth Moves in partnership with Wirral Life Long Learning. Details on Facebook
This workshop will introduce you to basic meditation techniques that can be used in times of stress – as well as in your daily routine. Also runs on 5th December
Next to Nowhere – is in the Basement of News from Nowhere – ring the white bell near the side door.
Every Saturday from 12noon – vegan kitchen, good food by donation - website
Also People’s Kitchen is Friday 16th November
STOP, TALK AND LISTEN debate: (How) Can Liverpool Survive Global Warming?
 If fossil fuels are abandoned quickly we may avoid catastrophic climate change, but there will still be big challenges depending on where you live and how prepared you are. We will look at the location and geography of Liverpool, it's food supply and resources, and the groups that are already working towards a more sustainable, self sufficient economy.
7pm, Monday 12 November, at Next to Nowhere (next to bookshop), 96 Bold St, L1

2030 hub - on Facebook
Office for National Statisticsreport on the UK’s progress towards the SDG’s
The UK is now tracking our progress in a satisfactory way on 64% of the goals. This doesn’t mean we have REACHED any of the goals yet, we just have the data acquisition and reporting organised !
Business as a Force for Good - Thursday, 22 November 2018 from 15:30-17:30
At 2030hub, 23 Argyle Street, L1 5BL Liverpool - Facebook event
There is a growing community of more than 2,500 Certified B Corps, from 50 countries and over 130 industries, working together toward one unifying goal, to redefine success in business. Here at 2030hub we're the Northwest champions of this refreshing, energetic movement and the focal point for the growing northern B Corp community.
How Tetra Pak repackaged its green programme to put the SDGs front and centre - article
The SDGs act as an additional external barometer of progress, explains Tetra Pak's vice president of sustainability Mario Abreu. They provide a tool to help convince customers and colleagues that Tetra Pak means business when it comes to sustainability, he argues.
Investing in sport for the Sustainable Development Goals: a dedicated panel at the World Investment Forum 2018 – report.
Olympic Movement representatives, private investors, UN Member States and UN-family agencies and programmes convened to discuss concrete policies and initiatives to further enhance the contribution of sport and sports-related investment to achieving the SDGs.
Home Office tells business: open up on modern slavery or face further action - Government report

Heartsong Willow - on Facebook
Growing a Living Willow Garden Structure (with rustic farm lunch) at Burscough Community Farm, 3 weeks, 11th to 25th November. Please register with the WEA and see the webpage for more information

Growing a Living Willow Dome, Dutch Farm, 13th December - on Facebook. Please visit the Facebook page later for the WEA Booking link and more details.
STIR magazine launch - Register On Eventbrite
Wed 14 November 2018, 18:30 – 21:00 GMT at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston
 Cities face an uncertain post-Brexit future. In Preston, the anchor institutions have come together to reimagine their social identities through a greater commitment to Preston and the surrounding areas by means of local procurement and an increased sense of social responsibility.
The University of Central Lancashire, in partnership with Preston City Council are supporting the development of a co-operative city through the Preston Co-operative Development Network, opening out new and creative ideas for our future. It’s a panel discussion with good speakers.
 This is part of Stir magazine's autumn launch series for the publication of Co-operating out of Crisis.
 Energy, Climate and Global Warming
Global Commission on Adaptation has just been launched. This is a major international initiative with loads of funding - report
The Global Commission on Adaptation intends to demonstrate that adapting to climate change is not only necessary, but also improves human well-being and leads to better and more sustainable economic development and security. And moreover, that the costs of adapting are lower than those economies will face if they continue with a business-as-usual approach.
Response to the IPCC climate change - report
While the warnings are correct, the causes are not dealt with, and the responsibility is falsely assigned to “everyone”, where in reality there will be no change until the worldwide 5% of the highest emitters need to have rationing of their lifestyles – like with wealth, where 10% of people own 90% of the wealth, 10% of people cause 50% of the emissions of CO2. These people need to change !!
Scottish Power is the first British energy company to achieve 100% renewable energy – Well Done !!
 - report

A small island in Hawaii has vanished following a storm – Guardian report
California Wildfires – the human cost – Guardian report

President Trump “has a natural instinct for science”, he says in an interview !!!
Warrington Council has made a major investment in solar farms in Yorkshire - BBC report
Fossil Free - website
This is a worldwide campaign to end the age of fossil fuels. We are a powerful movement of citizens around the world working to build a future that’s free from the destructive impacts of climate change, and free from the out-of-control corporations that caused it. They produce an excellent newsletter with news from EVERY part of the world – we are all in this together.
Warning on efforts needed to save climate catastrophe - BBC Report

Small Earthquakes near fracking site. The site has been closed frequently over the last 2 weeks due to small earthquakes, which are causing further widespread concerns. BBC Report
The 10 most toxic cities in the UK – Liverpool is in there at 8th - report
Apocalyptic Climate Reporting Completely Misses the Point
Recent news commentary ignored the UN climate report’s cautiously optimistic findings.
By Daniel Aldana Cohen - article (we’re only doomed if we do nothing ??)
Ecosystem Restoration at the Dawn of the Century of Regeneration by Daniel Wahl at Findhorn - report

Raising Ambition - A New Report Maps Hope For A Zero Carbon FutureResurgence article by Paul Allen of CAT

The Story of a Recoverable Earth by Paul Jepson – Resurgence Article
Architecture, Planning and Land
PLACED – meeting on Thursday 15 November 2018 from 18:00 – 20:00 GMT
at Siren, 54 St James St , Liverpool L1 0AB. Please do Eventbrite booking if you’d like to be on the panel
Ed's Place Feedback - This is a chance to hear the findings from Ed's Place, the pop up from PLACED which ran throughout September in the Old George Henry Lee building, Liverpool. 2,000 people joined us to think creatively about how we can make the city centre a better place for everyone through a creative activity and exhibition programme. We'll share what we learnt and discuss future potential.
 Rotating Debating, making sure the conversation continues...
As part of this event we're hosting a shorter version of the successful Rotating Debating event held in Ed's Place.
This is a debate with a difference! The panel rotates, each speaker allotted a few minutes to tackle a new question from the audience or debate a previous point made. Never been on a panel before? That's ok! This event provides the opportunity to have your say in a respectful and considerate environment.
The topic: 'The Design of Our City'. We'll be taking questions from the audience and talking about Liverpool's city centre - the public spaces, the potential, the changes we'd like to see, the things we love as they are.
See their Facebook page for more info
RIBA North Stirling Prize Exhibition - website
Shows the six schemes shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2018
They also have the Eyeline exhibition, which looks at Architectural photography - website announcement
Desire paths: the illicit trails that defy the urban planners – Guardian article

Land Value Capture Enquiry Parliamentary Report
This may be quite technical, but it looks important. The Ministers evidence has just been published here.
(also evidence by Peel Group !!)
PUSH crowdfunder for a documentary on housing rights around the world
There are many housing rights violations around the world, where people are pushed out of their home. A global agreement may be needed to combat this
Extinction Rebellion – it begins on November 17th (!?) – website
Here is a long video of the Declaration (lovely singing at the start) also Guardian Report
Peasants Rights Declaration presented to the UN General Assembly - report

Getting to grips with neoliberalism by the Real Democracy Movement
in Wigan on Saturday 24 November 2018, 11:00 – 17:30 GMT – free event but Eventbrite Booking needed
What’s the point of growth if it creates so much misery? – Guardian article
(This Draws on the ideas of the Foundational Economy)

Preston changed its fortunes with ‘Corbynomics’ – now other cities are doing the same - article
Citizen-led Economic Transition – a four point framework for guiding action - article
Petition to Parliament to declare a Climate Emergency - Petition

A New Politics for the Age of Crisis sound recording of a talk by George Monbiot

Norwich wants to win with the sharing economy - article
(Is Democracy on a life-support system ? Should we switch it off ?)
Art and Creativity
Travelling Light Lantern Parade, West Kirby
Meet at Coronation Gardens, South Parade, West Kirby, Sunday, 11th November, 5:30 – 7:00(ish) pm
Our 11th Lantern Peace Parade this year marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Travelling Light links Martinmas and its theme of sharing with Remembrance, to celebrate non-violent ways of resolving conflict.
All welcome. Bring a lantern or torch and join the parade from Coronation Gardens to the beach opposite Dee Lane.
Mindful Creative Writing Course, Liverpool Central Library, Sunday, 18 November 2018 from 13:00-16:00. Costs £ 10/ £ 15 – booking necessary - Facebook event
Back on Track – free sewing classes, 12 sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays, course starts 12th November - on Facebook and their website
Is it time to give up Fast Fashion ?? - Independent report

Picasso – the great man creates a pottery duck from a clay vase in 1 minute – short video

More Giants – monster Minotaur in the streets of Toulouse – 1 minute video

Kandinsky art animation – 1 minute Facebook video

Homotopia Festival Presents: Kings and Queens of the Underworld, November 25th at Constellations, 7.30 to 10.30pm - on Facebook
A queer cabaret, with all the charm and eccentricity of classic vaudeville. Music, dance and quantum weirdness!
Secret artist in Warrington who left an amazing legacy - Liverpool Echo report
Save the Turtles. Every Saturday from 9pm at Dirty Little Secret Liverpool you can join this student/charity night with an environmental focus 'Save The Turtles'. The door charge of £1 goes straight to supporting Merseyside Environmental Trust provide grants for projects that raise awareness and enjoyment of the local environment.
New Thought
Is the Western mindset the source of our current ecological and social problems? – Low Impact article
Are you ‘radical’, and if not, why not? – Low Impact article
Is LED lighting the way forward for offices ?? – Low Impact article
Is technology the problem? Conversation with Dave King of Breaking the Frame and the New Lucas Plan – Low Impact article
Introduces the ten key topics that form the basis for a vision for a more inclusive, democratic and resilient internet – blog from Nesta
New Operating Models for Local Government - Understanding the Variables – blog from Nesta
Two tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – Nesta Blog
Helping young people be 'future ready'. Nesta's education team has launched a new grant fund to support skills we know will be important to thrive in the future, aimed at 11 to 18 year-olds - blog

Civil Society and the Fourth Industrial RevolutionNesta blog
The Thriving World, the Wilting World, and Youan article by Anand Giridharadas
Two lines stand out: 'We talk a lot about giving more. We don’t talk about taking less.'
And 'The Aspen Consensus, in a nutshell, is this: the winners of our age must be challenged to do more good. But never, ever tell them to do less harm.'
Mapping Civil Society – looks like an interesting map and method - article
The Big Story: Can We Change Civilization by Changing Its Origin Story? - article
Globalization The Rise of Networks - Full 1 hour Documentary – Youtube video
Seven Mantras of the New Revolution – article
“On the Deep Wealth of this Nation, Scotland” – poetic 5 minute video and webpage about responses to climate change
Trailer for the documentary movie “Gift” released later in November (apparently there is a book already) - webpage
Three Questions to Lead Us Away From Self-Extinction by  David Korten - article
Wisdom Weavers of the Worldnew website for the voices of Indigenous Elders
Disaster collectivism: How communities rise together to respond to crises – article
Science News – Geothermal Energy
New Scientisit on 20th October, p35 has a good article on Geothermal energy
As well as the sun being an almost infinite source of energy, so is the earth – the core of the earth is now estimated to be over 6000’C (hotter than the surface of the sun). If we could access this heat from the earth, we could heat water to make steam to generate electricity in a very efficient and low-pollution way.
This is already done in some hotspots where lava or very hot springs mean that molten rocks are very close to the surface of the earth, such as the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland, and the Lardarello valley in Italy, where the first geo-thermal power station was built in 1904, and this area still generates 800MW of power, supplying 10,000 homes locally.
However, it hasn’t spread much beyond these regions yet.
Scientists and engineers are looking at two main ways forward:-
Firstly a hydraulic fracturing process similar to fracking, where deep rocks are fractured and water injected. This would operate at depths where the rocks are around 200’C , and doesn’t seem worth it because of the risk of earthquakes and contamination of water supplies.
However, people are now considering going deeper, to rocks around 600’C, however this poses some huge technical challenges – conventional drilling is impossible, as metal drills become soft and corrode, and the corrosive liquids rising up damage valves and the heat destroys electronics.
But, new drilling methods are now possible, such at energy waves, high-pressure fluid jets, or lasers, instead of using metal drill bits.
Early tests lead to some blow-outs, but if the operators are prepared in advance, they can design suitable pressure systems and ways of handling the supercritical hot liquids coming to the surface, and, where the earth’s crust is thin, this could be a viable method of generating electricity
Artist of the Month
Cecilia Castelli is an illustrator who lives partly in Italy and partly in the clouds - website
About Transition Liverpool
The main Transition Liverpool event is the monthly “Transition Café” which is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We also have a Meetup every week at the Brink on Thursdays from 4pm till 6, which gives more space for discussion and connecting in a more personal way. There is an Energy Group, and every October we put on a full-day Symposium. Our main concerns are to help create a “soft-landing” rather than a crash as fuel supplies fall and demand rises, and also as the effects of climate change increase. Transition is a development model for “advanced” societies to help us create better and more fulfilled lives for all, while using less resources.
We are part of the Transition Network, and Transition Town West Kirby are also very active. Our local Liverpool website is here, and our Facebook page is here. 
Some of the main Transition publications are available online for free download - the original Transition Handbook, and the recent Essential Guide to doing Transition .
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